Defying Earth

There were times when the whole world felt like it was balanced on her shoulders. And if she would take the wrong step, shift her weight in the wrong direction; Earth would go spinning out of control. Sometimes little things would trigger the feeling, sometimes a gradual buildup of many different things. Whatever the case, she couldn’t stand the weight. There was only one thing that could free her from her heavy burden. Running.

Through good times and bad, the knowledge that she could run it all off helped her cope. Angrily tying her laces, pulling on a t-shirt through her tears, she would hurriedly get changed. And then, right when she was about to burst, she would be running, taking her anger out on the innocent pavement with every thud of her sneakered feet. The tears would flow fast and easy, almost competing with her legs. The wind would slap against her face, trying to defy her like the rest of the world, but she would force her way past, because she had to. Because if she didn’t, the whole world would come crashing down. Her whole world.

As her breaths would become faster, her tears would slow down; it was too difficult for her body to produce both. Gasping and panting, legs burning, her body would scream for her to stop. Scream, yell, and offer her every incentive it could think of, including calling her dad to pick her up from wherever she was. But her mind wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t, couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything but run. So she would run.

Finally, her steps would slow, and fighting for breath, she would head for her favorite park. Sinking on to a lone picnic bench, she would lower her head and sob her heart out. When there was nothing left inside her, she would stop, and notice the sense of quiet surrounding her. She would think about the things that had angered her, and resolve to make things better. Then, when she had dried her eyes and regained her breath, she would walk home. Or if she was in a good mood after that, she would jog, because Earth had left her shoulders to go hang in space, where it belonged. Until next time.


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