A Small Excerpt-Copyright!


  I used to wonder why the leaves changed color according to the season. I never figured that there was a scientific reason. I liked to believe that they had minds of their own, and that they knew frigid weather was coming, and it was better for them to die beautifully in autumn, than miserably in winter.

Science and reasoning ruined my innocent childhood imaginations. I like them both well enough, but sometimes I wished I could go back to my innocent childhood ways.

For example, the time when I found out the truth about myself. I didn’t even have a childhood fantasy about that; I never gave that part of me a second thought.

I had been sitting at the dinner table with my parents, and Ashton, my older brother.

     “I keep having weird feelings,” I had said, looking down at the table. My parents had seemed surprised, and my mother had felt my little forehead.

    Is everything all right?” Dad had asked, in his quiet, concerned way.
    “She probably has mental problems,” Ashton had remarked.
I still remembered that. Ashton was constantly giving me grief about my brain, and the fact that I was horrible at Math.
Mom had glared at Ashton, but he had just smirked and stuffed food in his mouth. 
Tell us about it, honey,” Mom had said in her psychologist way.
    “I keep feeling myself go into this, this dark thing, and then…then I get all dizzy and I feel my arms moving, and then it’s over.” I had looked inquiringly at Mom, waiting for her diagnosis.
She had giggled, and whispered to Dad,
    “I guess she’s finally recognizing her Duty.” I had been so confused, but Ashton had just groaned.
    “You’re recognizing your Human,” he had said. Mom had shushed him, and then said the words that had caused me to realize the truth about myself:
    “We are special beings; us Narsets. There is a World out there, filled with Beings exactly like us. The only difference between the two of us is that they don’t get those weird feelings you get. It’s not just you, honey,” she had reassured me, “I get them too. Maybe in a different way, but every person you know gets them.”
    “But why?” I had asked. “And what are ‘humans’?” Mom had sighed and continued.
    “Humans are the Beings that live in the Other World. For every one of us Narsets, there is a Human exactly identical to us-but only by looks. Actually, for every one of them, there is one of us. And every time Humans look into a certain…device called a mirror, out Duty is to be pulled toward that mirror, and provide the Reflection.
A Reflection,” my mom had continued, noting my confusion, “Is what the Humans see when they look in the mirror. Really, they are seeing us, the exact look-alike of them, but they don’t know that we are beings, too. That we live lives, the same way they do.”
I had stared at my mother. It took me many months to digest the news she gave me, to realize that there was a person out there somewhere, who looked exactly like me. From then on, every time I had gotten the tingling feelings, I had looked for her.

Mom had told me it would take some time, and she had been right. Because of my young age, I didn’t have the strength to see things during my Human’s Mirror Time.
As I got older, and more used to the frequent visits to the Other World, I was able to finally view my human counterpart….


So, what do you think?
Would you be interested in reading this book? I chose a random part, which explains what’s going on, as opposed to an action scene or something…let me know!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan J. Flyweel
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 08:28:54

    Where’s the rest? I want to read it. This was beautifully written and compelling. Can you email me the rest?


  2. Ellbrbee
    May 19, 2011 @ 06:39:15

    Very interesting idea. Actually I always used to think that there was a girl out there who was exactly like me and did everything that I did when I did it. (If that makes sense)/ Anyhoo its a great idea for a story. Nice work.


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