The Ramble 20

Eventually, I get so hot I pull off my shirt and change into pajamas. The tank top makes life a little easier.

I sigh, and click on the screen. My science video resumes. I find myself gazing at everything but the actual thing I should be looking at.

What is wrong with me tonight? Why can’t I focus?

That thought is bumped out of the way for yet another one,  proving my lack of focus.

What in the world am I doing this summer?

Sure, my second month, August, is all planned out. My brother’s bar mitzvah is on the 13th, with a lot of my East Coast relatives coming in. My friend’s brothers wedding is in Connecticut, on August 31, and I plan on attending it.

Sometime in the middle of all of that, there are at least two other weddings I want to crash, and a wonderful family vacation to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that makes me lose focus again.

White sand, blue water. What could be better?  

Flagler Beach

Image via Wikipedia



Of course, I catch myself, there’s always the nine-kids-squashed-into-one-house factor. That itself is enough to bump me back to the present; my science video, ending, at last.



But summer?


I know I sound worried, but I’m not, not really.

I am excited, quite honestly.

I received a mother’s helper job offer in Monsey, NY, for the next week or two, but it didn’t fall through. I also applied as a lifeguard to an awesome overnight camp, but they are no longer hiring.

Instead, I will drive around, shop for a dress for the brother’s bar mitzvah, possibly make a backyard camp…

I sigh, and run my hands through my hair. I need to shower, but my head hurts and I just want to push it off until morning. Of course, then I will be mad at myself, because I will have to get out of bed earlier, seeing as I have a babysitting job at 9. So I might as well get it over with.

All of my friends want the school year to be over with. Maybe I’ll continue studying through the summer. That sounds like a smart plan, considering the fact that I plan on starting community college this fall.

Speaking of which, I have to work on that.

Another thing to do this summer.

Buy ice cream, go to the beach, party hard, read the whole library, fill up my sketchbook with drawings….

Oh, summer! I don’t mind staying in town at all.

Not even if it’s hot enough for me to have to constantly pull my shirt off!

Keep UNraveling!


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