I Unravel My Thoughts for the First Time

Well, here I sit in the library. Typing on my blog. Is that normal? I don’t see why not.

Let me say first that I would like to thank all the people who commented on my previous blog post, and that surprisingly enough, most of them are screen friends only; strangers in the real world. Where did all my real friends go?

I guess they like to be updated live. Yeah, it’s way more entertaining.

A pretty lady sitting next to me types faster than a gun can shoot- SHOOT! I gotta work on my typing skills. Naw, this computer is just a piece of dirt compared to mine at home.

Well, I thought for the first time ever on this blog, or maybe the second time, I will write exactly what is going through my head. I will unravel my thougts. Here we go.

Should I change the title of this? It says The Ramble 15- maybe I should add something? I like the noise that this keyboard makes- heh heh someones stomach just growled- is she embarrased? I would be. My face would turn red- peripheral vision tells me man and woman on either side of me are on Yahoo! I love Yahoo! and the exclamation point always makes me think positive is that an advertising strategy? My Dad has a company that makes cold calls he knows all about that stuff. There her stomach goes again or is she swishing coffee in her mouth? I wonder if she can see this? Argh, hope not. IT’s funny its like manhattan, its like the world- let me explain, we’re all sittin here each at our own computers and noone knows waht we’re typing, to who, what we’re thinking, etc. It’s crazy how we like live our own lives like in manhattan walking through thousands of streets ive said this before and surrounded by more people than the amount in my hometown, and no-one knows anyone, or cares, or will ever no anyone, yet we’re all people traveling different paths, sometimes interesecting, sometimes parralel, and we never even know…

That was a bloody long paragraph, there’s only old people here. Oh yeah, because I’m homeschooled during the day when I go out everyone is OLD or like two or three, so that might say something about me…hope not:) My arms hurt from resting on this wooden desk I should sit up straight just caught myself sighing through my mouth but quickly snapped it shut and did it through the nose instead because what if I have bad breath???

Big fear of mine- that and food stuck in my teeth, because one time in a Jewelery store I was talking and smiling to this guy sumones computer just FARTED lol and anyways after I glanced in one of those mirrors that are everywhere can’t believe I didn’t notice befor but of course I had this massive black thing stuck in my teeth.

Are you KIDDING me? I just took a sneak peak to the left he’s on Google Maps, lol.

My family’s checking out so I gotta go.

I drove here it was quite fun- hope I get to drive home!

I did NO schoolwork today but that will probably change as soon as I get home.


Keep UNraveling!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. temimagirl
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 05:21:01

    yeah, libraries are like that i always wondered if they wonder what ur thinking or not? especially when ur like RIGHT NEXT TO THEM! its crazy… anywhezzles, and also they always say not to go on like bad websites but how do they moniter stuff like that you know?


  2. Susan J. Flyweel
    Oct 15, 2010 @ 05:54:55

    It’s so much fun to make fun of total strangers…not that I do that. I mean, me? Make f un of people? *Splutters.* Yeah right! As always, awesome to hear from you.


  3. SL
    Oct 16, 2010 @ 05:14:44

    Interesting…I like that thought proccess. How we all travel along side each other without ever getting to know each other. How was your drive home, ahem? Conveniently forgot to post about that, didn’t you?


  4. ellbrbee
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 04:33:50

    ooooooooooohlala. I get wahat you mean about there being only old people around. It is so sucky! What you said about those people was so funny! I was cracking upbut not rofl. I mean seriously does anybody REALLY roll on floor laughing?! I know I don’t.


  5. boomkaboom2608
    Oct 18, 2010 @ 21:58:06

    Ooh, when I go visit my cousins in Russia, they have school that time of the year, so I’ll be the only teenager out there during the day, so I know exactly how you feel!
    Great post!
    Keep it up!


  6. goodlookin'
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 01:58:38

    i remember that time in the jewelry store…


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