Late Grad


And so the time has come again; that awful, awful time, like missing the alarm clock ring, or getting soaked as a road-enraged driver forces his vehicle through a muddy puddle; the time where tears of laughter turn to tears of heartbreak, where the deer waits with bated breath for a sign of the jaguar, and this time is imminent upon us.

Therefore, without further ado, I must declare with most sincere apologies, once again, that this time which I have been referring to is time too long. 


So. There you have it. Sorry (as usual) for keeping you waiting for so long. These blog posts take their time coming out.

But, now that we got the hard part out of the way, it’s onto fun, fun, fun!

The first thing I have to say is that I am no longer a victim!

Victim? What is this, one might say, that unravel can be a victim? How so?

Well, when a stranger wishes to know where I’m from and what school I go to, instead of answering “Detroit, Homeschooled“, (and then going into a lengthy description of the latter, replete with handouts and PowerPoint presentations, hence, the victimization) I can smile smugly and say, “Detroit. None.”


Upon hearing this, they may peer closely at me and say, “Do you mean to tell me that you’re….-gasp- homeschooled?”

“Nope.” I will reply. “None means none.”

“Aha! So you are UNschooled!”

“Even better!” I will respond. “I am DE-schooled!” This sentence will throw them off-balance (quite literally) so I will save them and say, “You know how it is, deplaning means getting off of a plane after a flight journey, Deschooling means….leaving school after a fright journey.”

Hope they didn’t have a fright journey

Blank stares.

“Graduation? Get it?”


Yes. Well, to be very, very, very clear, I am officially (well….unofficially-the ceremony is on Wednesday) a high school GRADUATE! Which, in essence, means I am on summer vacation, I am NO LONGER a senior…and all this happened today!

I had hours of schoolwork and no time and I prayed to G-d which is the only ONLY way it all turned out good in the end! And since I have spent the day reflecting how I slept for four hours last night, I will end this post promptly and say goodnight.

(Just wanted to add, fright journey was purely for the heck of it; high school-even as a homeschooler was REALLY not that bad but if I had to do it over…I wouldn’t.

Keep UNraveling!


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