It’s been a while but here’s the update:

School has been going really well. Starting to have a good group of friends, feeling really at home here and don’t ever want to leave.

Was Chanukah chagiga head and so we spent a stressful week or two trying to work out a good breakout. We finally decided on a theme- NesCafe (the coffee brand) which also means Nes (miracle) on Kaf Hey, the 25th of Kislev. So we had a cafe set up and after taking everyone to the Kotel, we surprised them with a gorgeous cafe set up, with delicious hot doughnuts  tons of coffee and lots of food.

The past few weeks have been a blur of school, going out, seeing friends, not sleeping, and more school.

Chanukah came along at the perfect time. I spent last Shabbos at my friends house up north and had a wonderful time seeing her and her family. Sunday was kind of lousy, although we had an awesome Yom Iyun with three ridiculously good speakers (one was an ex-soldier and an ex-supermodel. Google Avichai Cohen) Then I spent most of Day 1 of Chanukah moping because I wasn’t feeling too good.

Monday turned out way better- after a day of slightly bothersome classes, I rushed to get ready for…Chagiga! We set up the hall, which is in the basement of some Yeshiva, and then we watched everyone come in and LOVE it- once again, Nescafe theme, and the decorations were amazing.

We had great food ( I actually gained 5 pounds that day) and really fun workshops that the teachers gave us. Gotta upload my pictures one of these days.

We finished closer to one in the morning, and came back to school and danced, after which I showered and crashed.

Tuesday was AWESOME! We went to the Old City at 9 in the morning for the Aish Discovery program, which lasted until 4 and was worth every moment. One speaker (who just happens to teach in my school as well) told us about  a study that scientifically proves that there is a G-d, which was mind blowing.

It was cold, wet and rainy outside, but a bunch of us went to the Kotel for mincha and candle lighting. Afterwards, me and two other girls went to Burgers Bar (good stuff!) and then one of the girls came with me a babysitting job that I had gotten in Rechavya. We sat on the couch and ate a bowl of popcorn for two hours, basically. 🙂

I was feeling really tired and head-achy by then but I went with my friend to her house for a bit- we chilled, then I came back to school and went to bed at 3 am.

Wednesday was our first official day of vacation (even though we basically had no afternoon or night classes, and 12 o’clock curfew every night) so I slept in till one. I missed breakfast, shacharis, but I had some lunch. I went to an appointment at 4, missing mincha and candle-lighting 😦 I was pretty mad. Then I met my friend who’s mom was just leavin back to America, and we went to the Neve Chagiga together, and watched a cute performance (I ate 3 doughnuts, having missed dinner as well) and then we danced like crazy people. I saw tons of girls I knew- I think there were close to a thousand girls there- and then I ran from Har Nof back to school, in less than 20 minutes, to make curfew.

I lit candles (kinda late) and took some pictures, packed and got on the bus at 1 am for our surprise trip. I got to sleep for less than two hours, and I got off the bus in middle of the desert. We all received torches (really cool!) and walked to a random spot in middle of a random place, and suddenly there was booming music, and there, in the middle of the desert, was a DJ, complete with strobe lights and everything, blasting Yeshiva Boys Choir at 3 am. It was like a dream, the whole experience, and we all danced the night away, and afterwards got back on the bus, quickly climbed a mountain- it was basically tons of ladders and a rope at one spot. We saw sunrise, davened shacharis, ate, and then went to the Dead Sea.

It was pretty cold and everyone was exhausted so we all just fell asleep on the sand, in the warm sunshine, and then boarded the bus to go back to rainy, cold Yerushalayim. After an hour’s wait, I had a shower, slept, and here I am.

I have to pack for Shabbos (going to my uncle, iyH) and then I have Sunday off…and then it’s back to school!

Hope you’re having a warm, lit up Chanuka!

Keep UNraveling!


Late Grad


And so the time has come again; that awful, awful time, like missing the alarm clock ring, or getting soaked as a road-enraged driver forces his vehicle through a muddy puddle; the time where tears of laughter turn to tears of heartbreak, where the deer waits with bated breath for a sign of the jaguar, and this time is imminent upon us.

Therefore, without further ado, I must declare with most sincere apologies, once again, that this time which I have been referring to is time too long. 


So. There you have it. Sorry (as usual) for keeping you waiting for so long. These blog posts take their time coming out.

