Birthdays, Cats, and Other Israeli Legends

So Life Has Definitely Been Intense.

Welcome to my life.


Still can’t spell “Definitely”…argh!


Ok. I spent Shabbos with my friend on Sorotzkin, at cousins. We had an amazing time, and one of my favorite moments was standing on the “Promenade” overlooking the mountains. There’s something about the views in Israel that are unparallelled anywhere else. Mountains, sunglight, forests, beaches, trees, the works. Masterworks.

This place is awesome, and if you haven’t yet been here, please change that. Fast.

Anyways. Oh, yes, my birthday.

I’m 18, you guys. It’s kinda scary, so I try not to think of it too much.

My birthday was amazing. I got more phone calls, hugs, cards, birthday signs, presents and balloons (over 18 of them, actually) then I have ever received in my LIFE. I think. And my friend came in and a few of us went out to eat and my sister bought me an ice coffee. I received, amongst other things, Doritoes, earrings, chocolate, Oreos, a ceramic cow, and  a fascinating drawing.

Now I know who my real friends are (LOL).

SO, smashingly successful birthday, and thank you for your kind wishes.

Moving on. Heh heh I can’t wait for my Hebrew birthday lol.


So Israel lets you take public transportation, naturally, since you need to be partially insane to own or drive a car here, but anyways, being seventeen up until last week, combined with my Israeli passport, entitled me to half priced rides on all buses and trains.

Which I ddin’t really think of toooooften, so when I would take a cab, or two, or six, I would say, well, it’s only 10 shekel (about $2.50) instead of the usual fare of 6.60 shekel, and I wouldn’t feel too bad.

Turned 18, happy birthday, only NOW do I start paying 6.60-before it was 3.30. SOOOO- should not have hailed that cab.

Moving on. This is funny.

A week before my birthday I purchased 40 rides for half price. (when I purchased in bulk, I recognized they were cheaper, to explian the cab situation.) After my birthday, my card (called a Rav-Kav) stopped working. I went to the Tachana Merkazit (Central Bus Station, where they deal with people like me) na dthey informed me that because I was no longer entitled to half-price tickets, my previous purchase had become invalid.

Imagine that! They won’t even let me use up my card-I assume becuase they foresaw that people like me would just load up a few years worth of rides and travel at half price forever.

Ah well, entering the poorhouse as we speak…

In other news, I volunteered with about half my school at Yad Eliezer today. We packaged over 270 boxes, and it was a BLAST! I literally just dumped a bottle of soap into a cardboard box and then did another one and another one, for over 30 minutes.

Assembly lines rock! And roll. Fast.



My room has been spotless lately.

I talked to my brother on the phone for almost an hour.

I miss my friend.

I tried to write a song.

I had to reward myself with chocolate every five minutes of sitting quietly through a certain class. NO joke.

I need to go study now.

For all you people who have been motivationg me, helping me, guiding, encouraging, thinking of or praying for me, I just wanna shout out to you all from the bottom of my heart, and across half the universe that I miss you and love you and if not for you- you know who you are- I probably wouldn’t be here today.

So thanks.


And now for story time.

I was walking with a friend down a shady sort of street one chilly night last weekend. The time was late, our eyes were drooping with lack of sleep and the only thing we wanted at that moment was a nice warm bed- not a freakin’ Chad Gadya episode.

A bald man with a black jacket holding  a red leash was yelling at his huge black dog. Screaming “Attack, Attack!” at the top of his lungs, he pointed his dog toward an (innocent?) black and white cat who freaked out and lurched forward- right towards me and my friend.

The man (he seemed to be an arab) screamed hysterially with drunken laughter, and followed his eager dog, who was literally pulling at the leash to attack the cat who was headed right towards US!

The fight or flee instinct seemed to evade my friend and myself- to be precise, it was simply a “flee” instinct that pushed us to scream hysterically and run as fast as we could out of that dark street. We ran until we could no longer see the cat and crew, who had taken off on a wild chase in the opposite direction. I was panting, and my friend was laughing, and trying to pull me along, and we suddenly noticed a man with headphones talking to us.

When we looked at him inquiringly, though, he ignored us, and this went on for some time until, still panting, we had caught up to him. At this point, he turned towards us and asked, smilingly, with an Indian sounding accent,

“whatever is dee matter?”

So we told him about the dog and cat, and the crazy man, and he laughed and said in his funny accent,

“Do not worry. I am here, I am here.” and we thanked him, and asked if he knew how to fight dogs, to which he reassured us he did, and then, after saying “I am here now” once more,  he walked off.

My friend and I just looked at each other, and we were all like, “where?”

So then we walked home and went to bed. The end. Lol.

Keep UNraveling.


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