SemGirl Ramble 1


Speaking from the Holy Land here, and every word I write must be thought of carefully- think twice, write once, because a lot of people, schools, locations and events must be carefully screened so as not to invade anybodies privacy. I’ll probably just make things sound confusing in any anecdotes I say, or I’ll outright lie and just shift characters and events around, so if things don’t make quite so much sense, just bear with me!


Here’s the deal. Left at the beginning of September, around the 5th, I think (wow, so long ago and can’t even remember that sacred date) flew on United, rather uneventfully. Took a cab to my uncles house, stayed for two days, hung out, learned some Hebrew. Not enough,  I realized. Nowhere near enough. Drove to Yerushalayim, met my school, my dorm, my roomates and my top bunk bed. Welcome home for the next ten months. Ate, was exhausted, unpacked a bit and went to the Kosel (western wall) so amazing! I cried my eyes out. Saw soldiers, took pictures (with one lol) and went back. Arab threw a rock at our bus. Shattered window.

Spent next week adjusting to classes, teachers (25 of them; teachers, that is!) and generally being exhausted. Over jet-lagged and bombed made a massive fool out of myself, but I still have lots of potential friends, thank G-d. Saw two of my besties, my sister arrived and so, life unfolded itself. 

First shabbos was a mandatory In and so learned names of girls, ate food, figured out dorm and building. I sleep on the fifth floor, lots of steps, and classes and dining room all in same building. Walked to Kosel on that Shabbos and ate Seudat Shlishit on rooftop building overlooking Old City, davened mincha and maariv and LOVED it! How lucky lucky lucky I am to be here! So HAPPY!

Got my room settled over the next week, aint getting a new closet any time soon. Figuring out the sleeping away for Shabbos thingy- went to Rechavia for second shabbos, at the Kosel twice. Met new friends, learned new routes, walked about four hours that Shabbos, give or take. Lotsa walking. Sperries are NOT that comfortable! And definately not as cute. There went 70$$.

Friends are confusing because some clingy in wierd ways others in user-loser way don’t need me but just lonely. Trying to take care of myself here, lots of turmoil, lots of adjusting. Lots of emotionality still going on. 

Yeah, put 85 girls together on no sleep, jet-lag, new land, language, school and water, and you better believe everyone is either crying, vomiting or screaming some weird song on the top of their lungs every five minutes. Welcome to my school. 

We hiked Ein Gedi and visited the Dead Sea, both of which were amazing and my pics do no justice. I got a great Chessed job-my teachers house- met my mechaneches at her house and made friends with all the right people. Connections, babe.

Had toranut (chores) the first week so got in with the kitchen, in case I ever need favors, hey.

Yeah, this is definitly the good life. Still can’t spell definitly, its a problem.

I’m learning to sleep earlier except for tonight of course, OK, had it made last night because we switched the clock back here.

Classes are decent, some awesome ones, lots of stuff, new trip tomorrow, lots of speeches, tons of shopping and fro-yo having some bad stomachaches (like everyone else) so abstaining from dairy and white flour for a while, if G-d will help me. Because I definityl can’t do it alone.

Used my Rav Kav 7 out of 20 times, in case you really needed to know.


Funny/Crazy things that happened:


Arab rock at bus.

Lady dropped champagne and wine bottles in Shefa mall, big explosion, soldiers crunched right through it.

Israeli teens shining stupid green laser lights at me and friends in bus stop, for nearly half an hour (don’t ask)

“Do you speak English” to some random shop guy “No, I no like English” with lots of attitude, scared me.

Old beggar women by Kosel grabbed my arm when I gave her friends charity, I had to RUN I was so scared.

Soldiers singing Israeli songs, Air Force guy asked us to join (we said No, thank you)

My teacher was having a bad peyos day (he said it, I didn’t know they can look good or not-so-good)

I have crazy random large bites all over my legs.

End of the Seminary Girls Facts to Life.

Keep UNraveling!


Shopaholics Fight

It’s not very early again.

So what’s new? 

I had barely learned to hit the Target
Field Marshall was getting to me
TJ Max was my best friend
Before he joined the Old Navy

We crossed the Nordstrom Rack
Although it took Forever21
Prayed to the Lord and Taylor
that He Macy it done


Barely had our Hollister come
Inside the big Dress Barn
They noticed a few Famous Footwear
DSW called the alarm


As one we marched in heavy Saks
To ambush the Big Lot
Victoria whispered a secret
That Abercrombie&Fitch forgot

Yet we made it to the Finish Line
The Banana Republic riots we smashed
Celebrated with a Starbucks
With JC Penny’s we’d all cashed


LOL-shoppings a friggin battle…almost done 🙂

Keep UNraveling

I think, therefore I am…..

