Just an Update

Sem is really great. I’m scared of the fact that time flies so fast; I don’t ever want these golden days to end.

I finally spoke to my principal a few days ago and it was amazing- he is a genius and he is SUPER nice! I really liked talking to him- and theres two more teachers I really enjoy speaking with. I’m so glad I found mentors- yay! Happy dance.

I’ve had some interesting experiences recently- Israel is FULL of them. Just walking around is such a cultural experience…I went to CafeCafe tonight to meet with someone and these two guys asked us to move over, because they were filming a movie or something. It was a little weird, actually. And this old russian man walked past us and said, G-d bless you!

Like I said, interesting experiences.

I had good food for dinner (for once, yay!)

We had tryouts for our play on MOnday (I tried out for drama and dance).

Weather’s been getting kinda cold.

I’m really not feeling well (so much for the golden days, ha ha) I have a cold and headache.

Midterms are coming up soon, and tehn a few days of winter break.

I’m going with my friend to a Moshav this Shabbos, iyH.

We had a tzniyus Yom Iyun today, and it was kinda scary, marrying a Shloime guy vs. a Yummy guy (one who checks out girls and one who doesn’t, basically.) The speaker used to trade on Wall Street- a lady! It was kinda cool, but what’s even cooler is how she lives her life now.

Israel is full of so many amazing people, who’se lives are dominated by Judaism, yet they still have amazing personalities, styles, careers, families, etc.

When you’re jewish, you really don’t miss out. 🙂

Keep UNraveling!



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