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Want the story behind the story? Real quick then.

I was leafing through an old notebook and I found a story I had written in either seventh or ninth grade- I’m inclined to think it was ninth. I started reading it and liked it so much I decided to blog it, see what you guys think, and maybe even continue it!

Some of the stuff is pretty funny for me to re-read. I had such an interesting view of the world two or three years ago!

Anyways, I started editing it and then decided to let it more raw, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

Please, please, please read it and comment; I would love to knwo what you think! It takes only three minutes, four if you’re slow.

And if  you consider yourself a literary expert, then I really want your comments!


Keep UNraveling!


True Perfection

Walk on the Beach

Image via Wikipedia

She stands

On solid ground

Nothing stirs

But her soul

Not a sound can be heard

But her heart

Even her eyes cease to roam

But her mind

Churning, turning, thinking.

Heart, soul, mind.



You know that feeling where everything is whirring around like a Ferris Wheel only six HUNDRED times faster?

Where you need to drop six things off at the cleaners, call your best friend while your litte brother has a tantrum, and you made up with your mom that the dishes would be done before she got home? And she’s coming home now????

Or those times where your to-do list gets exponentially longer to the point where you can’t even COMPREHEND how you will fit that amount of STUFF into a 24 hour day?

Time management matrix as described in Merrill...

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Finishing up a project, buying conditioner, shoes and a dress, going to bed early, weeding the garden, coming early to work and making dinner…? HELP?

We can’t even think of growing; we’re so engrossed with what needs to get done. It’s horrible.

But what about those times where it’s the opposite?

Roll out of bed…and roll right back in.

Nothing to do. Heavy, hot air, buzzing mosquitos, even in the morning. And hot, sweaty t-shirts.

Or, even better, those perfect times. Where everything is done, bought, stored and finished, the weather is perfect, with not a cloud in the sky.

That peaceful, contented feeling washes over you…sometimes, things can get TOO perfect, and then we forget to grow. Everything comes so quickly, so easily, that we forget to try…we don’t even feel the NEED to try.

And then, life is just TOO perfect. It’s fake.

But in that poem I wrote, it might look perfect. So nice, and still. Solid and strong; unmoving.

 But inside, where it counts, I’m growing.

Keep UNraveling!

10 Steps To Greatness

Avigdor Miller

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I found the following list in the form of a magnet on a babysitting employer’s fridge, and I was inspired enough to copy it down. Now, looking at it again makes me want to share these amazing ideas with the rest of you.

By Rabbi Avigdor Miller, ztl.

1) Think about Olam Haba (The World To Come) for 30 seconds or more each day.

2) Say “I love you” to G-d privately.

3) Do an anonymous act of kindness.

4) Encourage another person.

5) Think about yesterdays actions.

6) Make all of you actions Lsheim Shomayim (for the sake of Heaven); say it once.

7) Look at a face. Think, “I see the image of G-d.”

8) Give someone a full smile.

9) Spend 30 seconds in the morning appreciating your clothing and say out loud “Malbish Arumim” (a blessing that thanks G-d for clothing the naked)

10) Sit briefly on the floor and mourn the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash (Holy Temple).

Keep UNraveling!

Shopping, Partying and Rambling The RIGHT Way

Ok, I am decidedly sick of this. Indeed. (That has been my word of the day, unfortunately for my friends…)

Every blog post from the past month has been either about beauty or summer plans.

Well, I’m beautiful, indeed, and I am staying home this summer, working the random odd jobs. I already got an overnight babysitting offer, which better pay off; literally!

Now, let me write about OTHER things.

Like the fact that I have 3,999 hits on my blog, and that annoys me to no end. I want one more hit. Someone?


I went shopping today over 150 bucks spent on clothing; now I just need my mom to pay me back…I’m loving summer!

Today was a beautiful example of a wonderful summer’s day.

I woke up really really late, around noon, in my friends brothers bed. My friends and I gave my sister a huge slumber party for her 18th birthday, and we had it at my friend’s house. 

Happy Birthday Shaftora

Which explains the bed thing in case you were, ah, wondering. Not like her brother was there or anything. Just saying. 😛

Oh, yeah, the party was awesome. We spent all last week planning, and then on Friday, just to throw my sister off, I gave her a fakeout.

“Be ready on Sunday at 1:30” I said mysteriously, and she broke into a huge grin.

“My birthday?”

“You’ll see…”

“Aw, c’mon, what are we gonna do? Tell me!” She begged.

“We’re not doing anything” I replied honestly. She didn’t believe me, of course, but I didn’t care, because the fakeout worked.

After Shabbos, my friend called me up and “invited” us to go out to a mysterious place.

What followed was the largest amount of little white lies I have ever said in so little time.

My sister kept asking if this Saturday night outing had anything to do with her or her party, and I had to deflate her ego by yelling,

“Not everything revolves around you! Gosh!”

Only it did.

We went out for pizza, broke the surprise with Shloime Gertner’s Happy Birthday song, and went to my friend’s house, where we partied until 5:30 in the A.M.

I begged G-d to forgive me for all my little white lies, which were really for a good cause; ensuring that my sister was pleasantly surprised.

The party was WAY awesome. We ate, drank, played Quelf, the CRAZIEST game EVER, did makeovers, took pictures, and generally had a crazy good  time.

It was a bittersweet event for all of us because this is the last official birthday party before they all go to study in Israel, leaving me forsaken and alone here in the USA in all my Senior year glory…

But anyways, back to the beautiful day today…too bad I was too tired to enjoy most of it.

My sister got her license recently, but I still drove her, my brother and my friend to Kohl’s, Old Navy and Target, where I scored HUGELY.

Not in Kohl’s, actually. They had nothing normal there. Gosh I hate that store.

“Housewares. Call on. Line One.”

