(300) Sixty Second Update

The minute the clock says 11:54 I started writing. I have until 11:55. That won’t take me very far, I bet.

Basically, I miss this blog but not enough to keep updating it cuz I like to write for my friends in Isreal now and they’re quite a handful to deal with and so I give them private info and I can’t really publish all that on this here blog and why would I want to type it all up twice or go back and edit out names and stuff?

So this blog has been neglected and it’s 11:55 but I obviously don’t care let’s get another minute.

I went to NY for Winter BREAK nad it was FREAKING AMAZING and I had a GREAT time and I saw my Brooklyn and Passaic friends and visited my grandparents and accumulated awesome stories, most of which I will not be sharing with you because I’m sharing them with my Isreal people lol

So don’t be all offended I’m sure I’ll keep up with this in the summer…

My nails are painted a blue so dark they’re black…

I need to go to sleep early for work tomorrow…

It’s been over two minutes!

I need to go to Walgreens tomorrow…who goes to Walgreens???

but I can’t find this product anywhere else so Walgreens it is…like, Green Walls?
Which, speaking of, I’m going to be finding out about seminary tomorrow, G-d willing!
So if you’re reading this now, I would appreciate some prayers on the general subject!

And now, without further ado,

Good Night!

Keep UNraveling!


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