The Water Cycle

There’s no feeling like stomping through a rain puddle in rain boots, only to remember that just because they’re called rain boots, does not mean they are waterproof.
Enter my soaking wet feet.
I went to the mall on Sunday with a girl I know. It rained and we parked far enough away for me to understand the true meaing of “wet”. It rained on Monday, and it rained today as well.

Enter the blessed land of Michigan.

There’s something interesting I’ve been thinking of lately.

It’s kind of on the theme of hypocrites.
My friends and I all have problems, you see. But each one of us calls the other and sobs hysterically, acting as though we are the only ones with such difficulty.

The “listening ear” friend nods wisely and hten dispenses sage advice, based on her own past experiences.

Two days later, she’s making the phone call, crying her eyes fit to beat the weather.

I had this very situation recently…actually, more than once.

My friend was going through a little challenge, adn I looked into my Chronicle of All Things Challenging and passed on some advice that had been given to me.
But now I’m back in her situation, MY original situation, and she’s giving me the same advice I gave her- the stuff I heard on my last round of this!

It’s really interesting, is what I’m saying.
To listen with my jaw hanging open as she consoles me and calmly tells me every single dratted thing I told her only last week.

Hypocritical and weird.
You never can judge a friend until you’re in her shoes, and once you’re in her shoes, she’s gonna be the one who wants to judge you. 🙂

Remember that! And don’t forget to polish your umbrella!

Keep UNraveling!


The Absent-Minded Student

Excessive opening of a refrigerator should be ...

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I left the refrigerator door open again. AGAIN!

I turn around after being in the kitchen for a good twenty minutes, deliriously drying dishes, to discover the cold-pantry, the Place Of All Things Good, the Sustenance Box, the Ice Box, gaping open, pregnant with delicious foods…WHO LEFT IT OPEN??


I need to blog about this!

No. Focus. We are not blogging about the fact that every time I do a single thing, I automatically figure out the best way to blog about it. We are not mentioning that these very words have been floating around my brain all day, waiting for the right opportunity to come out, in full blogger’s glory.

No. Not today. Today we are writing about my focus, or lack of it.

I am the girl that tends to leave the refrigerator door open.

I am not quite sure why.

Rest assured, however, that this has happened more than thirty five times this past week.

And each time, I am equally astonished.

I cannot explain this rare phenomenon.

However, I can elaborate. Unfortunately.


Last night, I had a wonderful time with my friend. After picking her up in my dad’s car from her house, which is conveniently located around the block from me, we drove back to my place to get my forgotten iPod. I like having a large selection of good songs to play in the car.

I won’t describe our various destinations, but you can assume we had a glorious time (ok, that sounds old fashioned. A mad sick frikkin awesome time), involving too-loud music, excessive laughter, and slightly illegal road maneuvers….kidding. Maybe. Anyways, around a few hours after we started out, we ended up in the 7-11 parking lot for the 3rd time that night. We were gonna try and get free refills for our slurpees.

Two Slurpees in a car cupholder.

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Don’t sit there like that waiting in suspense, because I’m getting straight to the point. We got free refills. (I love you Ricco!) We also got ourselves one nice cold long walk home.

I locked the keys in the car.

I know, right? Ok. I know. I KNOW! Stop LAUGHING. Gosh.


It’s embarrassing. I’ll admit it. Well, it gets worse. Here’s what I did next.

I called my dad, my house, and my friends sister, none of whom answered. Of course. Ricco was looking nervous. He’s the benefactor of the free slurpees. Don’t tell his manager, or I’m gonna have to start dishing out 1.29 cents every night….break my bank. I assured Ricco that we were going to get our free goods soon, as we were too busy to refill at the moment. For now, I just needed someone to pick us up so I could get another set of keys.

Yeah, I locked my phone in the car as well. Thank goodness my friend brought hers out.



And so I decided to call my best friend, who has a car. And I couldn’t remember her phone number. FOR THE LIFE OF ME! I COULD NOT REMEMBER IT! She’s my best friend, and in case you’re thinking that it’s no big deal and I’m over-reacting, let me put you very, very straight. It is a big deal. But I was over-reacting anyways.
I call this girl alot. And I could dial her number in my sleep. Usually. Overall, it was NOT OK. I called her house phone, but they didn’t answer either. (Yes, I was able to remember that, ok?) I’m kind of glad they didn’t answer because asking her mom for her cell would have been really embarrassing.

