The Ramble 19

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I have rambled in an unravelmythoughts style since…February?!


Did you guys miss it? I don’t really care if you did, because I did!

There’s a LOT going on in my life. Thank goodness, becuase I don’t think I would wish to face the alternative.

I’ll start with Sunday, which is a good place to start. Bear with me regarding the images, because I just discovered them and I find them to be quite amusing. Anyways.

1995 Nissan Altima

Image via Wikipedia

I drove with my sister and two friends in Alfredo, my dad’s car.  ( This is exactly what Alfredo looks like, you can even google 1995 Nissan Altima Gold if you don’t believe me!)

We were headed to numerous destinations, in honor of Friend #1’s birthday.

However, a vehicle malfunction squashed all of our well thought out plans. We had given ourselves a Plan A, a Plan B for rain, and had even allowed extra time in between activities, “just in case”.  Very organized, we are.

But we didn’t plan to be stuck in a busy intersection, watching the rain pound the pavement to the accompanying sound of angry cars.

You see, I had been cruising along at a nice, steady speed, winshield wipers a-slashin’, when all of a sudden there was a noise.

A flat tire on a Mercury Villager van.

Image via Wikipedia


I thought it to be a flat tire, but upon investigating, the rubber proved to be quite hard, and dangerous, especially towards the first two toes of my right foot.

So we called my father who called Triple-A, and we waited. The cars behind us didn’t seem to understand what Emergency Blinkers are, even though the name should really speak for itself.

Every time I would hear a honk, I would roll my window down and yell, ” I have a flat!” (Even though I had nothing of the sort.)

Unfortunatly for me, the driver would gesture angrily that the person behind them had honked, and I was yelling at the wrong person. This happened three times, and on all accounts, the driver I was yelling at was a little old lady. Go figure.

The Triple-A man finally arrived, and after much, ahh, discussion, we allowed ourselves to be escorted into the cab of his truck, in which we took up twice the space recommended and proceeded to accidentally sit on his sunglasses, amongst other things. In other words, there were four of us, and only room for two.

“Young lady, you are, uh, sitting on the clutch…”

Alfredo (the car, remember?) rode behind us, and we all made a glorious Kiddush Hashem, telling the man wonderful things about our religioun.

“You mean I’m driving four Jewish women home? WOW!”

“You guys are like, people of the book, no? Like, no TV and stuff? Are you pulling my leg? MAN! That’s CRAZY”

And so on. He told us that he had been shot three times, stabbed twice, and the victim of three heart attacks.

“I survived all of that, and I’m still healthy as a horse. So yeah, I believe in G-d” he concluded.

We tipped him; it’s not every day that someone will take the risk of getting arrested for having four Jewish women in his cab.

Then we took my friend out to eat in my other friend’s van and I got to drive home, which was quite amusing.

Monday was a work day; 10-5. Good pay. Not much else. 😛

I’m kidding, it went quite well, considering the job descripition. (Babysit five kids under the age of three; two different families…)

Today was…crazy. Lots of bathroom related accidents and such…I refuse to elaborate.

Here’s my travel plans, in case I forgot to update you.

BoltBus #0800 in New York City on the West Sid...

Image via Wikipedia


G-d willing, I will be leaving for Baltimore on Wednesday evening, the 25th of May. THat’s next week. I will be traveling by Greyhound bus with my friend, and we will be arriving at around 10:00 a.m. on Thursday.

I will spend the weekend at my friend in Baltimore, shying away from Maverick the cat and otherwise enjoying myself.

On Sunday the 29th, I will attend the Homeschool Conference, and possibly be on the teen panel. I will leave for New York City on either Monday or Tuesday, and I will stay at my uncle’s.

Night view of Manhattan, captured from the Man...

Image via Wikipedia


I will see my friends on Thursday the 2nd, and then go into Monsey, NY with my mother, who is flying in on that day. I will spend shabbos either in Manhattan or Passaic, and on Sunday, June 5th, I will be attending the luncheon in Manhattan.

