“We went to the beach! Not just any beach, mind you, but my mom’s friend who lives on a lake house…omg. They had kayaks, jet skis, a motor boat with a tube and of course, the good old sand and water…”

“Gosh, traveling is not as cool as some people think it may be. Although it is fascinating to notice that all the guys on Delta flights have this problem…they can’t keep their hands off of women’s luggage! Any time a chick is putting up or taking down heavy luggage, the guys are like dogs at the end of a leash, doing whatever they can to control themselves, but it doesn’t work, ever, and they end up helping the poor girl out…”

“Ohmygosh I threw up thirteen times in one day!!!!!!….”

“I was in Vail, Colorado last week, which has a bit of an altitude problem, making it hard for us mere mortals from Michigan to breath properly. A sign in a tourist shop said it so perfectly: ‘This town is HIGH’…”

“Although so many people are talking sadly about summer’s end, and then switching their outlook by saying, ‘Well, at least we have fall’, my family decided to take a firm stance and enjoy the last days of summer by going Up North…”

“I’m sitting here in my bed, depressed as anything, because my older, oldest and only a year apart sister left to Israel, and my best friend of over four years and my super-close friend of over ten years both joined her…”


These few sentences are all openings to blog posts that have been floating around in my head all summer.

I know I told you about my lack of internet, so I’m using my dad’s laptop to get around the ridiculous problem. Oh, and it works in my room, but my computer doesn’t. WTH?

Anyways, I never did get around to posting half of the things I wanted to, nor will I ever, I bet, but rest assured, those things all did happen and now here I am with summer over, memories packed away, not too far away, but firmly enough that I can hopefully focus on this school year.

My little sister and brother started school today; my older sister (and two close friends) left for Israel on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, respectively; my brother is in high school in Virginia, so it’s an almost empty house.

Actually, there’s me and four boys, two girls at home, which is seven, but like I said, two ARE in school all day, bringing the large family of nine to less than half its usual amount…it’s nice. 🙂

I have sort of entered my school year routine, working out, davening, showering and eating in the morning, going to babysit for two hours in the afternoon.

I plan on starting an art course tomorrow, and signing up for high school math. Community college is being pushed off until January.

Anyways, that’s a small piece of my life, and oh, to rub it in, one of my good homeschooled buddies is moving to Seattle in about two weeks, which is just great. THis town is now officially bereft of any friends of mine…well, there’s still a few, actually. 🙂

Keep UNraveling!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan J. Flyweel
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 10:57:14

    I love that second opening. Too true, too true. 🙂
    My twin brother headed to Chicago for this year of high school, so I definitely know what you mean about the quietness, even though I’m in school most of the day. It’s just not the same.
    Sorry about your friends and sister leaving, I know the feeling. 😦


  2. Tehila
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 11:45:06

    Awww, sorry about all you friends and your sister leaving. 😦 Wish I could say at least I’m coming, but bad knews…. I’ll talk to you later.
    Good luck with “school”!
    xoxo Tehila


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