I am so swim-inspired; just watched a Micheal Phelps youtube vid. It’s funny, I was never into swimming and all the aquatic stuff. I’m the kid who shivers at the edge of the pool, takes an occasional jump and nearly drowns playing Marco Polo; you know, the swim-tag game where the person who’s it, (me) has to scumble around with their eyes closed trying to tag someone.

Funnily, I was also the kid who won nearly every race. But only the one-lap races. After that I was to winded to do anything but pant. 🙂

This past summer, everything changed. I was inspired by my boss, a lifeguard, to swim alot, and so I started doing laps with a fellow co-worker who was just as bad at swimming as I was. Together we gasped and panted, choked and groaned our way through a minute amount of laps daily.

But that small, invisible number gradually stretched, and grew along with our muscles, determination, perseverance, lungs and don’t forget sunburns! Yeah, I don’t tan well. Go light skinned, natural people!

My boss watched me swim one day, after giving me mini lessons, and told me my front crawl was near perfect; I just have to bring one arm up a little higher. Still can’t remember which arm.

I was yelling at some kids at the pool and telling them off for doing something dangerous, which she surprisingly didn’t notice, and I think that was one of the reasons she told me I would make a great life-guard. I know I would; I am very bossy, loud, watchful, super-observant, down to the last sickening, way-too-close-for-comfort detail, and I am very intent on getting my job done. I take it seriously; sometimes TOO seriously….

So I signed up for the course, which started tonight. As I mentioned way too many times to count, the entrance requirements was 15 total laps, plus “The Brick”.

I was a little nervous but I did them well yesterday, during one of my practises. I arrived at the pool with my friend tonight, changed and got in. The head, L, started me off on-get this!- only 2 front crawl, 2 breastroke, and 2 strokes of my choice. I nearly died of relief. That was the first time I nearly died.

I was so happy that all my practice was for nothing, even though it’s  good that I can swim way more.Anyways, I started off a little too fast so I was out of breath after two laps. I mean, I was beating this lifeguard girl in my lane who was using flippers; yeah, I was going fast.

Then I stopped to talk to someone I know, and L yelled at me to add  2 laps, but I pretended I didn’t hear, and got away with just half a lap. Hee hee!

Then I had to swim from shallow to deep, dive down and pick up a heavy brick, and back float with it back to the shallow. Second time I almost died. And may I rudely mention that I did NOT know that that amount of snot and spit existed in the human body?

When I had finished coughing up the entire pool, I was surprised to learn the moral of the story; I passed the test. OH, and we had to tread for a while with our hands above our heads, so I just cheated, and used my hands when L’s back was turned. Ah well, guess I have something to work on.

We had an hour of classroom after that, and my friend and I came in last, due to excessive talking on my part, as usual…

So, to sum it up, I came in late for the “test”, talked during my “test”, came late to class, and my dumb phone had to vibrate and beep like a truck in reverse through all the friggin “save a life” movies that showed the same replay over and over again.

I’m surprised L is letting me take the class.

I was SO cold during the movie; it’s got all these scary scenarios and cool things I’m gonna learn to do. For example, throwing those white bouy things past the victim with the line exactly over their shoulder- no wonder those guys have such sick muscles! And yeah, forget lifting the 600 males out of the water- urgh. I shudder, but as L put it, I can’t pick and choose. If I’m gonna save one, I gotta save all.

Still, hope I never have to save anyone.

After lifeguarding, (yeah, it flew by way faster than the way I describe it, sorry!) my friend and I went to *$ (aka, StarBucks) where I burned myself on a hot coffee for way more than I would normally spend on a drink (3.50!) Third time I nearly died. But I was cold and it was a reward for passing the test, and boy, it was GOOD!

I earned some nice money babysitting a cute family for like, six hours this afternoon. Surprise surprise, I got massive amounts of schoolwork done, and started SAT studying. Gross.

And NaNoWriMo is coming up, which makes for a lot of stress in the future.

Lifeguarding, NaNo, SAT, work, school, art, blog (!), driving, family, and friends. Plus suh-weet 16 next Monday! Can’t wait!

Signing off here because my sister wants to use my computer- her Netbook is coming next week- YES!

Alrgiht, peace out homies, comment if you know what’s good for you, tell me what you want me to write about in my next post, and you have just succesfully finished reading 954+ words from my lips (fingertips) to your ears (eyes)!


*thinking of selling my phone on ebay…grrr!*

Keep UNraveling!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ellbrbee
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 03:58:44

    AWESOMENESS! I am so happy for you taht you passed! That is so cool! Great description of the “test” by the way. I was cracking up!


  2. boomkaboom2608
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 21:29:33

    Wtf is NaNoWriMo? o.O
    Always enjoy reading your posts keep up the god work.
    Check out my blog too 🙂


  3. boomkaboom2608
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 21:29:51



  4. goodlookin'
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 02:13:18

    i remember those lifeguarding days


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