I will be flying home Monday morning, June 6th.

All travel dates and destinations are subject to without notice at a moments notice.

Sheesh. felt good to get that all on paper….

Anyways, I just zoomed around the internet researching products I need to buy and buying some of them. I severely need to pack for this trip. My shoulders are so stiff. I think I will go read a great book now. It’s actually not that good, but I guess I’ll read it anyways.  This doesn’t really fall under the category of a ramble, but it will have to suffice.

Keep UNraveling!


I WON! (The Luckiest Girl on Earth!)

Many years ago, I started to write. I fell in love and couldn’t stop. A while later, I discovered the beauty of writing contests; I could do what I love and make money off of it.

Everything clicked, except for the fact that I was too lazy to enter any contests. Occasionally I would make a feeble attempt, writing a paragraph here or there, but for the most part, the applications would gather dust on my shelves. As soon as the contest expiration date came along, I would throw the application out, relieved of that stress.

However, sometime this past year I decided to try again. My mother discovered the Kaplun Essay Contest, due for judging in March. I made a firm resolution; this contest would be one I would enter.

I contacted an amazing woman named Mindy, who agreed to help me write the essay. I started to write in January, but in my usual procrastinating fashion, I didn’t actually set my nose to the grindstone until March 13th, five days before the essay was due.

Mindy helped me immensely, and we scrambled to get my thoughts onto paper. We worked for six hours straight for two days in a row for a grand total of 12+ hours (not counting the time I spent on it alone). One of those days was grueling, because it was Taanis Esther, a fast day. But finally, after much hard work, we were done. We had a winner.  A hopeful winner, anyways!

I sent the essay in within moments of the deadline, forgot about it and started to live again. A couple of weeks later I remembered, and I started to pray to win every day.

Today was an unusual day. I wasn’t feeling well this whole past week, so I slept in late. I woke up by noon, davened, asked to win the contest amongst other things, ate, and went to babysit.

I had a relatively lousy day filled with potty accidents and other cute little things that will make me embarrass these poor kids when they grow older: “I used to change your diapers!” and so on. I got home, talked to my little brother outside and then started my way up the front walk.

My parents were both leaning out the door with smiles on their faces wide enough to split their lips.

“We have a surprise for you!” my mom called out. (Like in the Arthur book, my sister pointed out later. lol.)

“What?” I asked.

“Come here and see.” I imitated their wide grins and trudged up the driveway. I didn’t go fast because suddenly I knew what it was that made them so happy. Sure enough, my mom was hiding an envelope, which she handed to me.

I caught the words, “Essay Contest” and then I was engulfed in hugs and kisses. My parents were shrieking their congratulations and “we’re-so-proud-of-you’s” and all that.

“Thanks,” I muttered. I was aware that I had won but that was the extent of it.
A few minutes later, all mysteries were solved.

I am the proud winner of $750.00, plus a free trip to New York where a ceremonial luncheon will take place on June 5th. In case you’re going to wonder why I won’t be answering my home phone.

At the luncheon, I, along with five other finalists from  my age group and the six middle school finalists will wait with bated breath for the announcement of the grand prize winner. He or she (or maybe even ME) will receive $1,800.00 and will have to read their essay out loud. I better start practicing!

Anyways, a few thoughts. First of all, I feel like I’m engaged; I spoke to almost all of my many relatives today.

Secondly, AHHH! I can’t believe it. I haven’t done too much screaming today because I feel like I’m in a dream. NO WAY this is real. No way.

I keep thinking that maybe it IS fake, maybe they’ll call me any minute: “Sorry, wrong name on that list. You are not a finalist. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.” Any inconvenience? Hah. Try brutal dissappointment.