But, now that we got the hard part out of the way, it’s onto fun, fun, fun!

The first thing I have to say is that I am no longer a victim!

Victim? What is this, one might say, that unravel can be a victim? How so?

Well, when a stranger wishes to know where I’m from and what school I go to, instead of answering “Detroit, Homeschooled“, (and then going into a lengthy description of the latter, replete with handouts and PowerPoint presentations, hence, the victimization) I can smile smugly and say, “Detroit. None.”


Upon hearing this, they may peer closely at me and say, “Do you mean to tell me that you’re….-gasp- homeschooled?”

“Nope.” I will reply. “None means none.”

“Aha! So you are UNschooled!”

“Even better!” I will respond. “I am DE-schooled!” This sentence will throw them off-balance (quite literally) so I will save them and say, “You know how it is, deplaning means getting off of a plane after a flight journey, Deschooling means….leaving school after a fright journey.”

Hope they didn’t have a fright journey

Blank stares.

“Graduation? Get it?”


Yes. Well, to be very, very, very clear, I am officially (well….unofficially-the ceremony is on Wednesday) a high school GRADUATE! Which, in essence, means I am on summer vacation, I am NO LONGER a senior…and all this happened today!

I had hours of schoolwork and no time and I prayed to G-d which is the only ONLY way it all turned out good in the end! And since I have spent the day reflecting how I slept for four hours last night, I will end this post promptly and say goodnight.

(Just wanted to add, fright journey was purely for the heck of it; high school-even as a homeschooler was REALLY not that bad but if I had to do it over…I wouldn’t.

Keep UNraveling!

The Absent-Minded Student

Excessive opening of a refrigerator should be ...

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I left the refrigerator door open again. AGAIN!

I turn around after being in the kitchen for a good twenty minutes, deliriously drying dishes, to discover the cold-pantry, the Place Of All Things Good, the Sustenance Box, the Ice Box, gaping open, pregnant with delicious foods…WHO LEFT IT OPEN??


I need to blog about this!

No. Focus. We are not blogging about the fact that every time I do a single thing, I automatically figure out the best way to blog about it. We are not mentioning that these very words have been floating around my brain all day, waiting for the right opportunity to come out, in full blogger’s glory.

No. Not today. Today we are writing about my focus, or lack of it.

I am the girl that tends to leave the refrigerator door open.

I am not quite sure why.

Rest assured, however, that this has happened more than thirty five times this past week.

And each time, I am equally astonished.

I cannot explain this rare phenomenon.

However, I can elaborate. Unfortunately.


Last night, I had a wonderful time with my friend. After picking her up in my dad’s car from her house, which is conveniently located around the block from me, we drove back to my place to get my forgotten iPod. I like having a large selection of good songs to play in the car.

I won’t describe our various destinations, but you can assume we had a glorious time (ok, that sounds old fashioned. A mad sick frikkin awesome time), involving too-loud music, excessive laughter, and slightly illegal road maneuvers….kidding. Maybe. Anyways, around a few hours after we started out, we ended up in the 7-11 parking lot for the 3rd time that night. We were gonna try and get free refills for our slurpees.

Two Slurpees in a car cupholder.

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Don’t sit there like that waiting in suspense, because I’m getting straight to the point. We got free refills. (I love you Ricco!) We also got ourselves one nice cold long walk home.

I locked the keys in the car.

I know, right? Ok. I know. I KNOW! Stop LAUGHING. Gosh.


It’s embarrassing. I’ll admit it. Well, it gets worse. Here’s what I did next.

I called my dad, my house, and my friends sister, none of whom answered. Of course. Ricco was looking nervous. He’s the benefactor of the free slurpees. Don’t tell his manager, or I’m gonna have to start dishing out 1.29 cents every night….break my bank. I assured Ricco that we were going to get our free goods soon, as we were too busy to refill at the moment. For now, I just needed someone to pick us up so I could get another set of keys.

Yeah, I locked my phone in the car as well. Thank goodness my friend brought hers out.



And so I decided to call my best friend, who has a car. And I couldn’t remember her phone number. FOR THE LIFE OF ME! I COULD NOT REMEMBER IT! She’s my best friend, and in case you’re thinking that it’s no big deal and I’m over-reacting, let me put you very, very straight. It is a big deal. But I was over-reacting anyways.
I call this girl alot. And I could dial her number in my sleep. Usually. Overall, it was NOT OK. I called her house phone, but they didn’t answer either. (Yes, I was able to remember that, ok?) I’m kind of glad they didn’t answer because asking her mom for her cell would have been really embarrassing.

