The Ramble 15

Yay so exciting! My friend just wrote a song because her brother-in-law makes CD’s and she’s writing all the lyrics for his new CD! I am so awed!

She just sang the latest one to me in her stunning voice- gawd, it was great! And something we talked about yesterday went into that song! So cool!

Oh, my gosh! I am starting lifeguarding tomorrow night! AH! Scary…not. I did the 15 laps this afternoon and it went fine- to think that just a month ago, I was panting for breath after two laps! It’s crazy what I can accomplish in just four weeks.

BTW, the reason I had been so dizzy and blacking out and all that I THINK is from the chlorine. I stopped swimming for almost the whole week last week (last week was a bad week, an unsuccessful week, i guess) and aside from the laziness and unproductiveness, I felt much better! Now that I went swimming my head is pounding and I feel GROSS even though I took a killer shower, so my Mom and I concluded that chlorine/water-in-ear can cause all these symptoms.

My chiropractor said that wet inner ear can cause dizziness and loss of balance and ear infection which is probably what I got. But the lifeguard head said I can’t wear earplugs…I’ll just suffer.

Anyways, I’m feeling pretty good now. I have to put away a massive amount of laundry and wax my long, muscular swimmers legs because they look more like gorilla legs now. OUch, I am cringing in advance.

Self-inflicted pain never felt good. I should NOT be blogging about my beauty rituals but hey, its only my friends and strangers on here, right?

Oh, there was something I forgot to say. Don’t ever buy the Pantech Ease phone. Yeah, that’s about it. No, actually, there’s a lot more. A LOT more.

You see, at the beginning of this summer, I purchased an LG Rumor Touch for my Sprint plan. It’s a great phone. A little slow at times, (my version) due to the fact that I broke my pinky finger which happened to be wrapped around said phone, and the phone got a little jarred. But still, a great phone- my best so far!

My dad took a look at the bill one day. And he stopped paying it. Just like that, BAM! It was over. I do not complain about the bill, it was really high. And the fact that I kept having to pay overage dues was a pain! And a drain, from the bank account.

My dad turned to AT&T (I will not tell you what that stands for according to me. Use your imagination here) AT&T provided him with a beautiful iPhone, and me with “Rescued from the Junkyard” (as I dubbed it) piece of light-weight, refurbished aluminum, hence, the Pantech Ease.

It is called a touch phone. It does not respond to my touch. It has great texting capabilities. It decides to tell me messages weren’t sent when my friends had already recieved them-twice.

It has an easy mode or advanced mode- one is so easy that there is virtuallly nothing to sift through, while the other has things like Facebook, MySpace, AT&T Social Net, IM,  AppCenter, Apps, Email, Mobile Web, YPMobile,Loopt, Where, and a bunch of other things that really can be condensed to one area- Social Media or something. There is too much to sift through when you’re looking for the setting to change the ringer on your texts, which, as of yet, doesn’t exist. So I have to put up with infernal beeping unless I silence it, which results in me missing twenty-five texts.

When I try and respond to them, I accidentaly end up hanging up on sumone I didn’t even try and call.

Don’t tell me I don’t know how to work touch phones; I had a RUmor TOUCH before, so I am quite experienced. This phone doesn’t give me a setting to customize my touch. My sister is also having trouble with the “touch”. Gosh. *Rolls eyes mutters curse words*

I have to pay for it, too. *See Above*

THat really sux.

And I hate it. ALso, the dumb AT&FT lady lied her way into making me puchase this RFTJ (resQd from the Junkyard) by telling me what I wanted to hear- that I could listen to my music through headphones.

I can’t. I can’t even buy an adapter; not only is there no 3.5 mm jack, there is no 2.5mm jack. There is no jack.

Dumb liar.

I want an iPod Touch.

With one of those free texting apps.

GOsh I spent way too long ranting about this.

I hate my new phone.


I hate downgrading. Who doesn’t?

But all this just makes me realize I’m waaay too reliant on my phones and tech. I need to step back from all this materialism. It helps. And it feels good.

Oh, OH! Yesterday I got together with my good friend and we had a blast; we took a mega-long walk and acted like morons on the street, waving and ogling and doing…other things, to innocent passerby. Nothing arrest-worthy, don’t worry. It was fun!

Then I led her to my other friends’ for a surprise birthday Shalosh Seudos! (Lit. “The Third Meal”, a festive meal eaten by religious Jews on late Sabbath (Saturday) afternoon.)

It was a BLAST! My sis and my other friend were there and they had set up the place real nice, and we ate, and laughed, and talked, and it was awesome!

After Shabbos, (Sabbath) we lit a fire, roasted marshmallows, and, get this- we had gotten my friends family in on the planning so they snuck her guitar over to us, and we all sang songs and it was really nice.

Then we played some wacky crazy games, brought up her awesome present which we had fought and stressed about for three days, and laughed some more! We gave her 17 little things, all pink, because she turned 17 (No duh!) and her favorite color…naw, because we wanted an easy theme. Happense to be, she’s pretty cool with pink.

She LOVED the present. And the party! We drove her home late, sang aton outside her house and then my sis and I went home.

I (finally) finished this awesome book I was in middle of, called “The Boys from St. Petri.” (written by Bjarne Reuter)

It’s about a group of Danish (lol) boys whose town was invaded by the Nazi’s during World War II, and they get together and do some lame “guerilla fighting,” like stealing caps and license plates from the Germans. Everything changes when this weird dude named Otto joins them, and he is absolutely crazy, according to the other guys. Otto is willing to blow himself up to get at the Germans, and yeah, life gets pretty exciting after that!

I love the way it’s written, and the main character, Lars, has this weirdly cool way of thinking, that really enhances the book. For example, one evening, he’s talking to this girl he likes, and as the sun’s last rays shine on her forehead, he says quietly, “If I were the last sunbeam, that’s where I’d rest, too”. She hears him. Sniggle. 🙂 But I was really intrigued by his thought process.

Anyways, definitly, obviously, a book I would recomend. My sister was dissapointed by the ending, but I loved it. Couldn’t think of a better way for it to end.

And with that, I gotta go put away laundry!

Keep UNraveling!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. boomkaboom2608
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 22:04:58

    I got my first touch phone last week and I LURVE it!
    Good luck with the sucky phone.


  2. unravelmythoughts
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 22:06:55

    heh. just rub it in! Im a planning on losing it asap!


  3. ellbrbee
    Oct 19, 2010 @ 05:02:56

    HAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHA! *gasp*. Ok I am totally trying to be sympathetic here but honestly it just makes me crack up the way everyone is totally dependent on stupid technology. Also peoples reactions to downgrading are really funny (yess I know it sucks) but seriously. I mean my dad is a buisiness man and gets upgraded to first class on all his flights. One time they couldn’t get him upgraded and for like 2 months he was griping about sitting in regular class. I was like COME ON I would kill just to be in the flippin HOLD going somewhere else. so yeah… Now Im rambling but still im laughing 😀 sorry. I know it sucks. Hope you manage to sort it out soon! luv ya!


  4. goodlookin'
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 02:05:21

    at least it was better than not having a phone at all…


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