The New Year

Ah, the time of goals and resolutions.
The time of tearing down another calendar.
The time of new times.
As Charles Dickens puts it, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”
And why am I quoting Dickens?

Welcome to my blog; the one place on this planet where I can unravel my thoughts into a slightly comprehensive, readable monologue. Besides for my diary, which doesn’t count, because that is filled with hearts, flowers, signatures and other love-struck doodles.

Something we won’t talk about in regard to the New Year.

Which I was talking about. So, to conclude this little Prologue (believe me, there is WAY more where this came from!) I will say the following:

I bless all my dear readers with a sweet new year, filled with longing to be good, perseverance and determination to acheive that goal, and humbleness and meaningful prayers to remind you of the One above, because He is the only One who can help you achieve your goals.

So hang up that new calendar with pride and firm conviction, and in a permanent red marker, circle one day a week to work out, spend time with your loved ones, read an awesome novel, work on your New Year’s Resolution (which you hopefully remember) and pray, respectively.

Live Life. Love Life.
Choose Life.

All The Best, my men!

Keep UNraveling!


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