The pounding headache I was referring to in my previous blog post was none too real. Grr.

Unfortunately for me, I had a babysitting job from 8:00 am until 12:00, followed by my usual 2:10-4:45 job (babysitting). I was pretty sure that I would be babysitting a different client at the same time as my morning job, and that a cute girl I babysit would come to my house later in the afternoon. That’s four jobs total. Yay!

But I had a pounding headache. It was way past 11 p.m. when I went to bed ( I wish I could say that without so much shock, but in reality, 11 is a good 3-4 hours before my usual bedtime ) and I probably didn’t fall asleep ’till 12. (!!!!)

But before I did, I asked G-d for a complete healing. I talked to Him, and begged Him for my head to stop hurting. (No, no, of course not just because I would be making a ton of $ the next day…)

I woke up this morning, 7 a.m. sharp, not that I was feeling so sharp, but hey, my headache was GONE! Yay! I thanked G-d (Modeh Ani!) and started to do my usual stuff. 

Glancing out the window, I saw a shocking thing; well, shocking when you haven’t seen it in a good two months, anyways.

SUNRISE! It was beautiful! Yay! I thanked G-d for that too, and then went to pray. 🙂

My day glided along like it was guided by a Divine Hand (whaddya know, it was!) and I managed to get over six school subjects done on a day when I expected to do none, seeing as I had a dozen or so kids to watch. Yay!

In the end, two jobs canceled, grrr, but honestly, it was enough for me, seeing as I worked a good 5-6 hours total regardless…

I ate pizza for dinner, after my random bowl of Puffins and Almond milk, of course.

OK, that may sound gross, but I have (force?) fed it to many of my friends, and they all LOVE it! In fact, we all love most, if not all things that are purchased from…

Trader Joe’s! You would know that name was coming up if you’ve heard of it, because if you’ve heard of Trader Joe’s then it follows that you’ve heard of Puffins.

Try their Peanut Butter Puffins. And their Almond Milk. Hey, don’t forget their AMAZING Strawberry Fruit Bars (I couldn’t survive a summer weekend without them!)

Yeah, I bet you can guess where my mom went shopping today…

Oh, and she got the BEST Spa Facial Cleansers and this AH-Mazing moisturizer that makes you want to eat it…ooooh, I just LOVE Trader Joe’s! Yay!

Everything from their brown paper bags to the funny Hawaiian shirts the workers wear, to “finding the monkey” and the way the workers ring a bell to communicate…eeee! GO BOHEMIAN!

Anyways, I had pizza for dinner, and some Roasted Pepper Corn Soup, a’ la Trader Joe’s (Do I sound like an ad for that place? Hmm, maybe they want to advertise on my blog…)

If that sounds gross, well, it’s not. Think of hot soup with melted cheese, with amazing bread dipped in….yup, it was a dinner to remember!

Oh, and here’s the interesting part. After dinner, I needed my moms camera for this project I’m working on; it’s called, “Obsessively Taking Pictures of My Old Cell Phone”.

Yes, sounds weird, but that’s really because I’m trying to sell it. Anyone interested in a wonderfully working, scratched up LG Lotus LX600- it’s purple!- let me know in the comments! Yay! Publicity!

Well, I called someone random who might have my moms camera to see if they had it, because mine wasn’t working well, grrr, and I couldn’t find hers. Grrr. They hung up on me ever so rudely. Grrr.

A few minutes- and short prayers- later, I found the camera, yay, but there is no battery in it. Grrr.

So began the long search-and even longer prayers for The Elusive Battery. Prayers were answered this time with a “No.”

I remembered that while Pesach-cleaning a few days ago, I had seen a battery in my desk drawer. I looked for it all over my room, but in vain. I started through my garbage can. Yes, I know, but desperate times means desperate measures.

I said “Amar Rabi Binyomin”, and lo and behold, the miracle phrase (or the belief in G-d, really) proved itself yet again; I found the battery. On my floor, right where I had put it. Yay!  

It wasn’t the right battery. This time, I did throw it out, and I just documented it here for future reference… (Where is that blasted battery??? Let me check my blog….Oh, I threw it out! Whaddya know! LOL)

Next, I desperately tried my bad camera’s battery in my mom’s camera. It didn’t work, naturally, seeing as one is a Casio (mine) and the other is a Canon. Grrr.

Well, you know, desperate times = desperate measures.