Third of all, I am realizing the true amazing-ness of G-d. In one moment, He can cause someone to earn seven hundred and fifty bucks. In one moment, He can do anything. It’s scary, it really is. Really, really petrifying. It gives me a good, tingle-y feeling though, knowing that. I can’t explain it.

Oh, another thing; yesterday, I randomly emailed Mindy, the lady who helped me with the essay. She told me she was looking forward to hearing from me about the contest…I said I was looking forward to giving her good news….today I won. And I davened for it today, and I won it today. I am not kidding. How cool?!?!?

Anyways, if you have five minutes, you can view the winning essay here!

This is not THE final version. I think there were a couple of corrections afterwards, but it’s close enough. (The final one is probably on my dad’s computer…)

Looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions!

Keep UNraveling!

The Good News and The Bad News…

My best friend’s brother is engaged! That’s what I was talking about in the last couple of posts, that little something that I would be saying soon!

I’ve known about it for weeks of course, and I had to do a bit of stumbling and improving the truth when necessary. But I got through the awkward, “uh, can’t really say…” moments, and now I can tell the whole world! Wahooo! I’m so happy for them! Oh, I wonder if they’re on Oh, they are!

Speaking of engagements, my shiur counselor from camp got engaged a few weeks ago! I seem to have a lot of weddings to attend this summer.

Which brings me, sadly enough, to this summer.

OK. I’m going to vent right here, right now. To you. Plug your ears.

I have made 40 phone calls. To 30 people. For 20 weeks. I’ve counted to 10. At least 5 times. In the past 4 hours. There are 3 potential jobs. With 2 complications. 1 result? Frustration.

My main goal? Make money, while being spiritually safe (and having a blast. This last one is not so important because I am reasonably confident that I have fun wherever I go.)

How I plan to achieve this goal?  By working with my other best friend as a lifeguard, for the first four/five weeks of summer.

So what’s stopping me? Well, out of all the random camps and bungalows that I have called, few need two inexperienced lifegurads who are entering their senior year. One place will give us a bungalow but no salary (WTH?) and the other will pay around $25 an hour, but no accomadations. (WTH?)

Yet a third place is offering us day camp positions, where we would both work. However, this is in Far Rockaway, and I don’t know the salary. Nor do I know anyone inFar Rockaway, NY to board at.

I could also work in a random public school behind my house, as some sort of nursery teacher. This would pay less than $10 an hour, I’d be working for eight hours a day and I would still be in town.
Not such a bad thing because most of my friends seem to be bumming around the big D for the first half. But I’d rather leave town.

Anyways. Those are my options now, with hopefully more to come.

My friends birthday was today, and I bought her a slurpee. My other friend’s brother just got engaged, and I wished her congratulations.

Sometimes the world ar0und me seems so full of laughter and cheer, but it’s all frozen to me, it’s all fake, because I am not happy.
Happiness comes from within, and right now, the only thing that’s inside me is feeling lousy. I hate this.
I wish the perfect summer job would just fall into my lap, the way I KNOW it will, because it always does.

No use crying when it always works out great anyways, right? But no, I always stress out about summer jobs, it’s my yearly pre-summer opportunity to go crazy. Why miss out on that? Why?

No, it’s gonna be a great summer. Two weddings, and my brother’s bar mitzvah, getting ready for college and saying goodbye to all my senior friends who are leaving to Isreal in the fall….what a fun filled summer.

Happy and sad. They always go hand in hand. But that’s ok because that’s human life. Ups and downs, rise and fall, right and wrong.
I rock at being human!

Keep UNraveling!

The Beauty List: Constantly Updated

I only have 2 posts up for May? I gotta beat last June’s record of 15 posts in one month! Ok, I thought of this today.

The following article will be constantly edited so feel free to comment a lot, and I will input your input. Har har.

