A Little Goes A Long Way

Do you know how the Internet works? Your brain? How about the world in general?

I was just thinking that because I am in middle of a wonderful book about a computer hacker. I enjoy the thrill of espionage, and it got me to thinking how anyone can hack this blog and I would never know.
The book also led my thoughts to the fact that I rely on the Internet so strongly, yet I have absolutely no idea how it works.

Google is helping me out with that, but only a little bit.
I cannot wrap my mind around routers, IP addresses, code and databases.
Code bothers me the most.

How can a series of numbers and letters comprise an entire software? If that’s even the way softwares are made; I feel like a blundering idiot here, I am that clueless.

So, the Internet is hard enough for me to get, and I asked myself if I understand my brain.

Neurons zooming around can conjure the image of my best friend? A lake? How?

And then, being the artist, I thought of a beautiful painting.

If I showed you a faint, swirling brush stroke in a light rosy shade, you would never believe that it is part of a life-like drawing of someone’s face, right?
After all, it’s just a brush stroke.

But bits and pieces, strokes and dots, letters and numbers, all the tiny things really do count.
It’s in the detail.
Everything needs to be built of SOMETHING, and you can’t possibly get the whole picture unless you start with something.

And that something has to be a pencil stroke, a line of code, whatever it is, it’s gonna be small.

It makes sense now, it really does. Music is the same way, for those of you who have a listening ear. 🙂
There’s this whole symphony going on, but when you break it down, it’s just a series of notes, plain and simple.
That astounds me sometimes, that you can take two keys on the piano and make up BILLIONS of songs out of them.

CCAACAC is one combination, using a C and an A note, and then CACCACA is another one…you get the picture.

Internet still doesn’t make so much sense to me, but at least I am beginning to wrap my mind around it a little.
I might even venture out into the scary world of programming…you never know!

Speaking of venturing, all this talk of “A little goes a long way” reminds me of the famous saying: “Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

One can break EVERYTHING down into small steps, even that journey.

And THAT thought is really going to carry me over the next few months, because I know life is gonna be a crazy journey.
But each step counts, right? Every step I take in the right direction is another line of code, another stroke in my self-portrait, another note in life’s musical.

And before we know it, our journey is over, a long journey, sometimes harrowing, but when broken down, it’s not that bad at all…

Keep UNraveling!


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Maize growing in Larimer County

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My writing skills feel slightly rusty, and having nothing better to do, I decide to post today.

My brother’s bar mitzvah took up my whole weekend, and my relatives left this morning.

We had some great family time, lots of laughs and way more meals…I looked insanely good in my dress and my awesome shoes, but that’s besides the point.

It’s all over now; all good things must come to an end, right?

I now await my Colorado job, which requires me to depart this Thursday.

In the meantime, however, I have nothing to do, no plans, so I  blog.

My computer runs slower than a backwards turtle, causing me to click my mouse three times when once should really suffice.

Itunes is not having a good day and I switch songs for the third time in twenty seconds. More mouse clicking.

Sigh. It’s just one of those days.

Some girl I know is getting married today; another tomorrow night. I decide to attend the wedding of the latter.

I just finished a good book, and I am disappointed that today is Sunday, because I would love to go the library.

I wish I could write interesting things, pieces of news and ideas, but I can’t, won’t.

It’s just one of those blah days. Maybe tomorrow will sweep me up in arms of joy, surprise and excitement, or maybe I will act it out and make my day as good as it should be. Maybe I’ll do that today, maybe I will.


After all, I have nothing better to do.


Keep UNraveling!


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