Welcome Back!

Welcome back folks, to my very own blog!

I bet you haven’t ben here in a while, because I sure haven’t. I’m absolutely without a doubt not interested in writing now; the weather is nice, finally, and I have places to go and things to see.

So, the wonderful news from last post?

I Passed my DRIVING TEST! And I got my liscence. And that was all like, so two weeks ago. You are SO out of it, dang, get with the program!

And how was your pesach? And yours? And yours? Very nice, mine was as well. Thank you for asking.

I like matzah, and I like cleaning. I love marror, and fighting with my siblings over the afikomen which we didn’t tdo because we were so tired and the little kids always have the first go at it.

I like walking around aimlessly with my many friends, picking up more entertainment-less people as we go and ending up nowhere.

I absolutely abhorr typing on a dusty keyboard. Who woulda believed that so much could turn to dust in just eight days of un-use. Mis-use? Non-use? How do you say that?

I need to return all the things I bought in haste before pesach, such as dry shampoo, an ugly dress, and a pair of shoes that were too big. The saleslady said go for the bigger size, but I shouldn’t have listened.

Tomorrow is work, school and the rest of the year.

Did I say previously that I wanted summer? Who was I kidding? I just want spring.

Go Michigan, with the bi-polar weather.

Now I really have to go!

Feels good to be back. And if you’re upset about about anything, don’t come running to me because you know I’ll just say,

Keep UNraveling!


The Jumble that is My Mind

It’s really late and I need to sleep so I am typing because I told myself, more liek wrote on my to do list, that I would write today.

So there, I did it.

But of course, I can’t just stop, that’s because I get addicted easily, just like most humans. I bet you’re addicted to something.

I have reached the time of year where I am looking for a job, this time as a lifeguard in somewhere that pays well where there will not be trouble to go with the cash.

You follow? Only, does my friend want to work with me? And if not, then do you want to? Hey, maybe YOU want to work with me! Get in touch if you do, because I ain’t blazing the trail myself.

Nor am I giving up on my friend.

I hate photosynthesis. I mean, I think it’s cool, and G-d bless chloroplasts, but why the long hard to pronounce words, all involving the letters h and p?

Urgh. Maybe  I should just hate science?

You know how people say Science vs. G-d? Ok, so that’s like saying spaghetti vs. Belly Dancing. Hello?

Like, obviously that was a very risque comment and I should explain but I’m too tired and I will probably forget by tomorrow why I said it so just be perplexed.

And then there’s Pesach coming which makes me shiver even though the weather is like, so beyond shivering. Ha ha did I just say a lie- agian? I’m a pathological liar; do you believe me? (Yes, that is my own line, stop asking)

And I just discovered that there’s a Kadafi and Ghadafi or whatever their names are and gee are they the same and do I care? My dad said stop reading politics and go say Tehillim or something so I didn’t.

I did get the High Score on his iphone until my sister beat it so that sucked a little, but not too bad because everything under the sun is meaningless or wahtever, as my friend was studying the other night.

And I have to ahng out with her this weekend so I think I will and I am very excited, on a different note, for an Unmentionable which I shall HOPEFULLY post soon, and you will comprehend the source of my great noble happiness.

And I am very proud of myself for something else that didn’thappen yet and it might not but I think it should and I hope I will make the right choice when the time comes. No, I will not be posting about it on here, not ever, I don’t think, so just pray that I do make the right choice and wish me luck.

As for other news topics, well my babysitting job is coming to an end until after Pesach, meaning a week and a half, give or take, and then it’s Clean Up Time.

Wow. That about sums up my excitement.

Here’s what makes me scream with joy. Mosquitos, sunscreen, water bottles, aloe vera gel, towels and sticky, sweaty tank tops.

Ok, not the most covered topics of summer, but enough said, right? Summer is just around the corner and it might be a sharp corner, not as sharp as Jay Leno’s chin where the HECK did that come from ha ha but anyways (yeah, his chin is almost SQUARED eww) but anyways I can’t wait to turn that corner and greet the weather with a wilting, sunny smile!

Whoo hoo!

Ok, I wrote. The end. THanks for reading. You can hit the close buttoon now, yes that was spelled that way on purpose, oh no, you can’t hit the button untill you comment ya little dingwat! Go for it! and gimme a five stars rating that makes me feeeeel good!

Keep UNraveling!

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