“Yes, hi, how are you, yes, this is your daughters best friend since before high school. I understand your daughter has had the same phone number for the past four years, but I seem to have forgotten it? I’m locked out of my car…?” Right. Not happening. Also, it’s my fault cuz even though I DO know her number, I use speed dial ALOT. Always. But, losing focus…

So, my friend and I, we ventured out into the cold, chilly night, and we walked. We laughed, we giggled, we shivered, but mostly, we walked. It’s not more than ten blocks to home, so it wasn’t too bad. Only I was wearing my cute-boot heels, and a Little Sweatshirt That Couldn’t. But it did anyways.

For the future, always dress for the weather, even when inside a vehicle. And bring a spare set of shoes. And some water. And spare keys. Maybe a brain as well…

Losing focus, OK.

Well, I ran home and snuck the spare keys from my mom’s purse; I was much too mortified to tell anyone at home. My friends sister, a bride who is getting married tomorrow night, graciously deposited us at 7-11, but not before reassuring me with her own horror story. Apparently, she and her groom locked themselves out of their apartment with their car keys inside. Nice.

I didn’t feel too bad afterwards, and finally getting more Slurpee (Coke) in my system made me feel way better. I told Ricco and I told my mom today and neither of them where half as horrified as I was.

But you see, that story really does illustrate my absent mindedness, does it not? I keep the fridge open when it should be shut and I shut the car door when it should be open. Oh, and to top it all off, when I got home, I promptly remembered my friends number.

I just accidentally opened up Microsoft Outlook. Ignore me.

Roll call in class goes something like this for this homeschooled girl.

“Various other body parts?”

Ha ha. I’m getting kind of hungry, so I’ll go see if there’s any leftover slurpee in the fridge. Just as long as I don’t leave it open!


Keep UNraveling!

Dance Drive Drop Die

This is not an experience I’d like to repeat.


Cuz it’s propped on top of me, vertically, as I lie on the couch, typing.

Weird, but natural..


Last night, Wednesday, was my cousins wedding in Cleveland!

Since it’s a four and a half hour drive (the hall was about 45 min out of Cleveland) and the wedding was called for 6pm, we left at 1 pm.

Now, travelling with my family of nine is always an adventure, and this time was no exception. With only my older sister gone in Israel, my seven siblings, my parents and I were (willingly?) cooping ourselves into our big red van for a nice little drive.

Luckily for everyone, there were not too many casualties, and the ride was relatatively uneventful. Ignore the little white lies- I try to keep this blog relatively clean and violent free.

There was one note-worthy incident which I must report: I had my hair wrapped up in ostentatious looking rollers; bright red and yellow, purchased from Sally’s Beauty Supply a few days prior to my departure.

I understand this seems rather…unusual, but I desperately wnated to wear my hari down adn curly, though as my brother put it, I should have (You look so cute, why don’t you) put on a pink nightgown and lay down in bed with an Oprah magazine.

Very funny, brother.

We arrived at the hall before six with a huge hood on my head, hopefully concealing the colorful, gruesome bumps protruding from it, with stray hairs wisping and winding down and every which way.

I unrolled my hair, spent two hours in the stunning bathroom applying makeup, and emerged in my Annie Sez dress, looking beautiful.

Yeah, that dress got over 10 compliments, no joke.

The wedding was fantabulous! I saw all my little cousins, my aunts uncles and various other relatives. I danced a bit, ate a bit and chatted a lot. Took tons of pictures and generally had a great time.

It was raining outside when my family and I departed for home, a few hours before the wedding’s end.

We stopped at a rest stop where my fataher fell asleep for awhile, and we saw my aunt, uncle and two cousins in the same place!!!

I knocked on my uncles car window and scared the living daylights out of him in that reststop, ha ha.

I then drove for 45 min, until 1:45 a.m.

The long, lonely highway was dark and rainy, and with my whole family asleep and the windsheild wipers waving their rythmic dance back and forht across my field of vision, I suddenly understood hwo people fall asleep at the wheel.

My vision sucks naturally and it’s even worse at night. I didn’t have my glasses or liscense on me, i was dead tired and nervious of the huge responsibilty. This was my first tme driving at night with my whole family, being dead tired…and then I entered the contruction zone.

I got so claustrophobic surrounded on both sides by a concrete wall that I had to remind myself to breathe. I pulled off soon afterwards, and slept until we got home at 3 a.m.

I collapsed into my bed and slept until 1 the next afternoon…and then of course, I got the sore throat/itchy eyes feelings….

And I lost my sketchbook that had kept me company on the way there, with some beautiful drawings of my siblings 😦

But overall, the entire event was quite nice, and I can’t wait for next Wednesday, when I get to do the whole wedding thing all over again, only local this time!!!

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