I think, therefore I am…exhausted.



And I Used To Write In Here

Yeah, it’s crazy, but true. May to June, June to July, July to August.. Over 3 months since I last posted on here. Dang.
I’m going to the land of Israel G-d willing, next Sunday so I gotta say, I have no idea if I am going to ever get a chance to write on here anymore (do they even have computers there? Kidding…) all my friends are in teh process of leaving, pakcing up, or panicking about the upcom ing school year. Most of them are going to Isreal like me, some are off to college and some aere still stuck in high school. 😦 My friend’s little sister is starting first grade; my little brother is starting school in fourth grade this week, all around, everybody is starting school.
I CANNOT believe that summer passed by this fast, although on the other hand, how did it take so long? I life guarded up in New York for the first half, made some friends and some money, had a wonderful time and missed it like crazy. I”ve been in Detroit ever since, shopping and worrying and shoping some more, and I have this last week to do the rest and finish up.
I’m so grateful that I had this month to spend with my friends and family, and that so many people offered me their sage advice on how to prepare for the upcoming year.
Hopefully, they do have computers in Israel and maybe I’ll be brave enough to post every week so that you can know what’s going on in my life. If you’re kinda the type who talks to me on the phone, I’m saying it straight up, I probably won’t be calling you. I wish I was but I’m horrible at keeping in touch. However, feel free to call my house phone where my parents will obligingly give out my Israeli number (it will sound American but I doubt it will cost American).
Anyways, I love you all, thanks for being faithful followers and I wish you much success in the upcoming year, and may you all utilize and appreciate every single gosh-darn moment and never take life for granted!

Keep UNraveling!

Late Grad


And so the time has come again; that awful, awful time, like missing the alarm clock ring, or getting soaked as a road-enraged driver forces his vehicle through a muddy puddle; the time where tears of laughter turn to tears of heartbreak, where the deer waits with bated breath for a sign of the jaguar, and this time is imminent upon us.

Therefore, without further ado, I must declare with most sincere apologies, once again, that this time which I have been referring to is time too long. 


So. There you have it. Sorry (as usual) for keeping you waiting for so long. These blog posts take their time coming out.

But, now that we got the hard part out of the way, it’s onto fun, fun, fun!

The first thing I have to say is that I am no longer a victim!

Victim? What is this, one might say, that unravel can be a victim? How so?

Well, when a stranger wishes to know where I’m from and what school I go to, instead of answering “Detroit, Homeschooled“, (and then going into a lengthy description of the latter, replete with handouts and PowerPoint presentations, hence, the victimization) I can smile smugly and say, “Detroit. None.”


Upon hearing this, they may peer closely at me and say, “Do you mean to tell me that you’re….-gasp- homeschooled?”

“Nope.” I will reply. “None means none.”

“Aha! So you are UNschooled!”

“Even better!” I will respond. “I am DE-schooled!” This sentence will throw them off-balance (quite literally) so I will save them and say, “You know how it is, deplaning means getting off of a plane after a flight journey, Deschooling means….leaving school after a fright journey.”

Hope they didn’t have a fright journey

Blank stares.

“Graduation? Get it?”


Yes. Well, to be very, very, very clear, I am officially (well….unofficially-the ceremony is on Wednesday) a high school GRADUATE! Which, in essence, means I am on summer vacation, I am NO LONGER a senior…and all this happened today!

I had hours of schoolwork and no time and I prayed to G-d which is the only ONLY way it all turned out good in the end! And since I have spent the day reflecting how I slept for four hours last night, I will end this post promptly and say goodnight.

(Just wanted to add, fright journey was purely for the heck of it; high school-even as a homeschooler was REALLY not that bad but if I had to do it over…I wouldn’t.

Keep UNraveling!

Hi Again

May - Oct 2006 Calendar

May - Oct 2006 Calendar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, it’s been too long, but don’t expect this post to be a lengthy one to make up for the length of time I have kept you waiting. To justify myself and this inexcusable lack of activity on this here blog, I must say that I have been lazy in the past months; to be precise, I have been EXTRAORDINARLIY lazy.

However, I don’t apologize because…well, I’m too lazy to!

