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May - Oct 2006 Calendar

May - Oct 2006 Calendar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, it’s been too long, but don’t expect this post to be a lengthy one to make up for the length of time I have kept you waiting. To justify myself and this inexcusable lack of activity on this here blog, I must say that I have been lazy in the past months; to be precise, I have been EXTRAORDINARLIY lazy.

However, I don’t apologize because…well, I’m too lazy to!

So, let me send you some basic updates on the life of the great and wonderful me. (Gosh, it does feel kinda good to be writing again!)
So I haven’t written or drawn in a LONG time (for pleasure/leisure I mean, not for classes) so it feels great to just let loose!

In the past few months, aside from being incredibly lazy about some things, I have been even more busy in other areas. I got accepted to Seminary, and I’m super excited to go!

I keep seeing BLOUSES in every store and am TEMPTED to buy them, but I’m waiting to find out when seminary even starts, and if they have a uniform! So far, they have been pretty quiet about everything.

Life has been insane. I have a crazy awesome HP story to share with you all. But in the meantime, I took the ACT’s, MME’s and WorkKeys (being homeschooled, I didn’t have the opportunity to take them in Junior year) so THAT was a hassle!

Purim was phenom…I dressed up like a pirate 

and drank like one as well…kidding.

Pesach cleaning and cooking has turned my house into a mini matzah factory, minus the matzah, so far, and there’s a quick article to come on the Pesach Baking Horrors…I specialize in those. As I complained to my friend…no one’s gonna want to marry me, because I can’t bake for Pesach! Um, try a bakery?


Pesach away

Pesach away (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, so that being said, I just cleaned out my closet and have filled an ENTIRE LAUNDRY BASKET OVERFULL with clothes and random bits of STUFF that are GOING, GOING, GOING, GONE! So if anyone wants to sort through stuff…I can’t think at the moment what’s going on in there, but there is One Skirt that I am Sad to Say Goodbye To…a BCBG MaxAzria size 4 black skirt, that’s so cute it makes me cry, but unless I start working out again -another thing  I have been lazy about in these past 2 months- it’s not happening 😦Ellen Tracy Skirt, Flared Godet

The weather has challenged our sanity time and agian, to the point that I have both fan and heater plugged into my power strip, each growling with tension, waiting to be used.

We had no winter this year, just mild slush and rain, then a crazy 80 degree heat spell and now, FiNALLY, we are following “nature”  and having crisp, fresh sunny days with a light nip in the air that makes us pull our sweatshirts a wee bit tighter around us.


I went on the Ohr Naava Shabbaton again (see pix here: http://ohrnaava.smugmug.com/Events/Purim-week-end-2012/21814124_v7z3X2#!i=1739275714&k=wDtNJFD), and the group and I have brought it back to Detroit with us! We are starting this thing, we don’t have an official name, and it’s all very unofficial, so why I’m posting this online I have no idea, but who cares, so we started with a small group of girls who I’ve been learning Hilchos Tzniyus  (modesty laws) with and then we expanded and had speeches and stuff, all occurign every Shabbos and we now have 15-20 girls. We are not looking to expand-yet, but rest assured, this will OVERTAKE the WORLD! WHOOO!!!

I have no idea what I’m saying anymore. I sound like the head of a cult. Uh OH! LOL…kidding!


So this guy is in an interview, and the InterviewER leans forward, cupping his fingers together lightly and, tilting his head to one side and squinting a bit, says in an intense, probing voice: “If you were to describe yourself in one word, one word only, what would it be?”

The InterviewEE leans back, thinking, trying to keep his cool, running his sweaty palms up and down his dressiest pants. After a moment he looks up and, with a question in his voice, he says, “Paul?”


Keep UNraveling!


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