It’s been a while but here’s the update:

School has been going really well. Starting to have a good group of friends, feeling really at home here and don’t ever want to leave.

Was Chanukah chagiga head and so we spent a stressful week or two trying to work out a good breakout. We finally decided on a theme- NesCafe (the coffee brand) which also means Nes (miracle) on Kaf Hey, the 25th of Kislev. So we had a cafe set up and after taking everyone to the Kotel, we surprised them with a gorgeous cafe set up, with delicious hot doughnuts  tons of coffee and lots of food.

The past few weeks have been a blur of school, going out, seeing friends, not sleeping, and more school.

Chanukah came along at the perfect time. I spent last Shabbos at my friends house up north and had a wonderful time seeing her and her family. Sunday was kind of lousy, although we had an awesome Yom Iyun with three ridiculously good speakers (one was an ex-soldier and an ex-supermodel. Google Avichai Cohen) Then I spent most of Day 1 of Chanukah moping because I wasn’t feeling too good.

Monday turned out way better- after a day of slightly bothersome classes, I rushed to get ready for…Chagiga! We set up the hall, which is in the basement of some Yeshiva, and then we watched everyone come in and LOVE it- once again, Nescafe theme, and the decorations were amazing.

We had great food ( I actually gained 5 pounds that day) and really fun workshops that the teachers gave us. Gotta upload my pictures one of these days.

We finished closer to one in the morning, and came back to school and danced, after which I showered and crashed.

Tuesday was AWESOME! We went to the Old City at 9 in the morning for the Aish Discovery program, which lasted until 4 and was worth every moment. One speaker (who just happens to teach in my school as well) told us about  a study that scientifically proves that there is a G-d, which was mind blowing.

It was cold, wet and rainy outside, but a bunch of us went to the Kotel for mincha and candle lighting. Afterwards, me and two other girls went to Burgers Bar (good stuff!) and then one of the girls came with me a babysitting job that I had gotten in Rechavya. We sat on the couch and ate a bowl of popcorn for two hours, basically. 🙂

I was feeling really tired and head-achy by then but I went with my friend to her house for a bit- we chilled, then I came back to school and went to bed at 3 am.

Wednesday was our first official day of vacation (even though we basically had no afternoon or night classes, and 12 o’clock curfew every night) so I slept in till one. I missed breakfast, shacharis, but I had some lunch. I went to an appointment at 4, missing mincha and candle-lighting 😦 I was pretty mad. Then I met my friend who’s mom was just leavin back to America, and we went to the Neve Chagiga together, and watched a cute performance (I ate 3 doughnuts, having missed dinner as well) and then we danced like crazy people. I saw tons of girls I knew- I think there were close to a thousand girls there- and then I ran from Har Nof back to school, in less than 20 minutes, to make curfew.

I lit candles (kinda late) and took some pictures, packed and got on the bus at 1 am for our surprise trip. I got to sleep for less than two hours, and I got off the bus in middle of the desert. We all received torches (really cool!) and walked to a random spot in middle of a random place, and suddenly there was booming music, and there, in the middle of the desert, was a DJ, complete with strobe lights and everything, blasting Yeshiva Boys Choir at 3 am. It was like a dream, the whole experience, and we all danced the night away, and afterwards got back on the bus, quickly climbed a mountain- it was basically tons of ladders and a rope at one spot. We saw sunrise, davened shacharis, ate, and then went to the Dead Sea.

It was pretty cold and everyone was exhausted so we all just fell asleep on the sand, in the warm sunshine, and then boarded the bus to go back to rainy, cold Yerushalayim. After an hour’s wait, I had a shower, slept, and here I am.

I have to pack for Shabbos (going to my uncle, iyH) and then I have Sunday off…and then it’s back to school!

Hope you’re having a warm, lit up Chanuka!

Keep UNraveling!


Birthdays, Cats, and Other Israeli Legends

So Life Has Definitely Been Intense.

Welcome to my life.


Still can’t spell “Definitely”…argh!


Ok. I spent Shabbos with my friend on Sorotzkin, at cousins. We had an amazing time, and one of my favorite moments was standing on the “Promenade” overlooking the mountains. There’s something about the views in Israel that are unparallelled anywhere else. Mountains, sunglight, forests, beaches, trees, the works. Masterworks.

This place is awesome, and if you haven’t yet been here, please change that. Fast.

Anyways. Oh, yes, my birthday.

I’m 18, you guys. It’s kinda scary, so I try not to think of it too much.