“Yes, hi, how are you, yes, this is your daughters best friend since before high school. I understand your daughter has had the same phone number for the past four years, but I seem to have forgotten it? I’m locked out of my car…?” Right. Not happening. Also, it’s my fault cuz even though I DO know her number, I use speed dial ALOT. Always. But, losing focus…

So, my friend and I, we ventured out into the cold, chilly night, and we walked. We laughed, we giggled, we shivered, but mostly, we walked. It’s not more than ten blocks to home, so it wasn’t too bad. Only I was wearing my cute-boot heels, and a Little Sweatshirt That Couldn’t. But it did anyways.

For the future, always dress for the weather, even when inside a vehicle. And bring a spare set of shoes. And some water. And spare keys. Maybe a brain as well…

Losing focus, OK.

Well, I ran home and snuck the spare keys from my mom’s purse; I was much too mortified to tell anyone at home. My friends sister, a bride who is getting married tomorrow night, graciously deposited us at 7-11, but not before reassuring me with her own horror story. Apparently, she and her groom locked themselves out of their apartment with their car keys inside. Nice.

I didn’t feel too bad afterwards, and finally getting more Slurpee (Coke) in my system made me feel way better. I told Ricco and I told my mom today and neither of them where half as horrified as I was.

But you see, that story really does illustrate my absent mindedness, does it not? I keep the fridge open when it should be shut and I shut the car door when it should be open. Oh, and to top it all off, when I got home, I promptly remembered my friends number.

I just accidentally opened up Microsoft Outlook. Ignore me.

Roll call in class goes something like this for this homeschooled girl.

“Various other body parts?”

Ha ha. I’m getting kind of hungry, so I’ll go see if there’s any leftover slurpee in the fridge. Just as long as I don’t leave it open!


Keep UNraveling!

Today Is A Special Day!

When dark clouds are invisible to only me

When love and good is all I see

When anything and everything is A-OK

I’d guess today is a special day


When my phone is ringing off the hook

When there’s a new text each time I look

When I’m recieving hugs every which way

I’d guess today is a special day


When a new bracelet jangles on my hand

When presents are promised and parties are planned

When I drop the work and run and play

I’d guess today is a special day


When I’m smiling for no point at all

When I feel seventeen feet tall

When they ask the reason I finally say

Today is my seventeenth birthday!


When I’ve lived so long yet still not old

When each day’s treasures shine like gold

When I finally appreciate my loaded tray

On my special seventeenth birthday!


When night falls and sleep does come

When left with memories of my day of fun

Then I pray this feeling will always stay

The feeling of my seventeenth birthday!

Enter title here

Maize growing in Larimer County

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My writing skills feel slightly rusty, and having nothing better to do, I decide to post today.

My brother’s bar mitzvah took up my whole weekend, and my relatives left this morning.

We had some great family time, lots of laughs and way more meals…I looked insanely good in my dress and my awesome shoes, but that’s besides the point.

It’s all over now; all good things must come to an end, right?

I now await my Colorado job, which requires me to depart this Thursday.

In the meantime, however, I have nothing to do, no plans, so I  blog.

My computer runs slower than a backwards turtle, causing me to click my mouse three times when once should really suffice.

Itunes is not having a good day and I switch songs for the third time in twenty seconds. More mouse clicking.

Sigh. It’s just one of those days.

Some girl I know is getting married today; another tomorrow night. I decide to attend the wedding of the latter.

I just finished a good book, and I am disappointed that today is Sunday, because I would love to go the library.

I wish I could write interesting things, pieces of news and ideas, but I can’t, won’t.

It’s just one of those blah days. Maybe tomorrow will sweep me up in arms of joy, surprise and excitement, or maybe I will act it out and make my day as good as it should be. Maybe I’ll do that today, maybe I will.


After all, I have nothing better to do.


Keep UNraveling!


Update ‘Till The End

My internet crashes sporadically, so it’s been a real pain getting on here to blog. For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath for more updates on my exciting life, give up on the oxygen, cuz there was no excitement….

But one day, all that changed….

