Tree Leaves, Pep Talks and No More Self Pity

(no, it’s not tea leaves, it’s TREE leaves…just saying 🙂 )

“ENOUGH of those MELANCHOLY posts!” I said. “I will turn over a NEW leaf; I will bring a ray of SUNSHINE into my life! Because it is through no fault but my own that my life has taken a turn for the worse! DO YOU UNDERSTAND??!?!?!”

Ah. Because, as I’ve said countless times, I have been stressed. And reading my blog has probably been boring for you. Seriously, who wants to slog through three thousand complaints about why some girls life SUCKS??

Like, who cares if my two closest friends and one closest sister are in Israel for a year?
Who cares that my social life has suddenly turned into a risky, stressful obstacle course, who cares that family life has changed drastically, that the creepiest guy texted me and freaked me out, that my other close friend is moving to Seattle, that these art classes are giving me a great education in street language, maybe, but not in art, that I was placed in an ALGEBRA I class for G-d’s sake, embarrassingly enough because it would be “great to catch up on it for Algebra II…”  despite the fact that I haven’t seen this stuff since ninth grade, so of course I don’t remember it, no.
Who cares that the weather is turning colder, bringing my down, that my job is…something unpleasant at times, and that I am such a hormonal, grouchy teen with mood swings that are scarier than a still, moonless night…

WHOO CARES??????????? Not you. Not you. Not I, said the Cat.

Well, cat. Not I either.

It’s time to move on.

My summer kinda sucked, I mean, I had a few vacations and three small, random but great jobs, but it was boring for the most part.

So? So, now my year has to suck?NO! This is senior year! (This is a pep-talk, actually. Just ignore me till I’m through with myself…)


So, I DO NOT! Repeat after me! (Sir, yes sir!)




NOW DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 40! (chocolate bars, I meant. 40 of them. Ahh…..heres to a GREAT year!)

Wow I just accidentally deleted all that and then restored it.

Here’s to locking the mousepad on my Dad’s laptop, more like 🙂 (THAT was a story of my life moment. Anyways…)

Anyways, I hear the glorious sounds of hammers banging…my neighbors like to build their Succah early.

We get ours up two days before Succos. Hah.

Happiness is OOOOZZZINGGG out of me…it’s actually a pretty sight.

I had a great time with my girls today, who joined me for nearly TWO HOURS at our Tzniyus Group! Go Tzniyus Groupies!!!!! Us Elite Members had a great time discussing the Duggar family, clothes, shoes, and toes, knee replacement surgery and PLENTY of other subjects that were ACTUALLY related to tzniyus, which means modesty, for those of you that didn’t know that.

In which case you might want to join the club. Literally. ha ha.

I missed my creepy crazy humor on this here blog. Good to have you back, humor.

I got your back.

I also got in pajamas already.

And now I’m gonna surf this net and find cute clothes for me to BLOW my money on…

Fall is here! Can’t wait to jump into those leaves!

Just saying, I still miss my friends and stuff, but it’s kinda gonna be like WINTER for me.

Up until now, I’ve been that tree with leaves on it all summer, swaying in the breeze, having a good time, or bored, standing still in the muggy heat.

Now it is fall, so the leaves are turning colors, things are changing. And eventually, I’ll learn to live without these leaves as they fall to the ground, and I’ll go through winter. Sure, it might be cold at times, and it’s gonna feel weird to be so bare, so naked.



Four Seasons - Longbridge Road

Image by joiseyshowaa via Flickr

But I’ll get through it, this growing process, and spring will come, the way it always does. And I’ll be blossoming (lol that was an overused one today…) and I’ll have grown, and changed, and before I know it, it will be summer again, and they’ll all be back, and life will be great, and the leaves will rustle in the breeze once more! I know it’s a never-ending cycle, but it’s gratifying to know that there will be good times, despite the bad.

And yes, I did just call myself a tree. Hugs, anyone?

Keep UNraveling!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. T
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 03:04:43

    Hey nice to hear you sounding happy and it was even nicer hearing your voice and you know what would be EVEN nicer? If I could hear you in PERSON! I miss you soooo much! And reading this just reminds me how much I do and how much I want to see you! 😦
    I love you, hope your life stops being stressful and that I get to see you some time sooon!


  2. unravelmythoughts
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 05:41:35

    HEY! Whoa, taht would be the nicest of all seeing you in person! Thanks for the comment..can’t wait for life to smile at me…and for me to smile at life!


  3. Muser
    Dec 28, 2011 @ 06:13:57

    Yay for positivity!


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