Entangled Music

I have got to say, one of the most soothing things out there is music. Like, Aloe Vera gel does the job for some aches and pains, but music covers all.
There’s this really creepy, soothing, haunting music (where those good adjectives? You’re probably intrigued, at any rate!) and you can find it on the Gopher Studios game: Entanglement. Aside from being fun to play, the music and sound effects are really peaceful, adding to the overall experience.
Now, I’m not recommending this game, per se, seeing as I am addicted to it enough to cover the lot of you, but if you are ever bored one Sunday afternoon…<a href="http://entanglement.gopherwoodstudios.com/
Cheers! I’m off to beat my high record; see you around!
(Yes, this is in the effort to please a couple of commenters by a: making my posts shorter, and therefore b: posting more often, seeing as with shorter posts that will be more easily acheivable.)

Keep UNraveling!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. e
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 06:36:20

    Don’t you dare cave into what people want! I love your long posts! Don’t you dare stop them!


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