Basically, there’s about six hundred things going on right now…or over the remaining days of summer. One is a secret and must remain that way for eternity, at least until next week  🙂

The next is community college, something I’ve been wanting to apply to since ninth grade. Seeing as I’m entering my senior year, well, it’s about time I get my act together, don’t you think?

Meeting about financial aid tomorrow morning!

Next coming up on the list, well, I accepted a babysitting job for an hour every morning for the next three weeks.

You would not believe the difference it’s made in my life; being up by eight or nine means I work out, shower, daven and eat, then go to work. I’m home by twelve and have nothign to do…fancy that, I’ve actually eaten breakfast before noon!

Yeah, it’s awesome, but I still haven’t gone to bed early so I’m ZONKED! Gonna hit the sack in a minute, actually!

Oh, my friends ended overnight camp, not that they texted me or anything but still…

My brother’s bar mitzvah is the weekend of the 13th of August, and tons of relatives should be making the long trip in to the big ol’ boring D.

My dress needs to pass inspection one more time, or it’s off to the mall tomorrow for the millionth time this month for a new one.

(Nothing to do all day? Shop. Duh.)

After the bar mitzvah, I’ll be headed to Colorado, where I plan on working at a resort for the same people I’m babysitting for. It’s a week long and my biffle is going so it should be awesome!

Next is same friend’s brothers wedding, then everyone I know and love is leaving to Israel just to spite me (and possibly to study abroad) and I will be left alone, despondant, depressed, and stuck with a buttload of college classes.

More’s the pity.

Stay tuned!

Keep UNraveling!

Horrible Horribleness

If you never saw a chipmunk typing, then you should look at me now. It’s a day after I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and I never felt better, at least, compared to how I felt yesterday.

I had a slightly traumatizing experience. This post is dedicated for those of you that have been through this horrible excavation process, and for those of you who are nervously awaiting their turn.

I told everyone that my appointment was on Sunday, and I was pretty nervous. Although at least five people I knew had recently had the procedure done, nobody gave me the gory details; they all just murmured vague words of reassurance and sympathy.

So when I lay down on that dentist chair, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Boy, did I get more than I thought I would. The oral surgeon put numbing gel on my smooth gums, right above where the criminal teeth were hiding. He then gave me about six billion shots, some on the upper and some on the lower gums.

I was getting all four teeth pulled and none of them had yet grown in. The shots were the anasthesia or whatever it is in there that numbs the pain. Some people get put to sleep, and I kind of wish I had but my mom said it’s safer this way.

After the shots, my heart started beating really fast and I found it hard to breathe. I was shaking alot but I tried to hide it. The oral surgeon asked how I was doing, and I said OK because I didn’t want to seem paranoid, but when he had left the room, I decided to ask if it was normal, because I was really scared.

I asked my hygenist, and she said it was quite normal, seeing as there is adrenaline in the shot, and I should just “breathe calmly”. Well, anyone who’s ever had adrenaline coursing through their veins knows that breathing calmly doesn’t happen so easily, but I tried. 

After I was totally numb, the oral surgeon began the yanking process. First he excavated my mouth, then he brought in a bulldozer to clean out the dirt and rocks…yup, one big construction project.

Half the time I tried to watch through the reflection of his safety goggles and half the time I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. I reminded myself to stay calm, after all, having children is supposed to be way worse, and if I want to survive that one day, G-d willing, then I can’t let this get me down.

And so I breathed, in through the nose for five, out of the mouth for seven….and again….try and swallow, and breathe. My tongue felt like… like one big galumph inside my numb mouth and I was still able to feel what he was doing because of the pressure.

The pressure got way worse after the first tooth, which came out easily. He had told me that my teeth should come out quickly, just like my sisters’ had. Unfortunately, he was right about that in regard to one tooth, and one tooth only.

 The next three teeth he tried to take out didn’t want to cooperate and it really hurt!

I was cursing like CRAZY in my head, and at one point I moaned out loud and nearly cried. He could tell when I was in pain, because I had my forehead all screwed up, and then I would remind my self to relax again…

I felt kind of bad for him, because he kept trying and trying and shaking his head and trying again. He had to break one of my teeth up into pieces and yank it out with many different tools. He used some type of drill thingy to increase the pain I was in even more. Evil, no?

After it would really hurt, I would say to myself, “There, now. That wasn’t so bad, was it? It really was not, and besides, it’s over now.” That line comes from Curious George, ha ha. Too bad I was lying, though.