My birthday was amazing. I got more phone calls, hugs, cards, birthday signs, presents and balloons (over 18 of them, actually) then I have ever received in my LIFE. I think. And my friend came in and a few of us went out to eat and my sister bought me an ice coffee. I received, amongst other things, Doritoes, earrings, chocolate, Oreos, a ceramic cow, and  a fascinating drawing.

Now I know who my real friends are (LOL).

SO, smashingly successful birthday, and thank you for your kind wishes.

Moving on. Heh heh I can’t wait for my Hebrew birthday lol.


So Israel lets you take public transportation, naturally, since you need to be partially insane to own or drive a car here, but anyways, being seventeen up until last week, combined with my Israeli passport, entitled me to half priced rides on all buses and trains.

Which I ddin’t really think of toooooften, so when I would take a cab, or two, or six, I would say, well, it’s only 10 shekel (about $2.50) instead of the usual fare of 6.60 shekel, and I wouldn’t feel too bad.

Turned 18, happy birthday, only NOW do I start paying 6.60-before it was 3.30. SOOOO- should not have hailed that cab.

Moving on. This is funny.

A week before my birthday I purchased 40 rides for half price. (when I purchased in bulk, I recognized they were cheaper, to explian the cab situation.) After my birthday, my card (called a Rav-Kav) stopped working. I went to the Tachana Merkazit (Central Bus Station, where they deal with people like me) na dthey informed me that because I was no longer entitled to half-price tickets, my previous purchase had become invalid.

Imagine that! They won’t even let me use up my card-I assume becuase they foresaw that people like me would just load up a few years worth of rides and travel at half price forever.

Ah well, entering the poorhouse as we speak…

In other news, I volunteered with about half my school at Yad Eliezer today. We packaged over 270 boxes, and it was a BLAST! I literally just dumped a bottle of soap into a cardboard box and then did another one and another one, for over 30 minutes.

Assembly lines rock! And roll. Fast.



My room has been spotless lately.

I talked to my brother on the phone for almost an hour.

I miss my friend.

I tried to write a song.

I had to reward myself with chocolate every five minutes of sitting quietly through a certain class. NO joke.

I need to go study now.

For all you people who have been motivationg me, helping me, guiding, encouraging, thinking of or praying for me, I just wanna shout out to you all from the bottom of my heart, and across half the universe that I miss you and love you and if not for you- you know who you are- I probably wouldn’t be here today.

So thanks.


And now for story time.

I was walking with a friend down a shady sort of street one chilly night last weekend. The time was late, our eyes were drooping with lack of sleep and the only thing we wanted at that moment was a nice warm bed- not a freakin’ Chad Gadya episode.

A bald man with a black jacket holding  a red leash was yelling at his huge black dog. Screaming “Attack, Attack!” at the top of his lungs, he pointed his dog toward an (innocent?) black and white cat who freaked out and lurched forward- right towards me and my friend.

The man (he seemed to be an arab) screamed hysterially with drunken laughter, and followed his eager dog, who was literally pulling at the leash to attack the cat who was headed right towards US!

The fight or flee instinct seemed to evade my friend and myself- to be precise, it was simply a “flee” instinct that pushed us to scream hysterically and run as fast as we could out of that dark street. We ran until we could no longer see the cat and crew, who had taken off on a wild chase in the opposite direction. I was panting, and my friend was laughing, and trying to pull me along, and we suddenly noticed a man with headphones talking to us.

When we looked at him inquiringly, though, he ignored us, and this went on for some time until, still panting, we had caught up to him. At this point, he turned towards us and asked, smilingly, with an Indian sounding accent,

“whatever is dee matter?”

So we told him about the dog and cat, and the crazy man, and he laughed and said in his funny accent,

“Do not worry. I am here, I am here.” and we thanked him, and asked if he knew how to fight dogs, to which he reassured us he did, and then, after saying “I am here now” once more,  he walked off.

My friend and I just looked at each other, and we were all like, “where?”

So then we walked home and went to bed. The end. Lol.

Keep UNraveling.

SemGirl Ramble 2

You know that feeling you get when things are looking great, everything is falling into your lap and for the life of you, you can’t just imagine anything better? And then everything just…gets better? Sounds rare, crazy, idealistic and possibly insane, but…

Welcome to the past week of my life.

So, quick updates and sign-in is coming up in less than ten minutes. (Actually, the madrichot just signed us in without making us climb four flights of stairs, so I get to stay in the computer room in the basement. See what I mean about insanely awesome?)

To review, because you’ve probably forgotten about my existance, so how can you recall where I’m up to in life?

Rosh Hashana was phenom- went to Karmiel with my sister and stayed at great family friends, had a blast and spent some quality time with my BFF.