Starting at the top, working my way down. This is a list of all/any products and tools that the average female in 2011 uses to beautify herself.
The point of this list is not to entertain, brag or upset anyone. Not that it would.
Rather, I am merely pointing out the sad state of our modern-day world. In order to be considered beautiful, women must use most of the items on the following list DAILY.
While some might argue that we would all look like clowns if we used that much product, I disagree. I could easily use every item on this list and still look “natural”.
No, I’m not saying it takes that much to make me pretty, I’m saying that everyone’s expectations of beauty are so high up that we practically have to own a drugstore just to look “natural.”

(This does not include clothes, shoes and all that. Duh.)



Anti-Dandruff product
Hair Mask
Blow Dryer
Hair Accessories


Makeup Remover


Dental Floss
Lip Balm


Eyelash Curler
Eyeshadow Primer
Eye Shadow
Eye Liner
Lip Liner
Lip Primer
Lip Stick
Lip Gloss





Hand Cream


Shaving lotion
Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Foot Lotion

*The author does not claim to list every possible product/utensil. In addition, the author does not claim to use any/all of these products. Just for laughs, this is. 🙂

Keep UNraveling!

Sorry And Uh….

Hey, apparently everyone does read my blog, although they only choose to comment when I seem to be threataning suicide. (I am reffering to my post,  “Gone here) Thanks, guys. At least it’s through bad times that you stick with me, and not just good. Anyways, onto more pressing things. Sorry for scaring you all; I was not thinking of suicide. Most of those lines had some type of meaning regarding people, places and thoughts in my head. Most of it was NOT supposed to be as depressing as it sounds.

I re-read it, and I saw that it seems a little sad. That’s OK. I wasn’t in the greatest mood.

Now, on to BETTER things. Like the fact that it’s 1:24 a.m.

Luvvin’ it!

Ohh! Something might happen soon, like, remember I said that and then next time I said I got my liscence? Well, you know, one of those things again! Anyways….I’ll let you know as soon as I CAN.

Here’s what I need to do:

Get a summer job.

Get into College for next year. (Think OCC)

Get to Baltimore for Memorial Day weekend. Homeschool Conference, anyone?

Draw more often.

Blog more.

Workout tomorrow.

Get this CD off of

Go to sleep. Now.

Finish a really good book.

Deal with a new job I might have.

Remember the rest of this list ( it was gonna be SO long!)

Oh, yeah!

Plan a PARTY! Help!

Make this movie of my family’s Purim seudah. Yeah, it’s almost Shavuos. Story of my life.

Get some type of backup for pix and dox, like a 160 GB Ex. hard drive; is it worth it?

Research backup for pictures and documents.

Get teeth whitening strips; it’s that time of year!

My left arm gets all worked up when I type too much, with veins popping on my hand. Workout veins.

That wasn’t a to-do.

Why am I publicly posting a to-do list?

I’m not.

Keep UNraveling!



The curb is glowing with a bright blue beam.
My hair is growing like the grass is green
The water’s flowing in an endless scream
And I wish I wasn’t stuck in this dream.

My house is cracking at the cornerstone
Your heart is beating like it is my own
I wish I thought to call you back on the phone
11:38 Am I all alone?

Fruit flies buzzing by the window sill,
How many times until my need is still
Can I control myself, oh yes I will
If only someone else was footing the bill.

You don’t understand me cuz you never try
Some yell and some smirk but I just cry
I think I love you and I don’t know why
But I’m gonna keep moving or I might die

Gears churn like a windmill blows
The thoughts they think are only some of those
We pretend but really no one knows
Are they serious friends or are they foes?

She sighs and groans because she hates the way
Her favorite person loaded the wrong tray
Try as I might I cannot see the day
Just like a doormat was the way they lay.

My head is spinning like a hula-hoop
Life is confusing; full of twists and loops
Toast burning six ounces of endless goop
You wish I cared about supporting troops.

The curb is glowing with a bright blue beam.
My hair is growing like the grass is green
The water’s flowing in an endless scream
And I wish I wasn’t stuck in this dream.

Keep UNraveling!

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