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Speaking from the Holy Land here, and every word I write must be thought of carefully- think twice, write once, because a lot of people, schools, locations and events must be carefully screened so as not to invade anybodies privacy. I’ll probably just make things sound confusing in any anecdotes I say, or I’ll outright lie and just shift characters and events around, so if things don’t make quite so much sense, just bear with me!


Here’s the deal. Left at the beginning of September, around the 5th, I think (wow, so long ago and can’t even remember that sacred date) flew on United, rather uneventfully. Took a cab to my uncles house, stayed for two days, hung out, learned some Hebrew. Not enough,  I realized. Nowhere near enough. Drove to Yerushalayim, met my school, my dorm, my roomates and my top bunk bed. Welcome home for the next ten months. Ate, was exhausted, unpacked a bit and went to the Kosel (western wall) so amazing! I cried my eyes out. Saw soldiers, took pictures (with one lol) and went back. Arab threw a rock at our bus. Shattered window.

Spent next week adjusting to classes, teachers (25 of them; teachers, that is!) and generally being exhausted. Over jet-lagged and bombed made a massive fool out of myself, but I still have lots of potential friends, thank G-d. Saw two of my besties, my sister arrived and so, life unfolded itself. 

First shabbos was a mandatory In and so learned names of girls, ate food, figured out dorm and building. I sleep on the fifth floor, lots of steps, and classes and dining room all in same building. Walked to Kosel on that Shabbos and ate Seudat Shlishit on rooftop building overlooking Old City, davened mincha and maariv and LOVED it! How lucky lucky lucky I am to be here! So HAPPY!

Got my room settled over the next week, aint getting a new closet any time soon. Figuring out the sleeping away for Shabbos thingy- went to Rechavia for second shabbos, at the Kosel twice. Met new friends, learned new routes, walked about four hours that Shabbos, give or take. Lotsa walking. Sperries are NOT that comfortable! And definately not as cute. There went 70$$.

Friends are confusing because some clingy in wierd ways others in user-loser way don’t need me but just lonely. Trying to take care of myself here, lots of turmoil, lots of adjusting. Lots of emotionality still going on. 

Yeah, put 85 girls together on no sleep, jet-lag, new land, language, school and water, and you better believe everyone is either crying, vomiting or screaming some weird song on the top of their lungs every five minutes. Welcome to my school. 

We hiked Ein Gedi and visited the Dead Sea, both of which were amazing and my pics do no justice. I got a great Chessed job-my teachers house- met my mechaneches at her house and made friends with all the right people. Connections, babe.

Had toranut (chores) the first week so got in with the kitchen, in case I ever need favors, hey.

Yeah, this is definitly the good life. Still can’t spell definitly, its a problem.

I’m learning to sleep earlier except for tonight of course, OK, had it made last night because we switched the clock back here.

Classes are decent, some awesome ones, lots of stuff, new trip tomorrow, lots of speeches, tons of shopping and fro-yo having some bad stomachaches (like everyone else) so abstaining from dairy and white flour for a while, if G-d will help me. Because I definityl can’t do it alone.

Used my Rav Kav 7 out of 20 times, in case you really needed to know.


Funny/Crazy things that happened:


Arab rock at bus.

Lady dropped champagne and wine bottles in Shefa mall, big explosion, soldiers crunched right through it.

Israeli teens shining stupid green laser lights at me and friends in bus stop, for nearly half an hour (don’t ask)

“Do you speak English” to some random shop guy “No, I no like English” with lots of attitude, scared me.

Old beggar women by Kosel grabbed my arm when I gave her friends charity, I had to RUN I was so scared.

Soldiers singing Israeli songs, Air Force guy asked us to join (we said No, thank you)

My teacher was having a bad peyos day (he said it, I didn’t know they can look good or not-so-good)

I have crazy random large bites all over my legs.

End of the Seminary Girls Facts to Life.

Keep UNraveling!


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