SemGirl Ramble 2

You know that feeling you get when things are looking great, everything is falling into your lap and for the life of you, you can’t just imagine anything better? And then everything just…gets better? Sounds rare, crazy, idealistic and possibly insane, but…

Welcome to the past week of my life.

So, quick updates and sign-in is coming up in less than ten minutes. (Actually, the madrichot just signed us in without making us climb four flights of stairs, so I get to stay in the computer room in the basement. See what I mean about insanely awesome?)

To review, because you’ve probably forgotten about my existance, so how can you recall where I’m up to in life?

Rosh Hashana was phenom- went to Karmiel with my sister and stayed at great family friends, had a blast and spent some quality time with my BFF.

The time leading up to Yom Kippur was slightly stressful, classes and much emotional junk going on, think I wrote about that, but I did OK.

Yom Kippur spent at Medrash Shmuel, beautiful choirs with soloists galore, lots of walking and broke my fast twice. Lol. Spending the fast day in the holiest city in the world was INCREDIBLE and hopefully I will never ever forget it.

And then came Sukkos prep. Prepare for some breathtaking stories because this girl is living in the Holy City, where miracles happen. Every. Day.

The day after Yom Kippur, a Thursday, our sem took us on a crazy long full day trip. Woken up before 8:00 am by our Trip Coordinator, with cheery words and loud, boy-choir music, we stumbled down to the bus, most of us feeling slightly “post-fast” and very tired.

We first went sand duning,  just cimbing massive hills of sand and running or rolling down, and this was near Ashdod. After sweating like we were in the Sahara desert, we made our way to the stunning beach of the Mediteranian Sea, somwhere in Hertzlya, I think. The water was a stunning blue-green, the sky bright with the sun streaming through, and the sand white as a set of Crest Whitestrips enhanced teeth (um, what?). We splashed and jumped and squealed, and the salty water washed over us, to the point that our eyes and noses were quite sore. No joke, I thought I would get washed away at one point, and the lifeguards had to keep yelling,

“Banot!” Which means “girls”, and then a whole string of Hebrew warnings would follow, all of which we gaily ignored. Our time at the beach was glorious, and stay tuned for pictures.

Now, since we beached in our clothes, we had to make our wet and sandy way back to the bus for the third time, and sat uncomfortably until we got to the boat docks.

This part of Hertzlya was beautiful, and as the sun began to sink in the sky, the first shift of sem girls, myself included, boarded a massive speedboat with a net in the back. Ten girls would take turns lying in the net, which meant we were flying inches above the water. Since the boat was going so fast, it would bump up and down, crashing over the incoming waves, causing enourmous amounts of water to spray up and down, and throwing us around so we quite literally were like fish in a net. The experience was horrifying, frightening, exhilerating and enjoyable, all twined up in one salty, confused, bumpy ride.

There was one wave so big, for a second the boat seemed to hang in midair, and then it came crashing down in such a way that I was completely blinded, screaing with my hands pressed against my eyes and nose (oh, that water was salty!) and my feet went completely over my head as I smashed into the wall of the boat.

Thankfully, there were no injuries, and I can happily say that I still had a smile on my face (my dripping wet face) as I clambered up the slippery deck, grabbing onto poles and friends alike as I raced for a seat before the next wild wave. Many girls felt sea-sick, but I just felt thrilled, like a true sailor at sea.

I got incredible pictures of the setting sun, sailboats, and all water related things, and unfortunatly, all too soon, our trip came to an end.

We changed in a mall on the pier, walking past Gap in sopping, dripping clothes and flip-flops was not awkward at ALL (the restroom cleaner got a little ticked off) but we apologized and cleaned up as best as we could.

We ate dinner, davened mincha and bussed (again!) to a park where people work out and adults can play and be children there.

My friends and I made a chain down a massive tunnel slide, which resulted in many bruises. Surprisingly, sand duning, swimming in a sea and rocking a boat ride are not problematic for seminary girls, but going down a tunnel slide is.

Through all this time, I had not yet made Sukkos plans for second days and I was FREAKING out (they kept blasting music on the bus, I got wrong numbers, busy signals…) but when we got back to seminary, I finally got my Sunday night and Monday lunch meals in order.

Here I will stop, give you a few minutes of a break, see if I can get pictures up, and then start a new post!

Stay tuned, comment hard!

Keep UNraveling!


PopUp- I’m Still Here!

Painting of Hasidic Jews performing tashlikh (...

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One of my many New Year’s Resolutions is to get to bed before midnight. (Jewish New Year was just over a week ago, for those of you who don’t know)

Well, tonight, I was in bed by 12:10, which is ALMOST where I need to be, and I told myself lights would be out by 12:30, so I’m only 8 minutes past curfew!


I’m not even gonna START on procrastinations! This is gonna be one quick post; just letting you all know I’m still alive, still hoping for your comments! Can’t wait to HEAR from you!

Rosh Hashana was great, Yom Kippur was meaningful and hopefully Sukkos will be an amazing combination of those two!

Brisk feeling in the air

Wooden huts everywhere

Decorations mixed with scents

Holildays came and went

Autumn time and summers end

New beginnings different trends

Lots of meals awaiting me

Tons of schoolwork to keep busy

Tired eyes start to close

Big day tomorrow, gotta doze!