The time leading up to Yom Kippur was slightly stressful, classes and much emotional junk going on, think I wrote about that, but I did OK.

Yom Kippur spent at Medrash Shmuel, beautiful choirs with soloists galore, lots of walking and broke my fast twice. Lol. Spending the fast day in the holiest city in the world was INCREDIBLE and hopefully I will never ever forget it.

And then came Sukkos prep. Prepare for some breathtaking stories because this girl is living in the Holy City, where miracles happen. Every. Day.

The day after Yom Kippur, a Thursday, our sem took us on a crazy long full day trip. Woken up before 8:00 am by our Trip Coordinator, with cheery words and loud, boy-choir music, we stumbled down to the bus, most of us feeling slightly “post-fast” and very tired.

We first went sand duning,  just cimbing massive hills of sand and running or rolling down, and this was near Ashdod. After sweating like we were in the Sahara desert, we made our way to the stunning beach of the Mediteranian Sea, somwhere in Hertzlya, I think. The water was a stunning blue-green, the sky bright with the sun streaming through, and the sand white as a set of Crest Whitestrips enhanced teeth (um, what?). We splashed and jumped and squealed, and the salty water washed over us, to the point that our eyes and noses were quite sore. No joke, I thought I would get washed away at one point, and the lifeguards had to keep yelling,

“Banot!” Which means “girls”, and then a whole string of Hebrew warnings would follow, all of which we gaily ignored. Our time at the beach was glorious, and stay tuned for pictures.

Now, since we beached in our clothes, we had to make our wet and sandy way back to the bus for the third time, and sat uncomfortably until we got to the boat docks.

This part of Hertzlya was beautiful, and as the sun began to sink in the sky, the first shift of sem girls, myself included, boarded a massive speedboat with a net in the back. Ten girls would take turns lying in the net, which meant we were flying inches above the water. Since the boat was going so fast, it would bump up and down, crashing over the incoming waves, causing enourmous amounts of water to spray up and down, and throwing us around so we quite literally were like fish in a net. The experience was horrifying, frightening, exhilerating and enjoyable, all twined up in one salty, confused, bumpy ride.

There was one wave so big, for a second the boat seemed to hang in midair, and then it came crashing down in such a way that I was completely blinded, screaing with my hands pressed against my eyes and nose (oh, that water was salty!) and my feet went completely over my head as I smashed into the wall of the boat.

Thankfully, there were no injuries, and I can happily say that I still had a smile on my face (my dripping wet face) as I clambered up the slippery deck, grabbing onto poles and friends alike as I raced for a seat before the next wild wave. Many girls felt sea-sick, but I just felt thrilled, like a true sailor at sea.

I got incredible pictures of the setting sun, sailboats, and all water related things, and unfortunatly, all too soon, our trip came to an end.

We changed in a mall on the pier, walking past Gap in sopping, dripping clothes and flip-flops was not awkward at ALL (the restroom cleaner got a little ticked off) but we apologized and cleaned up as best as we could.

We ate dinner, davened mincha and bussed (again!) to a park where people work out and adults can play and be children there.

My friends and I made a chain down a massive tunnel slide, which resulted in many bruises. Surprisingly, sand duning, swimming in a sea and rocking a boat ride are not problematic for seminary girls, but going down a tunnel slide is.

Through all this time, I had not yet made Sukkos plans for second days and I was FREAKING out (they kept blasting music on the bus, I got wrong numbers, busy signals…) but when we got back to seminary, I finally got my Sunday night and Monday lunch meals in order.

Here I will stop, give you a few minutes of a break, see if I can get pictures up, and then start a new post!

Stay tuned, comment hard!

Keep UNraveling!

Hi Again

May - Oct 2006 Calendar

May - Oct 2006 Calendar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, it’s been too long, but don’t expect this post to be a lengthy one to make up for the length of time I have kept you waiting. To justify myself and this inexcusable lack of activity on this here blog, I must say that I have been lazy in the past months; to be precise, I have been EXTRAORDINARLIY lazy.

However, I don’t apologize because…well, I’m too lazy to!

So, let me send you some basic updates on the life of the great and wonderful me. (Gosh, it does feel kinda good to be writing again!)
So I haven’t written or drawn in a LONG time (for pleasure/leisure I mean, not for classes) so it feels great to just let loose!

In the past few months, aside from being incredibly lazy about some things, I have been even more busy in other areas. I got accepted to Seminary, and I’m super excited to go!