He finally, finally got out the remaining teeth, and after much pain and prayer, I was done.

I had been holding in my pee at the end, shaking my foot so the lamp attatched to chair was vibrating 🙂 and was able to go finally, once all the stitches were in. I took one look at myself in the bathroom mirror and nearly cried.

I swear I looked like I had mental problems; my cheeks were the size of Mt. Everest, though not nearly as cool,  and my mouth was shut but twisted bec of the numbness so it wasnt closing properly. That was the scariest part; my mouth wouldn’t shut normally.

I hid behind ice packs the whole way home. It barely hurt then, and I was singing. My mom told me that the oral surgeon told her that the x-rays fooled him, and that it looked way easier to yank than it actually was…

No, really?

Later, on the couch, I started drooling blood. No fun. I couldn’t feel my mouth, so I couldn’t quite swallow.

I changed the gauze pads that were stuffed in there,  tried to swallow a pill but couldnt because of big fat galumph tingly tounge and then the pain was too much so I just forced it down anyways.

I put black tea bags instead of gauze pads for an hour and I think I will always hate the flavor of that tea- it will always taste like blood to me. Yuck. Then I lay down in bed for an hour-they dont let you spit so I drooled into tissues- put the ice on for twenty minutes and off for twenty, and listened to my ipod. I dozed and then I woke up to change the tea bags. As soon as I got out of bed I felt really naseous from all the blood I’d been swallowing and I was panting and crying and it started to hurt so, soooo much. You see, even when I was numb the excavation site was still killing, but now all the numbness was gone, so guess what? It hurt more! Anyways, I cried some more and then just sat.

When I got up, I was feeling really dizzy, and when I went downstairs I nearly blacked out. I took lots of water and apple sauce, and my mom made me a scrambled egg with rice, that had to cool for ten minutes because I wasn’t allowed to eat hot foods.

I read a great book on my sister’s computer for most of the day, and took painkiller before I went to sleep. My friends broght me a slurpee- thanks, guys, but I can’t use a straw- and then I went to bed.

I slept from 12:30 until 11:30 and woke up feeling sore and bloated. I was scared to see myself in the mirror, but it wasn’t soo bad. My cheeks are massivley swollen and hugely heavy, with slight bruises coming onto them. I can talk a little, and eat a little more than yesterday.

Anyways, hopefully I’ll be feeling even better by tomorrow. Here’s a list of things nobody told me, that I want to share with people who are getting there STUPID TEETH out…lol.


MAKE SURE TO GET SLEEP THE NIGHT BEFORE, because you ain’t gonna sleep much through all that pain. My mom said I should get to bed early, so I fell asleep at 3 a.m. and regretted it the whole day. Mothers are ALWAYS right, so…


Make sure to eat and drink before you go, unless you’re getting knocked out and they tell you not to. Duh. But you really don’t want to dehydrate or black out like I almost did.

Bring a pen and paper or something to write with, because with five pounds of blood and gauze in your numb, swollen mouth, your mom won’t be able to understand you unless you do what I did:

“I oo eye a FEEEE!” (I look like a FREEEAK!) while demonstrating a crazy dance. She though I said I was dizzy and got all scared…

If you use homeopathic, take Arnica Montana before and after, because it works great with bruising. I didn’t have any, but someone else had great results.

Put ice on right away, and keep it on the whole day, or you’ll look like a chipmunk and regret it. My friend made the mistake of no ice and warned me, so I used it but not for the whole day. Seriously, you’re gonna suffer enough without having to look horrible as well.

Don’t even think about planning stuff for that day. It really is surgery, and if your teeth aren’t gonna cooperate, then it’ll be surgery from hell. No joke.

You’re gonna be bored, so get some movies, or a good book. Make sure your iPod is charged; mine wasn’t, and make sure you have a phone to text- I lost mine. Great timing, no?

Follow all the instructions that they give you, don’t spit or use a straw or drink hot things. Take your medicine. Ask for extra guaze, have a whole box of tissues at your side, and a garbage can. Just warning you, you’re gonna need it all.

You can’t sleep on your sides. Just stiff and straight, looking up at the ceiling. Fun.

GOOD LUCK! Make sure to breathe deep and remember, it’ll all be over soon! Hope you now have a little more preparation than I did! Comment if you have any questions!

Keep UNraveling!

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