Yep, this is me, poeting it at 12:43 a.m.

Happy Colombus Day! And make sure to call the HumorHotline dot com number for the REAL take on Colombus day.

And comment if you want me to write a NORMAL poem!

Love you all!

Keep UNraveling!


Chocolate and Hormones; Apples and Books; What’s up??

And the blogging girl strikes again!

Another fantabulous blog post has just been released to the public, and this time it’s better than ever before.
Come One come All; Do Not Stall- Read these words Written on This Wall!

And check out the new page, too!

Wow! What a headline!


well isn’t that a pretty border?
or a pretty headline? hmmm i wonder who wrote that…

ok, ill calm down.
well folks, are you ready to hear about my week?

Let’s see….nah, forget it, I can’t think of anything. I mean, I signed up for lifeguarding, heard about a gazzilion inspirational speeches, had at least 3 wicked DMC’s, went to bed way too late, and got over an hour of driving done….
That’s about it folks. Thanks for stopping by…

Wait. Wait, get back here! I didn’t mean it the way it sounds! Plus, I can count this as English credit! I absolutely HAVE to write, which means you must read. Don’t Gooooooo!

A multi-cheese sandwhich. Add steak, ravioli, two parsnips and a crunch of ice cream. You have….one weird chef who uses the dot dot dot thing way too often.

Ok, dude, I’m trying to un-weird.

Well, let’s discuss peace vs. war, and love vs. hate.

Oh, on love- follow my train of thought, if you will :P.

Love=roses=valentines’s day=chocolate=hormones=?

What is up with this chocolate/hormones business? Did you ever wonder why Chocolate is to Hormones like an Apple is to a Book? These are well known cliches that many people don’t have time for, but there must be a point where all this originated…and I aim to find out. Be right back! Actually, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Not just my thoughts for a change, huh?

Is chocolate/hormones a scientific thing? Or just an indulgence because you feel so out of control? Does that even make sense? Is it supposed to? How about the book and apple match? Why not a book and a nice crunchy…salad?

Let’s hear your thoughts, kids! Hit the comment button hard enough to make it cry, and jam down on those keys in the same way.

In the meantime, I’ll keep spurting wisdom and knowledge.
Here’s a new thing: Qute of the Day (and yes, it’s spelled that way for a reason. If you haven’t figured it out, just don’t read my brilliant works anymore. I can’t handle blondes. Well….the dumb ones, anyways!)
Here’s the qute.
“I make a mean bowl of cereal”
-my friends brother-in-law

It just randomly popped into my head, so since I am trying to unravel my thoughts here, I put it down on pape.

Here’s something to consider: How many times a day do you kick yourself for kicking yourself so much?
And try this one: Did you ever catch yourself threataning to massacre someone? How did it turn out? Write a five page essay, please.

But wait, said I. I am supposed to be doing the writing here. Very well then; it is time for a more senseless ramble, if that is possible.

Well, in preparation for the lifeguarding class I plan on taking, I need to make sure I am up to par so I can meet the requirements. Unfortunatly, Par is pretty Far ahead so I need to do a lot of swimming in order to make sure I am in shape.
The goal is ten minutes with no stopping. I wonder if I can get past 60 seconds without having to rip out my lungs for inspection.
I also am going to have to pick up a brick from the bottom of the deep and swim with my head above water to the end of the shallow, without letting the brick- or my head- fall back under water. I mean, the brick can be un the water but I have to be swimming with it, not drowning.
And I need to tread for five minutes. You know, if the instructor gives me 5 weeks to get through that, I think I can easily cover a minute per week.
I understand it wil require some severe discipline, but I can get a ride to the local JCC, or walk if I must. Change into my bathing suit in the X-rated locker room, (you know the procedure) and submerge my sweaty body into chlorinated liquid ice. Then, after a full 60 seconds of violent thrashing, I reverse the whole thing, until I am home again, and pleasantly reminding myself that I have a week until the next minute.

Only thing is, I don’t. Shoot that bubble before it pops itself.

Sheesh. But I do like swimming now, considering I did it for two months this summer.
In other areas of my life, I plan on going to the library today, and analyzing my handwriting. I also need to do a lot of laundry, so it probably won’t get done. Then of course, there’s some schoolwork to do, although I am not officialy starting until after the holidays. Guilt and boredom (yeah right that one’s for my mom) take care of that so I am doing bits of educationality when I FRIGGIN FEEL LIKE IT. Hormones and chocolate. Sorry, it just reminded me. Well, submit your thoughts on that one, and I will hopefully give you all my thoughts by my next post. And guys, I want to be Freshly Pressed which means on the cover of so send my link to ALL your friends and maybe one day it will occur. Maybe.

Can’t hurt to try.
Anyways, for all of you who I don’t keep in touch with, here’s my love, right there, no to your left! URRRRGGHH didn’t I say dumb blondes have got to get off this site? Ooops, sorry, that’s discrimination. Well, fine, find my love on your own. It’s right where you need it.

Hee hee

And with that, I wish everyone a wonderful spiritual Yom Kippur and an easy shmeezy fast!


(darn this isn’t gonna work well, but whatever…)

Keep UNraveling

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