The Ramble 17

Did I ever mention that seventeen is my favorite number? Forget the passion for fassion age, lol, and the fact that it’s blared across a famous teen magazine. No, “17” has nothing to do with the driver’s liscence, the fact that there’s only one more year until you can legally defy your parents, or anything age-related. At least not in my book.

Seventeen is one of my favorite numbers becuase, well, I don’t really know how to explain it. It’s just the number I automatically choose in “choose a number” moments, and it has this sweet ring to it. Try it; say it out loud. Seventeen. Seventeen.

If I have just succeeded in getting you to mutter that aloud, go me! Please make sure to assure passerby that all is allright; you are not about to commit a murder for the eighteenth time, nor are you stalking someone who lives in a house with the adress being 1717.

Just because it does sound slightly weird to say 1717 aloud. I know; I tried it.

Fascinating how I can go on for hours about a random number seventeen. How did I even get into it? Oh, yeah, cuz this is the ramble number 17.

I’m cold. New subject.

My family and I just got back from the Windy City about two hours ago. The car ride was miserable, as most family-oriented car rides tend to be for me. Nuff said; it’s bad enough I had to live in the moment, let’s not make me re-live it.

I want to give some thanks to goodlookin’ who, after tirelesslly reading all my posts many years back, and gave up becasue of their extreme boredom, is now ready to take the plunge and re-attempt it. I love you, and you really are goodlookin’. Wonder how many years until you actually read this post, at the rate of two per day? Hmmmm…..we’ll find out!

And, oh yeah, congrats on the Red Cross Certification!

You guys know that I’m a lifeguard, right? Speaking of. If I mentioned it SEVENTEEN times before, well, that just shows my pride.

So, yeah, Chicago. That was a pretty OK weekend, less sufferable than staying home, maybe, but we’ll never know now, will we? My brother who is in school in the Big Apple flew in to visit us all, which was rawther nice.

Then he flew back when we left, which was rawther predictable.

I think my fingers might just stiffen up and permanently attatch themselves to this here keyboard. Not that that would be a bad thing, seeing as I’ve spent so long typing anyways that they feel right at home here.

But it’s legit cold in this room. Hey, ellbrbee and Tehila, I expect two punches! Miss you guys! Remember last summer? Sob sob!

So anywazzles, just got off the phone with my friends after nearly two hours of collective conversation.

Gosh, I love my friends!

Well, seeing as it’s rawther late, I will end this abnormaly idiotic ramble, becasue we all have better things to do than just sit here and stare.

Oh, but before I give the official farewell, I want to congratulate my friend who wrote the lyrics to a song that is soon to be published on a future-hit pop cd!

Whoa, am I cool that I have such cool friends!

And, get this, she’s writing all the lyrics! Whoa, maybe I’ll also get some of her future richness rubbed off on me haha which reminds me that I applied for a lifegurading job at a nearby facility lol.

And yeah, also, my favorite Chanuka song of the…holiday is a parody of teh famous song Dynamite, only it’s called Candlelight, by the YU Maccabeats, and it can be listened to/watched right over here! 

it’s got over 2 million hits. I want to help get it to 6 million! I love this song!

And oh my gosh. Sometimes when you keep clicking on links….

Look at this! I cannot stop laughing this guy is hilariously retarded! But give likes to the maccabeats one… but this one made me laugh till I cried… LOL!

And they have some other funny parodies. Ahh, they are too funny!


I love you all!

Happy Chanukah!!
Keep UNraveling!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. homeschooledteenwriters
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 03:36:56

    Hhahaha. funny post! Punch! Miss you too!


  2. loser
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 10:58:40

    Noooooo! Not you too! My Halacha teacher showed us the Dynamite parody because he thought it was funny. A girl in my class had already seen it, and she said, “Oh, yes, it’s based on a non-Jewish song.” And he was like, “Really? I thought they made it up.” He showed it to us anyway, though.

    But my whole school is singing that song. And I hate it, because… I hate that kind of music. And I’m constantly hearing people singing it! You can imagine how torturous it must be for me! At least when they sing it, it’s not with the music, so it’s nowhere near as bad as playing the actual song. Still… it gets stuck in my head when people sing it, and in my head I can hear the music, with those… obnoxious… beats. 😦

    I do wonder, though, how my teacher could’ve not realized that it was based on a non-Jewish song, since it sounds very non-Jewish. I guess he’s just totally clueless as to what non-Jewish music even sounds like, ’cause he’s so far removed from it.


  3. Susan J. Flyweel
    Dec 12, 2010 @ 08:21:56

    If you say seventeen enough times, it sounds like you’re spewing nonsense. Try it! Also, try nice, apple, eyeball, and Wednesday. If you say anything enough times you totally get rid of it’s meaning. It’s fun!


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