The last notebook closes with a thud, schoolbags are deposited in the bottom of every closet, and the suitcases are pulled out. Midterms are finally over, and everyone feels the load of stress lift off their chests  (although they were mostly open-notes!). Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are our official winter break days, but we really got Monday afternoon until the following Sunday.

Excited as anything, we all schemed and planned, choosing paint-balling  rappelling, Eilat, Tel-Aviv, Mearas Hamachpeila, before finally deciding to sleep out at a friend in Rechavya on Monday night, with the intention of planning the rest on Tuesday morning.

So Sunday was school, Monday was half day, and then I went out with a friend from home, went to the Kotel and went to play practice  Our play is on the 12th and 13th of February- we’re doing The Marrano Prince and I am psyched! I play a man named Don Pedro, which has a lot of lines, so practice Monday night was from really early until really late. My friend and I finally got to Rechavya a little before midnight, and we hung out, ate Doritoes, took a walk and just chilled. We saw a stunning, super cool European type of car zoom by with sparks flying out, going close to 200 MPH NO JOKE and we freaked out,but all in all, the night was amazing.

We slept in an empty apartment that isn’t really anyones- the renters moved out and my friend’s family still has the key. We woke up late, davened and ate some pizza that my friends parents so generously purchased for us, and then after some tinkering on my friend’s moms computer, we were on our way.

We had decided to go to Tel Aviv, and three more girls were joining us. We met up at Tachana Merkazit- the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. On the way, we passed HUNDREDS of people because today was Election Day. There was some guy on the train announcing the arrival of the Messiah, and we videoed him. He said, “There’s always a crazy person on the train, but I am not crazy…” and then he launched into his speech.

My friends and I paid for our bus fare to Tel-Aviv; the driver accidentally gave us Minors’ Fare, which is half price, and I fell asleep on the way. My friends took pictures of me sleeping, whihc they found hilarious and I found annoying, but I quickly forgot about the incident as we arrived in Tel-Aviv.

The city is a mixture of Manhattan and Brooklyn, with Israeli accents and crazy fashionistas parading the streets. We took another bus to some street, hopped off and pushed through the crowded sidewalks until we arrived at the Tel-Aviv beach.

Located on the Mediterranean Sea ( the beach was a sight to behold. My friends and I arrived a while before sunset, and so we davened Mincha and thenjumped around, took a billion pictures, and watched the sun go down. The beach was packed, and my friend and I had a fake boxing match, complete with her rolling around in the sand as I “attacked” her viciously.

It was really fun, but after dark, we put our socks and shoes back on and, shivering slightly, we made our way to a main mall in Tel-Aviv. We were looking for Forever21, but we were in the wrong mall, and after chilling in a guitar store for a while (my friend is a genius guitar player), we headed back to Jerusalem. We had been in Tel-Aviv for over 4 hours, and we were all WIPED.

We ate in different restaurants in Tachana back in Jerusalem; I got a great salad and a calzone, because all I had eaten was 2 slices of pizza, an apple and a Coke.

Then we raced each other back to school, where a rather boring Jewish movie was playing, but we sat down, ate greasy popcorn and threw it at each other, imitated the movie, got up and sang along with it, and now here I am, wasting time and eating ice cream.

Tomorrow the school is taking us camel riding, G-d willing, in less than 4 hours, to be precise, so I NEED to go to sleep- I’m INSANE!

Have a great day- enjoy YOUR winter break! Yeah, the weather here is INSANELY gorgeous!


Keep UNraveling!


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