I keep seeing BLOUSES in every store and am TEMPTED to buy them, but I’m waiting to find out when seminary even starts, and if they have a uniform! So far, they have been pretty quiet about everything.

Life has been insane. I have a crazy awesome HP story to share with you all. But in the meantime, I took the ACT’s, MME’s and WorkKeys (being homeschooled, I didn’t have the opportunity to take them in Junior year) so THAT was a hassle!

Purim was phenom…I dressed up like a pirate 

and drank like one as well…kidding.

Pesach cleaning and cooking has turned my house into a mini matzah factory, minus the matzah, so far, and there’s a quick article to come on the Pesach Baking Horrors…I specialize in those. As I complained to my friend…no one’s gonna want to marry me, because I can’t bake for Pesach! Um, try a bakery?


Pesach away

Pesach away (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, so that being said, I just cleaned out my closet and have filled an ENTIRE LAUNDRY BASKET OVERFULL with clothes and random bits of STUFF that are GOING, GOING, GOING, GONE! So if anyone wants to sort through stuff…I can’t think at the moment what’s going on in there, but there is One Skirt that I am Sad to Say Goodbye To…a BCBG MaxAzria size 4 black skirt, that’s so cute it makes me cry, but unless I start working out again -another thing  I have been lazy about in these past 2 months- it’s not happening 😦Ellen Tracy Skirt, Flared Godet

The weather has challenged our sanity time and agian, to the point that I have both fan and heater plugged into my power strip, each growling with tension, waiting to be used.

We had no winter this year, just mild slush and rain, then a crazy 80 degree heat spell and now, FiNALLY, we are following “nature”  and having crisp, fresh sunny days with a light nip in the air that makes us pull our sweatshirts a wee bit tighter around us.


I went on the Ohr Naava Shabbaton again (see pix here:!i=1739275714&k=wDtNJFD), and the group and I have brought it back to Detroit with us! We are starting this thing, we don’t have an official name, and it’s all very unofficial, so why I’m posting this online I have no idea, but who cares, so we started with a small group of girls who I’ve been learning Hilchos Tzniyus  (modesty laws) with and then we expanded and had speeches and stuff, all occurign every Shabbos and we now have 15-20 girls. We are not looking to expand-yet, but rest assured, this will OVERTAKE the WORLD! WHOOO!!!

I have no idea what I’m saying anymore. I sound like the head of a cult. Uh OH! LOL…kidding!


So this guy is in an interview, and the InterviewER leans forward, cupping his fingers together lightly and, tilting his head to one side and squinting a bit, says in an intense, probing voice: “If you were to describe yourself in one word, one word only, what would it be?”

The InterviewEE leans back, thinking, trying to keep his cool, running his sweaty palms up and down his dressiest pants. After a moment he looks up and, with a question in his voice, he says, “Paul?”


Keep UNraveling!

Growing Pains

Growth is like stretching after a workout.

Your muscles are screaming in agony; you’ve just worked out. (Disaster strikes in every day life)

What to do next? Stretch!

Position yourself.

If you don’t lean into the stretch, your muscles will tighten up, and you’ll have lost the chance of increasing your flexibility while your muscles were warm. Plus, you’ll just be sitting in some awkward position, wasting your time.

Lean in too much past your comfort zone, and you may just become incapacitated, unable to work out for a few days.

A little goes a long way.

Seize the opportunities in every day life to change from every encounter!

Make sure to stretch after every “workout”!


Keep UNraveling!

Tree Leaves, Pep Talks and No More Self Pity

(no, it’s not tea leaves, it’s TREE leaves…just saying 🙂 )

“ENOUGH of those MELANCHOLY posts!” I said. “I will turn over a NEW leaf; I will bring a ray of SUNSHINE into my life! Because it is through no fault but my own that my life has taken a turn for the worse! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??!?!?!”

Ah. Because, as I’ve said countless times, I have been stressed. And reading my blog has probably been boring for you. Seriously, who wants to slog through three thousand complaints about why some girls life SUCKS??

Like, who cares if my two closest friends and one closest sister are in Israel for a year?
Who cares that my social life has suddenly turned into a risky, stressful obstacle course, who cares that family life has changed drastically, that the creepiest guy texted me and freaked me out, that my other close friend is moving to Seattle, that these art classes are giving me a great education in street language, maybe, but not in art, that I was placed in an ALGEBRA I class for G-d’s sake, embarrassingly enough because it would be “great to catch up on it for Algebra II…”  despite the fact that I haven’t seen this stuff since ninth grade, so of course I don’t remember it, no.
Who cares that the weather is turning colder, bringing my down, that my job is…something unpleasant at times, and that I am such a hormonal, grouchy teen with mood swings that are scarier than a still, moonless night…

WHOO CARES??????????? Not you. Not you. Not I, said the Cat.

