I just had my first job interview. I don’t even know if it went well, because, seeing as it’s my first interview, I don’t have what to compare it against.

Even if I give it alot of thought, I still can’t decide. On the one hand, my face was beet red half the time when I had to answer “The Question”, why do I want to work there. My oh my, but wasn’t I stumbling along. How do you avoid saying, “Because it’s nearby, it’s a respectable place, as opposed to McDonalds or something, and it pays well?” Not that McDonalds isn’t respectable, it’s just, like, “Oh, so you flip burgers for a living…nice.” Ya know what I mean?

Anyways, on the other hand, I was able to lean back a bit, and say some random stuff, ask questions, be honest about my lack of accounting skills, which apparently, is what they’re looking for, and generally look normal.

At least my mom was waiting outside, but hey.
I guess I did my best, and not the rest is up to G-d.

In other aspects of my crazy boring life, hah, I went to a lecture on Sunday. The lecturer happens to be one of my favorite, and I watch tons of his lectures online. It was the weirdest thing, seeing him live. I was thinking, “HEY, I KNOW YOU!” because, yeah, it felt like I did.
THere was supposed to be a Q&A part, but he kinda went overtime. So he graciously allowed us teens to come back at 10, which would be after he spoke to the adults, or our parents. 🙂
A bunch of us teens came back at 10, but he didn’t end until 10:30. I really wanted to ask him two questions, in a private session, but someone asked me to give my place up in line, and allow older women to go first. I agreed, and before I knew it, it was midnight. I had fun with my friends while waiting, and when the lecturer came into the main room, we wrote down questions and had our own mini-Q&A.
I still had a Q to ask but he was so tired; it was 2:00 a.m. by then, and so I went home, dissappointed and exhausted.
I slept from 3:30-9:49, where I got up, threw on some clothes, and ran down the block to get my hair cut. Back home, looking gorgeous, I fell asleep until 2:45 p.m.
That’s what I call a happy ending.
I passed my written CPR/AED test at lifeguarding, and I am now officially certified; I just need the certificate!

I was way behind on Nano, and I still am, but I wrote 2,000+ words last night, so I am slowly catching up.
I have no idea how to end my story, but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when-if, no, when I get to it.

Anywazzles, I gotta hit the schoolbooks now. Wish me luck in lifeguarding, in getting the job, and in general!
I love you all!

Keep UNraveling!


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  1. e
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 04:20:51

    sounds fun! WHY DIDN’t YOU TELL ME YOU HAD A JOB INTERVIEW? I am so calling you! Sheesh!


    • unravelmythoughts
      Nov 17, 2010 @ 11:20:05

      yeah i m about to call you back but basically i didnt tell anyone. and i ttly forgot that you tend to read my blog- most locals dont/havnt in a long enuff tiem that i felt safe postng it.

      reason i didnt tell any1? kinda bad karma thing idk jsut got it into my head to shut up for once; naturally i had to keep to that but get around it by saying it with my fingers 🙂
      hope i get the job!


  2. Susan J. Flyweel
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 07:20:40

    You and your crazy, entertaining life. LOVE YOU MISS YOU!


  3. Tehila
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 08:21:38

    HEeeey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg can u believe im finally commenting again?! ya its 2:15 a.m. & im up waiting for some pix to load & for my frend to call…. i am EXHAUSTED! so u shud feel very honored that im taking the time to comment especially at the risk of getting caught on the comp 3 hours after lights out (ya, im hiding in the bathroom again) & getting it confiscated! i miss u… i luved skyping u last wk, we gotta do taht again & i gotta get a wroking webcam! oh yay my frend just called so i gotta go but that sounds awesome & scary & i rly rly hope u get teh job & i luv & miss u like crzy!!!! have a good nite!!! luv tehila


    • unravelmythoughts
      Nov 17, 2010 @ 11:17:31

      tehilla, wow i am impressed! thanks tons for commenting and i hope i get it too…yeah we will hopefuly skype osmtime soon! dont be hiding in the bathroom too much, we dont want you to turn into a fungus now do we?


      • Tehila
        Nov 19, 2010 @ 20:19:05

        ha ha unfortunetly theres a new rule that if ur caught after lights out using ur computer, not only does ur comp get confinscated, but the rest of ur rooms does too (it was gonna be the whole fgrade, but 2 girls complained that it wasnt fair, so now its only the whole room) so imnot rly going on so much after lights our, im not taking any chances! now im on one of my israli frends comp cuz im staying by her for shabbos, which is good cuz hopfully ill get some sleep, i am beyond tired……………. anyhoo gtg blog & shower, have a good shabbos!! miss u tonz!!!


  4. unravelmythoughts
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 11:21:27

    ps all you guys i wud ttly give more info on the job but some bad experience with relating things too detailed in public taught me to say no more tahn necessary. plus, if i started like, saying sth revealing and one day got mad at my gfuture boss and wrote nasty things and then they happend to read it- ouch. lets just say bad karma would be worse!


  5. loser
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 19:45:40

    Not to mention that working at McDonald’s is probably ossur anyway.

    Who was the lecturer, may I ask?


    • unravelmythoughts
      Nov 18, 2010 @ 06:39:03

      thansk tons for commenting! mcdonnies was an example, btw, i know its assur i wud abvs nevr wrk there. i also wanted to protect the privacy of locally owned restaurants so i named a famous one instead. all the locals are are also all hangouts btw, another reason id rather work in this place….
      Rabbi zecharia wallerstein- hes got tons of shiurim on if you nevr heard him you gotta make it a first time hes way awsum!


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