So, let me send you some basic updates on the life of the great and wonderful me. (Gosh, it does feel kinda good to be writing again!)
So I haven’t written or drawn in a LONG time (for pleasure/leisure I mean, not for classes) so it feels great to just let loose!

In the past few months, aside from being incredibly lazy about some things, I have been even more busy in other areas. I got accepted to Seminary, and I’m super excited to go!

I keep seeing BLOUSES in every store and am TEMPTED to buy them, but I’m waiting to find out when seminary even starts, and if they have a uniform! So far, they have been pretty quiet about everything.

Life has been insane. I have a crazy awesome HP story to share with you all. But in the meantime, I took the ACT’s, MME’s and WorkKeys (being homeschooled, I didn’t have the opportunity to take them in Junior year) so THAT was a hassle!

Purim was phenom…I dressed up like a pirate 

and drank like one as well…kidding.

Pesach cleaning and cooking has turned my house into a mini matzah factory, minus the matzah, so far, and there’s a quick article to come on the Pesach Baking Horrors…I specialize in those. As I complained to my friend…no one’s gonna want to marry me, because I can’t bake for Pesach! Um, try a bakery?


Pesach away

Pesach away (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, so that being said, I just cleaned out my closet and have filled an ENTIRE LAUNDRY BASKET OVERFULL with clothes and random bits of STUFF that are GOING, GOING, GOING, GONE! So if anyone wants to sort through stuff…I can’t think at the moment what’s going on in there, but there is One Skirt that I am Sad to Say Goodbye To…a BCBG MaxAzria size 4 black skirt, that’s so cute it makes me cry, but unless I start working out again -another thing  I have been lazy about in these past 2 months- it’s not happening 😦Ellen Tracy Skirt, Flared Godet

The weather has challenged our sanity time and agian, to the point that I have both fan and heater plugged into my power strip, each growling with tension, waiting to be used.

We had no winter this year, just mild slush and rain, then a crazy 80 degree heat spell and now, FiNALLY, we are following “nature”  and having crisp, fresh sunny days with a light nip in the air that makes us pull our sweatshirts a wee bit tighter around us.


I went on the Ohr Naava Shabbaton again (see pix here:!i=1739275714&k=wDtNJFD), and the group and I have brought it back to Detroit with us! We are starting this thing, we don’t have an official name, and it’s all very unofficial, so why I’m posting this online I have no idea, but who cares, so we started with a small group of girls who I’ve been learning Hilchos Tzniyus  (modesty laws) with and then we expanded and had speeches and stuff, all occurign every Shabbos and we now have 15-20 girls. We are not looking to expand-yet, but rest assured, this will OVERTAKE the WORLD! WHOOO!!!

I have no idea what I’m saying anymore. I sound like the head of a cult. Uh OH! LOL…kidding!


So this guy is in an interview, and the InterviewER leans forward, cupping his fingers together lightly and, tilting his head to one side and squinting a bit, says in an intense, probing voice: “If you were to describe yourself in one word, one word only, what would it be?”

The InterviewEE leans back, thinking, trying to keep his cool, running his sweaty palms up and down his dressiest pants. After a moment he looks up and, with a question in his voice, he says, “Paul?”


Keep UNraveling!

(300) Sixty Second Update

The minute the clock says 11:54 I started writing. I have until 11:55. That won’t take me very far, I bet.

Basically, I miss this blog but not enough to keep updating it cuz I like to write for my friends in Isreal now and they’re quite a handful to deal with and so I give them private info and I can’t really publish all that on this here blog and why would I want to type it all up twice or go back and edit out names and stuff?

So this blog has been neglected and it’s 11:55 but I obviously don’t care let’s get another minute.

I went to NY for Winter BREAK nad it was FREAKING AMAZING and I had a GREAT time and I saw my Brooklyn and Passaic friends and visited my grandparents and accumulated awesome stories, most of which I will not be sharing with you because I’m sharing them with my Isreal people lol

So don’t be all offended I’m sure I’ll keep up with this in the summer…

My nails are painted a blue so dark they’re black…

I need to go to sleep early for work tomorrow…

It’s been over two minutes!

I need to go to Walgreens tomorrow…who goes to Walgreens???

but I can’t find this product anywhere else so Walgreens it is…like, Green Walls?
Which, speaking of, I’m going to be finding out about seminary tomorrow, G-d willing!
So if you’re reading this now, I would appreciate some prayers on the general subject!

And now, without further ado,

Good Night!

Keep UNraveling!

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