“Kohl’s. Expect Great Things. The More You Know, The More You Kohl’s”

“The More You Kohl’s, The More You CRAZY!”


But Old Navy had cute stuff even though I normally don’t find ANYTHING there. I got the cutest pair of shades.

After all the shopping, I was so tired that I made my sister drive home.

Speaking of driving, my dad is taking my brother up to camp in New York this Tuesday, along with my other brother, two other guys, and two random men. Don’t ask.

 But I need to come with them to the airport so they can pick up their rental car. I’m going to have to drive our van home from the airport myself.

Not a big deal, I don’t mind highway, I just need a GPS, you know?

But it should be interesting…

Thursday at the lake didn’t work out due to LOUSY weather, so we’re trying for Tuesday instead.

I need to go swimming at the local J tomorrow, and I need to pay an overdue visit to the chiropractor. My foot is KILLING from wearing my sisters Espadrilles on Shabbos, and from all the walking today.

I have it propped up on my desk right now, wrapped in ice an a bandage. I think it turned into an ice-cube.

Ice coffee, Ice Feet, coming up. Want fries with that?

Speaking of nothing, my new phone came! It’s the LG Neon and it makes me cry. It doesn’t have touch screen, but there are other good features that are causing me to consider keeping it.

This is my sixth phone.

I already texted Cha Cha on it.


Keep UNraveling!

Summer Stuff

Meet Angelica Herman. Suburb girl, choppy, windblown hair, and a cap that helps her think. She’s hitting the surf at Miami Beach as well as all the surrounding beaches, for two weeks in July.

She will then travel, in all her dark-skin-bleached-hair glory, to the greatest city in America, aka, New York, where she will hold a part-time high powered office job. Not sure if that makes sense, but it sounds good.

She will attend cocktail parties, go clubbing, and tour the city along with the other hot, sweaty tourists. Angy will meet the man of her dreams, marry him, and live a long, successful life.

Meet her opposite, me.

Ok, ok, I am a suburb girl. But all similarity ends there. I will not be going to Florida anytime soon, nor will I be working in a high powered job. I might visit New York, but that won’t be for a while.

And my hair remains dark and my skin light, and I LIKE it that way…usually.

I’m just saying that I don’t have a steady paying job this summer, although I might get some babysitting jobs.

I do plan on being like Angy in the live a long successful life department.

My last babysitting job-the steady one- ends tomorrow.

The next day, Thursday, my family and I are going to jet-ski, swim, and boat on my mom’s friends lake, G-d willing!

I will spend this summer attempting to draw every day, party hard, workout, do schoolwork, and some other stuff.

Out of that list, working out is the only thing that gets crossed off for today.

Trying to keep this short here…


Keeping it short, all right!


Keep UNraveling!

The Ramble 22

Here’s what I hate. Broccoli. The undigested type. What am I writing? Should I just waste your time and fill your head with nonsense? I’m good at that, in case you didn’t notice.

I did a good thing today. I’m very proud of it. Thump thump. That was the sound of me patting my very own back.

So my friends graduated tonight. Luckily, they don’t read this blog so I can post the fact that I missed both of their speeches. Hopefully they didn’t notice. Whatever, I feel bad but I was running late… heh heh just watch them both choose tonight as the perfect time to catch up on my blog.

Ah well, can’t always have a peaceful life.

So my sis is having her grad party tomorrow morning and there’s a flurry of smoothies, planning, blueberry muffins, and other brunch related foods and such talk….

Just found out I was in charge of making the iced coffee.

Haven’t people learned that just because I SAY something doesn’t mean I MEAN it?

Caffe latte og iskaffe

Image via Wikipedia


Anyways, still no news on the summer plans.

Camp starts in a week from Monday, wether I attend or not.

Hope my fam won’t give up on the vacation…

I need to hit the sack.

I babysat today, went to the mall twice, once to drop my bro off and once to partake in a VERY successful shopping venture, and to pick my brother up.

Then I went to the graduation, talked to my friend on the phone, got made crazy by some chick (does that make sense? Switch the words around)

And I did some bills and stuff.

“I made fifteen dollars, but I spent six dollars and thirty three cents on a loofah…” *Scratches head*

“So I have…huh? How much money left?”

*Starts again*

And so on. You get the picture.

Look, whether you get it or not, I gotta go make the ice java

peace out home dog live let live and live with be safe stay alive remember dont drink and drive in a while crocodile later gator-ade slurp.

Keep UNraveling!

The Ramble 21

Note To Self:

“It’s the inside that counts, not the outside.”



But I still want the outside to look good! (I struggle with this alot)

Ok, fine. Just because your inside counts doesn’t mean your outside has to look BAD.

But you need to find a balance. All those pretty teen magazines have you feeling worthless. One look at their pretty models, and you feel like dirt if you haven’t spent at least thirty five minutes curling your hair.

VA Pro Hair 24

Image by JamesDPhotography via Flickr


There are more important things in life.

But, you DO need to find a balance.

Get in the shower; you’re allowed to smell clean every day.

Hair should not take too long, I just put it up in a ponytail.

Lucky me, my hair dries naturally straight and smooth.

Makeup? Set the timer if you feel the need to paint your face for longer than five minutes.

Makeup collection.

Image via Wikipedia


There you have it.

Less than half hour of beauty time, and you’re ready to go.

Oh, wait, you’re still naked, aren’t you?

Choose your clothes out the night BEFORE (yeah right it NEVER happens) or pretend your friends are waiting to take you to the mall.


Image by antwerpenR via Flickr


 You do NOT have to spend hours choosing clothes.You never have problems looking cute when you have thirty seconds till it’s bouncing time.


Great, so now you look good and smell good. Get out there and be good, and you better hope you spend longer than thirty seconds on it!

Keep UNraveling!

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