Well, cat. Not I either.

It’s time to move on.

My summer kinda sucked, I mean, I had a few vacations and three small, random but great jobs, but it was boring for the most part.

So? So, now my year has to suck?NO! This is senior year! (This is a pep-talk, actually. Just ignore me till I’m through with myself…)


So, I DO NOT! Repeat after me! (Sir, yes sir!)




NOW DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 40! (chocolate bars, I meant. 40 of them. Ahh…..heres to a GREAT year!)

Wow I just accidentally deleted all that and then restored it.

Here’s to locking the mousepad on my Dad’s laptop, more like 🙂 (THAT was a story of my life moment. Anyways…)

Anyways, I hear the glorious sounds of hammers banging…my neighbors like to build their Succah early.

We get ours up two days before Succos. Hah.

Happiness is OOOOZZZINGGG out of me…it’s actually a pretty sight.

I had a great time with my girls today, who joined me for nearly TWO HOURS at our Tzniyus Group! Go Tzniyus Groupies!!!!! Us Elite Members had a great time discussing the Duggar family, clothes, shoes, and toes, knee replacement surgery and PLENTY of other subjects that were ACTUALLY related to tzniyus, which means modesty, for those of you that didn’t know that.

In which case you might want to join the club. Literally. ha ha.

I missed my creepy crazy humor on this here blog. Good to have you back, humor.

I got your back.

I also got in pajamas already.

And now I’m gonna surf this net and find cute clothes for me to BLOW my money on…

Fall is here! Can’t wait to jump into those leaves!

Just saying, I still miss my friends and stuff, but it’s kinda gonna be like WINTER for me.

Up until now, I’ve been that tree with leaves on it all summer, swaying in the breeze, having a good time, or bored, standing still in the muggy heat.

Now it is fall, so the leaves are turning colors, things are changing. And eventually, I’ll learn to live without these leaves as they fall to the ground, and I’ll go through winter. Sure, it might be cold at times, and it’s gonna feel weird to be so bare, so naked.



Four Seasons - Longbridge Road

Image by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

But I’ll get through it, this growing process, and spring will come, the way it always does. And I’ll be blossoming (lol that was an overused one today…) and I’ll have grown, and changed, and before I know it, it will be summer again, and they’ll all be back, and life will be great, and the leaves will rustle in the breeze once more! I know it’s a never-ending cycle, but it’s gratifying to know that there will be good times, despite the bad.

And yes, I did just call myself a tree. Hugs, anyone?

Keep UNraveling!

You’ve Been Through Class, Now Here’s the Test

I sometimes feel that I wasn’t prepared well enough for life.

Sure, the nine months in the womb were probably helpful in certain ways, but I’m referring to other things, as I’m sure you have figured out.

There are those awkward social moments, for example, where I just don’t know what to say, and a quick review of academic learning brings up nothing but historical wars and other painful situations between humans, none of which seem appropriate, for the most part.

There are people who walk in and out of my life, but sometimes the “in” part is so startling, alarming, or just plain surprising that  I simply don’t know what to do. You know those people; unwanted, came at the wrong time, whatever it is, that’s them.

There are emotional moments, where I feel alone, grasping at straws that are in every 7-11 in the world, but none strong enough to support my tears.

There are physical moments, broken bones, bruised limbs, pain that no one ever taught me what to do with.

And there are plenty of other things, of course, times that are so unique, so confusing and twisting in their own way, that no one could ever possibly prepare me for.

I found the following on Dr. Ben Kim’s website, drbenkim ‘dot’ com.

“…Children are coached on how to jump through a thousand scholastic hoops. Yet by far the most important decisions they will make are about whom to marry and whom to befriend, what to love and what to despise, and how to control impulses. On these matters, they are almost entirely on their own.

We are good at teaching technical skills, but when it comes to the most important things, like character, we have almost nothing to say.”

– The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement

Although  in Orthodox Judaism, the Torah guides us regarding character and many other things I still feel that that article has a large, painful point.

Sometimes I am just so confused, so lost, wandering through painful scenarios that I have no idea how to handle, and a little guidance would be helpful. Do you know what I mean?

Don’t any of you feel this way sometimes, just treading water, trying to figure out where the heck the shoreline disappeared to?

This happens all the time to me, and sometimes the only thing I can do is wait it out, until salvation arrives, in wahtever form it chooses to take on…

Keep UNraveling!

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