From the Big D to Baltimore…

Hey, here I am again. I should not be blogging now, I should be helping my Baltimore friend prepare for her brother’s party but….so here I am.

Wanted to tell you all some quick stuff about my trip:

I left Wednesday night to the Greyhound station. Although we had arrived at the stop at around seven-thirty, we didn’t board until 8:30, and our bus left at around 9:00, as scheduled.

Don’t ever take Greyhound. Ever. Everyone there is on drugs, smokes, and drinks too often to be safe. My friend and I boarded the lousiest looking vehicle I have ever had the misfortune to occupy.

Wanna see a big fat lie? Just look at the ads they have in every bus station for their amazing buses. “Wi-fi, Leg room and Outlets” they claim.

My foot. Ouch. Seriously, no pun intended, but there were none of the above  mentioned, ah, luxuries. (Foot room? Is that a LUXURY? Apparently 😦 )

Anyways. On our bus we met a very nice young lady by the name of Daina, who proceeded to tell us her entire life story. Then we fell asleep, while I tried not to listen to Daina and a man discuss the best ways to do drugs…”Let’s get high on a Sharpie…” ha ha.

We got to Cleveland, Ohio, where all the passengers were led off of the bus for an hour and a half layover. They needed to service the bus, not that it made things better.

During the hour and a half stay, my friend and I talked to some druggie from L.A. who started up a conversation with us about potential energy, evolution, and other fascinating topics.

We were slightly intrigued, and then a nice young Chinese man came over to us and asked for a piece of paper, with which my friend provided him . Twenty minutes later, he came over to us with an Origami bird made out of said paper, which he proceeded to give to my friend. It was quite sweet.

Time passed; I drew a lot in the new sketchbook I had purchased for the purpose of the trip. We finally re-boarded and slept from 2:30 until around 4:30, where we arrived in Pittsburgh.

We only had a twenty minute layover, but we had a severe Snapple incident in that short amount of time. After using the restrooms and eating, I tried to purchase a Snapple for $1 only to discover it actually cost $2. That was due to the fact that a sign posted on the vending machine said, “1.00 bills only accepted here”. Due to my over-tiredness, I only saw the “1.00” part. No joke.

Having only one dollar bill, I then exchanged a coin for a bill with some guy and purchased a Diet Peach Tea. As it was coming out, I noticed a regular Peach Tea and sold the Diet to the same guy who exchanged money with me. When I used the new money to buy the regular Snapple, I discovered that it was actually a Diet…

Like I may have mentioned, great trip.

Then my friend and I got into line at Gate 6 headed to Baltimore, instead of Gate 4, where our driver had instructed us to go.

Gate 6 was for new boarders, and there was no more room on the bus. We would have to wait until 9:00 a.m. for the next bus, because apparently, if you purchase a ticket on Greyhound, you are guaranteed a seat but not necessarily on the bus you want.

I yelled a little bit, threatened to sue, and told the man that we still had our luggage on the bus.

“You should have been at Gate 4, that’s for re-boarders” he said MEANLY.

“Well, someone (stupid) told us to get in line here” I argued back. (Some girl from our bus had mistakenly told us that).

“Wait for the driver” He said, shrugging and walking away.

I was raving mad and seeing red when the driver finally came, looked at our tickets and gestured silently for us to get on the bus.

Anti-climatic, right? And then we got on the bus, went to the back where there are three seats and where we had been sitting previously, and there was the guy who had bought my Snapple.

So it was kind of crowded and I wasn’t able to sleep, sitting next to him and all, so yeah, the next five hours where rather interesting.

Anyways, Baruch Hashem we arrived safely in Baltimore, where the hot summer heat nearly melted me, and I went with my friend and her family to the Israeli Embassy.

I spent the rest of the day alternating between severe tiredness-I’d had a total of three hours of sleep, remember?- and dehydration.

We stopped in a restaurant for some food, and then went to the library for a little bit….

And then we went to my friends house, where I saw her awesome siblings, ate supper, and went to bed by 10:30.

Keep UNraveling!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan J. Flyweel
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 23:54:17

    I have a friend who sniffs sharpies… XD

    For how long are you here?


  2. Ellbrbee
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 03:15:12

    HAHAHAHAHA! I didn’t realize that it had been that funny 😀 I thought you were gonna knock out the guy who told us to wait for the driver. I was just waiting for you to punch him in the face or something. Luckily you have self restraint 😛 Anywho it was fun traveling with you. However, I think that we should never repeat this experience. Have fun in New York!


  3. loser
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 02:38:35

    I have a friend who used to sniff Sharpies. Or at least she told me she used to do it. (She might have been joking. But she also might not have.)


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