The Ramble 23


Image by aftab. via Flickr

“He loves me, He loves me NOT, He loves me, He loves me NOT…”

Somedays life can be painful, and we feel like G-d doesn’t love us. But He does. He loves us, no matter what.

Just saying.

Today was one of those days, where, thank G-d, I felt like He was smiling down at me in an open way.

I went to bed at two in the morning Tues night, so getting up at 8:15 did NOT make me smile, nor did hearing Uncle Moishy’s “And the mess grew bigger, every single day, the mess grew bigger, it wouldn’t stop growing, and the mess grew bigger…” song being blasted by my four year old brother.

At 8:15 in the morning. In case that detail slipped you up. Which, by the way, is pretty early for mere mortals (teen mortals) like myself.

Anyways, I had a babysitting job, which ended near 11.

Once home, I did a bunch of random, mundane things, such as eating, reading, going on a bike ride for less than twenty minutes due to two (TWO) flat tires, and then I came home in time for my next job…same client, different time. Different place too; it was at my house.

I needed a shower, so I payed my eight year old brother $4 to watch the kid. Seeing as my wage is $9 per hour, I didn’t think it would hurt my purse too much…what’s a free five bucks, after all? šŸ™‚

(And no, I did not realize that I’d be making the excess money, I simply offered a reasonable rate for an eight year old and dealt with the [fortunate] results later šŸ™‚ )

(Continued Thursday)

I then had to leave for my 2:15-4:30 job, which overlapped my previous one, and I left my little brother in charge of handing the charge over to his mom.

I babysat and then came home, hung around, got things done and went to visit my moving-to-seattle friend. I don’t recall much of yesterday, and had to run while typing this which is why I’m finishing it up now.

I started my math course today and took the first test. It’s a placement test and I’m pretty sure I got all but one answered correctly.

Anyways, had an interesting day today; I slept in till noon, davened, ate, and ran to work which was amazingly easy.

I got home, talked to my sister, burst into tears for reasons I cannot say because I do not know, and then found reasons to be mad at people.

I think I’m really stressed out, which makes sense, given all the circumstances.

Then I read a reallly good book, ate, did the test and messed around on the Internet, and now here I am.

With a headache, so I’m gonna say goodbye!

Keep UNraveling!



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