Today Is A Special Day!

When dark clouds are invisible to only me

When love and good is all I see

When anything and everything is A-OK

I’d guess today is a special day


When my phone is ringing off the hook

When there’s a new text each time I look

When I’m recieving hugs every which way

I’d guess today is a special day


When a new bracelet jangles on my hand

When presents are promised and parties are planned

When I drop the work and run and play

I’d guess today is a special day


When I’m smiling for no point at all

When I feel seventeen feet tall

When they ask the reason I finally say

Today is my seventeenth birthday!


When I’ve lived so long yet still not old

When each day’s treasures shine like gold

When I finally appreciate my loaded tray

On my special seventeenth birthday!


When night falls and sleep does come

When left with memories of my day of fun

Then I pray this feeling will always stay

The feeling of my seventeenth birthday!


Growing Pains

Growth is like stretching after a workout.

Your muscles are screaming in agony; you’ve just worked out. (Disaster strikes in every day life)

What to do next? Stretch!

Position yourself.

If you don’t lean into the stretch, your muscles will tighten up, and you’ll have lost the chance of increasing your flexibility while your muscles were warm. Plus, you’ll just be sitting in some awkward position, wasting your time.

Lean in too much past your comfort zone, and you may just become incapacitated, unable to work out for a few days.

A little goes a long way.

Seize the opportunities in every day life to change from every encounter!

Make sure to stretch after every “workout”!


Keep UNraveling!

Describe your personality in five words or less.

Couldn’t resist this writing prompt.


Humorous, Logical, Judgmental, Spontaneous, Witty, Mature, Can’t Count…



Keep UNraveling!

PopUp- I’m Still Here!

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One of my many New Year’s Resolutions is to get to bed before midnight. (Jewish New Year was just over a week ago, for those of you who don’t know)

Well, tonight, I was in bed by 12:10, which is ALMOST where I need to be, and I told myself lights would be out by 12:30, so I’m only 8 minutes past curfew!


I’m not even gonna START on procrastinations! This is gonna be one quick post; just letting you all know I’m still alive, still hoping for your comments! Can’t wait to HEAR from you!

Rosh Hashana was great, Yom Kippur was meaningful and hopefully Sukkos will be an amazing combination of those two!

Brisk feeling in the air

Wooden huts everywhere

Decorations mixed with scents

Holildays came and went

Autumn time and summers end

New beginnings different trends

Lots of meals awaiting me

Tons of schoolwork to keep busy

Tired eyes start to close

Big day tomorrow, gotta doze!


Yep, this is me, poeting it at 12:43 a.m.

Happy Colombus Day! And make sure to call the HumorHotline dot com number for the REAL take on Colombus day.

And comment if you want me to write a NORMAL poem!

Love you all!

Keep UNraveling!



The day I start and complete my math assignment without a single interruption is the day pigs will fly.

“If pigs could fly, this town would be an airport.”

That’s a slightly humorous bumper sticker I saw somewhere. And there  goes my phone ringing, and there’s an interesting blog post to look at…hmmm, should I check out Freshly Pressed? Can you say ADD? Say, who discovered ADD? Wikipedia, here we go. Oh, wow, check out that ad! I always wanted an ENDLESS SWIMMING POOL! Dang!

This list of important things to do is simply endless, especially because it is created quite spontaneously, and only while I am contemplating mathematical figures.

I read a cute poem somewhere that describes my predicament nearly perfectly:

“I meant to do my work today,
But a brown bird sang in the apple tree,
And a butterfly flitted across the field,
And all the leaves were calling me.
And the wind went sighing over the land,
Tossing the grasses to and fro,
And a rainbow held out its shining hand,
So what could I do but laugh and go?”

— Richard LeGallienne

Now, if you’ll just let me make some subtle editing, ignoring all copyrights, naturally, then you might find the following to be slightly more fitting:

“I meant to do my math today,
After my online shopping spree,
An advertisement flitted across the screen,
And my texts beckoned seductively.
And my iPod was playing in my ear,
As I Wiki-d stuff I HAD to know,
And my blog was crying pitifully
So what could I do but click and go?”


Funny, isn’t it? I actually like Richie’s poem better. I’d much rather procrastinate in the great outdoors, shooting hoops, watching sunsets, gazing at trees…Google is so not cool compared to G-d’s Great Outdoors.

I want to be free from this math, this laptop, this screen. I want to soar away from the evil constraints of algebraic expressions, dangerously mixed with my tired little brain. I wish to leap and skip about like a child, with innocence and pure joy, to fly through the clear skies of freedom (I am not a pig) instead of staring at empty textbook words all day long.

But, alas, I must sit and stare and slog through this boring account of The Autobiography of Numbers:

“I met my variable  some negative years ago, after living parallel lives for a long time. We were both quite happy to be placed together under the loving warmth of parentheses. We multiplied quickly at first but soon divided, because one of us was being irrational, slightly odd, even, and claimed that the square roots refused to function the way they should.

It was a sad, dismal time for us both, and as I walked the number line of despair, depression and distress, someone pointed out that I had too many unsolved problems, and they were increasing exponentially.

I decided to write this book in the hopes that high school students everywhere would help solve some of my problems, thus rounding off their educational abilities.

I understand that this may annoy some of them, as I go on forever and can never, ever be extinguished. However, these students rely on me for so many things in their lives; it’s only fare that they should help make things equal.

In conclusion, I must give some sage advice: Never add 2 and 2 and come up with 5, as that would be the biggest insult you could give me! But if you baked a Pi for me, the way my dear Aunt Sally used to, well, that might change my expression!”

Hey, extra CREDIT to anyone that can COUNT all 25 (slightly) hidden allusions to Numbers/Math!!

Anyways, once all those numbers are oozing out of my brain, I might as well go finish that assignment. Maybe tomorrow pigs will fly.

Thanks for reading! Comment below!

Keep UNraveling!

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