I put my battery back into my camera, and, whaddya know, my camera wasn’t working either. GRRRR!

Oh, shoot, if you looked up the word “mad” in the dictionary, you woulda seen a picture of a kid that looks like me, with a thundercloud covering her face as she fiddled with two cameras.

I tried to blow away the steam that was coming out of my ears, but to no avail.

Well, around this time, the phone rang. The person who had hung up on me earlier, and irritated me so deeply (EVEN THOUGH I FOUND THE CAMERA AFTERWARDS) was calling.

I answered. I mumbled. I didn’t really care who they were trying to get through to. And, I am sorry to say, I did the same thing, right back atcha. I hung up.

After a while, I felt slightly guilty. I mean, I had just proved to that person, and to myself, that I was just as RUDE as they were.

Gosh, here I was, getting all steamed up about them hanging up and then I did it to them. Like, hello?

All previous anger aside, now I just felt stupid. And, the equations in my head began to fly.

When I needed the camera, they were rude and I judged them. Here, G-d had them call back (rather randomly, because they didn’t seem to realize I had called, they asked for someone else, etc, etc, ) and I had been rude, instead of liberating myself of my judgmental ways and being POLITE. I was losing out, not only in the World to Come, but with my camera situation. Time to rectify!

I dialed a different number, passing the Rude Caller’s message along to the right person. As I did this, I was still vainly trying to make my broken camera work. It worked. I idly hit the right buttons as I focused on my phone conversation, and then hung up.

I was about to start taking pictures when I realized that my camera was working. MY CAMERA WAS WORKING! Yay!

And I hadn’t even realized it! So began my long, soul-searching routine; why hadn’t I realized and given thanks….just kidding. I was ecstatic.

Do you follow my LONG train of thought? (Speaking of, I hear the train hooting even as I type- crazy how many miles away that noise is, yet it still floats through to my bedroom window….)

Basically, I judged someone for being rude, and I rather assumed that they were avoiding my camera question. Granted, they had no right to hang up on me like that, but they said they had to go…

Then I found the camera, without the battery, begged to find the battery, found it, it wasn’t the right one, tried MY battery, broke my camera, was rude AGAIN to the same person, “fixed” my rudeness, and then fixed my camera.

The outcome of things was based on my behavior, or to put it another way, there are no tribulations without transgressions.

Also, I think that the power of prayer really helps. That, and belief; whoa.

Any time you’re missing a battery, yeah?

I know, I sound like I’m missing some screws, but in all honesty the whole thing was PDC- pretty darn cool 🙂

As for the rest of my GRRR/Yay! ‘s, well, there have been many more since I started typing this, and I guess there will always continue to be. After all, what’s life without ups and downs, hills and valleys?

A plain, flat, boring nothing, that’s what!

Yay! Go Life!

Keep UNraveling!


A Toast; We Raise the Cup…

Here’s to pounding, painful headaches. Cheers!

Here’s to procrastination at its most raw form. Clink.

Here’s to cold fingers frozen into the shape of my mouse. L’Chaim!

Here’s to big black garbage bags-under my eyes. Raise your glasses.

Here’s to a hot stuffy room; if I try and air it out, then I will need only a carrot for a nose to complete myself. Mazal Tov!

Here’s to a story about a state called Michigan, where it NEVER snowed! Whooo!

Here’s to Kleenex-’nuff said. Clink.

Here’s to the auto defrost in every car. Hurrah!

Here’s to Tylenol; if only we could pronounce your ingredients. We love you!

Here’s to hope, peace, happiness, spring and a positive attitude! Boo!

(If You Want Nice Weather in Michigan…Move to Florida)

Keep UNraveling!

Entangled Music

I have got to say, one of the most soothing things out there is music. Like, Aloe Vera gel does the job for some aches and pains, but music covers all.
There’s this really creepy, soothing, haunting music (where those good adjectives? You’re probably intrigued, at any rate!) and you can find it on the Gopher Studios game: Entanglement. Aside from being fun to play, the music and sound effects are really peaceful, adding to the overall experience.
Now, I’m not recommending this game, per se, seeing as I am addicted to it enough to cover the lot of you, but if you are ever bored one Sunday afternoon…<a href="
Cheers! I’m off to beat my high record; see you around!
(Yes, this is in the effort to please a couple of commenters by a: making my posts shorter, and therefore b: posting more often, seeing as with shorter posts that will be more easily acheivable.)

Keep UNraveling!

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