What Does G-d Think?

I watch the world spin slowly by

From above My thickening cloud

I hope down there they wonder why

These things are allowed

They all just walk in one straight line

Most never stop and dare

To wonder what their life will be

When they join Me way up here

Keep UNraveling!


The Ramble 18

Where does time go? Do you know, I’m starting to get that nagging feeling that I spend all of my time wondering where time goes…
This is nuts. I need to work out from yesterday and today…I only did ten minutes on Friday.
It’s so late. .Where does time go? I just sit there and wonder….I said all that already.
Sheesh. * Rubs forehead. * I’m starting to lose it.
Ok. At least I had a good day today. Lots of good reading; Ranger’s Apprentice #4, The Battle for Skandia, just about cracks me up every time I read it. And I’ve definitely read it a lot.
I’m not even typing in my regular typing spot, on the computer, I mean. I’m typing on a program called OpenOffice, which is a Microsoft imitation. I like them both equally. I wish I could type directly on my blog but it’s lack of obedience makes me want to brain someone with an ax.

Yeah, it doesn’t show images and all that stuff. Google Chrome is not my favorite browser; I’m seriously considering switching back to Internet Explorer 8. Yup, sounds threatening, I know.
Speaking of braining someone with an axe, and I’m spelling it that way on purpose because when I play Banana-grams the dictionary always proves me right; there are two ways to spell “axe” (or “ax” lol).
But speaking about the said weapon,
My mom sent me to find my little sister, named Bleep. I called and yelled- this took place around 10:30 pm., and it was obviously way past her bedtime, so she needed to come upstairs.
Well, my little brother confirmed that she wasn’t in the basement (where he sleeps.) She wasn’t on the main floor either. Oh goodness me, where was she?
My mom really wanted to know. I just wanted to get back to this here computer. (Addict!)
But my mother is The Queen so downstairs I went again.
My brother lies very well.
He also has some cool, old fashioned weapons in his room.
So naturally, when I saw that my sister was hunkered down in the open corner, hoping against hope that I wouldn’t discover her, I looked around the room for inspiration.
Hence, the “I’m gonna brain you with an axe” term.

That was random. And I didn’t hurt her. Well, I pulled her up and marched her upstairs, and she claimed that my grip on her upper arm tickled, but that doesn’t count as pain, not if she’s laughing, anyways.

Then I went into my room.

Awhile ago my mother bought me an ugly purple coat. It just took me six hundred tries to spell coat the right way. Me and the backspace key have an intense relationship. Oh great, there we go again. Dang it, even as I write these words, I’m hitting that key every other second!!!
Ok, the coat was on sale, but it was too short in the sleeves and too big in the body, so we returned the coat. (Got it right this time.) (I’m actually gonna keep theis sentence unedited so you can see the way I usually type. How remarkable, the one time I decide not to use backspace on purpose is the on e time I dont need to… gee…what does that tell you…)

Then, about two or three months later (Holy COW the backspace again….amazing how long it takes me to type three words….maybe it’s because I’m so Sleep Deprived?)
after me wearing a puffy Zero Xposure down coat everywhere, my mom bought me a new purple pea coat. It was on sale, and very cute. A little small. In the sleeves, but then again, so is every coat that I try on. And it was a little loose everywhere else. Once again, just like every coat, even the cute ones at H&M.
But you know what? Enough is enough. I can’t just get a custom tailor made coat with uper-long sleeves and a fitted what do you call it, bodice or whatever, I mean, not for under 300 bucks or something. I think.
Point being, I kept the coat. I rawther like it now. It’s the same coat as last time. In case that wasn’t too obvious. Only this time, it was on a super sale, post season clearance or what have you (lol could resist that phrase!) and it was $30 less.
Moral of the story.
Can’t think of one.

I don’t like turkey-burgers, or turkey-balls, not that you read this, Mom, and if you did, I bet you wouldn’t stop making them. It’s not like I never complained about them at the supper table; I always do. You probably tune them out, which makes sense, because I sound like an annoying fly that gets trapped in the room that you’re trying to take a nap in and being a lazy summer day you just don’t want to MOVE but as soon as you jump up in irritation and try and swat the fly it decides that Hide-and-Seek is it’s favorite game and shuts up real fast so you look like an idiot, swatting at nothing. You lie back down because yeah, maybe you actually killed the fly and your eyes start to close when that infernal buzzing starts again. Go fly.
I love run-on sentences. I could probably re-construct the above paragraph and make it all hoity-toity uppity-yuppity in your face perfect grammar. It might make a very good read. But I don’t think I will, because after all, I do love run on sentences.

I mentioned a summers day in that ramble which started with turkey-balls, as opposed to meatballs, of course. So, that reminds me of summer. The weather here has been gorgeous; my neighbor loves shooting hoops in February and as for me, it sure feels good to run around without a coat on. Still can’t spell that word right.
I actually wore my new purple pea coat today because it’s not as heavy as down.
I think I should go to bed.
Do I sound like I’m proud of that couat? Dang I don’t even like it as much as I hate the puffy one.
Heh heh.
My leg itches and so now my eyebrow does too.
I’m just procrastinating bedtime…
Not anymore!
Keep UNraveling!

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