The Ramble 13

Hey I’m listening to a shiur (lecture) now so I might not type coherently. Hee hee is this a stupid idea? He is talking about the power of speech, and how the teeth and lips are a double gaurd from G-d to prevent us from talking badly…

So yeah, I’ve had a very stressful week-hang on. Ok, wow. I had to stop listening because I’ve been wanting to post and it’s getting way late.

Well, here’s what’s been going on in my life, aside from curfew.

I just finished celebrating my holiday as you all know, it’s called Succos. I am rather sad that it is gone. I love the decorations, the succah, hanging out with friends and family, eating three massive six course meals, etc.

But good things come and good things go.

Only, if you realize that it’s all good, then the phrase reads, “Good things come and go, and new good things take their place”. Which leads me to this week- a good thing, to be sure. LOL no pun intended.

I noticed on someones blog that they were discussing autumn. Seeing as that is a definite part of this week, I’ll take a moment here to describe the beauty of it. It’s not that none of you know what fall looks like, but ahh, just writing about it makes me happy!

The crispy crunch of colorful leaves surrounded by a vividly bright blue sky while I walk down the street, warm in my hooded sweatshirt, makes me shiver with delight. Although the air is slightly chilly; nowhere near as crisp as the leaves however, the sun still beats warmly, heating any part of me that I haven’t wrapped in warm materials. Seeing as I am extremely susceptible to cold elements, that doesn’t leave much skin exposure.

Still, though, the sweet warm rays feel good, and combined with a slight breeze, they make for a wonderful change from the hot, muggy heat of summer.

Fall signifies new beginnings- hey, aren’t beginnings always new? I don’t know if it’s school, the holiday season, or just the weather, but either way, I feel like I just climbed a mountain- invincible. And even though there is a bigger mountain in front of me, I’m more than happy to face it, because I look back at how far I’ve come in the past year, and I say, “Farther!”

So, now wrapped in my warm purple pea coat, which I plan on returning, I sip some Creamy Roasted Corn Soup, purchased by my mom at Trader Joe’s. My head is filled with bright, happy plans and goals for my Junior year, and I lean over another school assignment, sighing in content as both my mind and body happily embrace my work.

Well, not always “happily”, because schoolwork can definitly feel gruesome at times. But “optimistically”, now that is a better word!

Yes, I lean over my schoolwork optimistically, reminding myself that I will only grow from this, and that there will always be another mountain. And I will always climb it. Especially if there are beautiful, colorful, leaf-bearing trees surrounding me, reaching along with me in the fresh autumn air, leaning towards the bright blue sky.

And so, in this wonderful season of fall, I have started another week.

Schoolwork and weather have played a big part. I realized that although my schoolwork at home doesn’t defer all that much from last year technically- I sit on my bed and read- the amount of time is shortened per subject, and I am reading on a much less structured curriculum. My book choices do not reflect my peers’ textbooks and courses; rather, they follow my own line of interest and goals.

For example, I am kicking off the scientific study area with a combination of Fine Art, using a wonderful book on anatomy for the artist. By drawing the body and labeling its many parts, I am not only integrating boring science facts in an interesting way, but I am also drastically improving my drawing skills.

I thought I would whip through the book in a week but I just realized that I spend half an hour on each page; reading, drawing precisely and then labeling. So far, I have not found a better way to learn and memorize a subject. Hmm, should I try to draw math?

Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing yet for math. I finished half on an Algebra One/Two course, meaning that I am halfway through both. (This paricular course does not distinguish between Algebra 1 and 2.) I hate this course for many various reasons, so I am looking into a new one. Maybe an online one would be suitable for my low patience, self-seteem and basic math skills. Never forget social skills; communicating with a live teacher-by email-still beats yelling at an ugly man on a DVD.

Any arguments?

As for my other schoolastic endeavors, I would post them but you are probably bored to death hearing more about school, especially as most of you don’t have the sweet, divine, G-d Ordained priviledge of being homeschooled!

So I will stop rubbing it in, and complain instead.


The following paragraph will now revert from the usual semi-optimsitic tone to a drastic, startling pessimistic approach. Never fear, because this too, shall pass.

Well. My parents finally let me take Driver’s Ed.  Like, before I even started this blog. And three months later, after my being away in NY, and much begging and manipulating, I finally got my permit. Great. So thankful, I am. Sheesh. Now I have to be up early to drive. Fine, I’ve been waking up late. But NOW, I finally got smart and am waking up early, to the sweet surprise and happiness of everyone. It actually feels good.

Here’s the gravy on the cake, however. I STILL HAVEN’T DRIVEN IN TWO WEEKS. Here are some of the excuses, aside from, “You haven’t earned the privilege because you sleep in.” (That one doesn’t work anymore, right?)

1) It’s too far; too stressful for too long.

2) Not with all the kids in the car.

3) You haven’t had much practise on the highway. You need more practise.

4) What? You want to drive to her house?! Just walk!

5) Don’t ask me now, I’m in a rush. Oh, you asked me before? Well, I said I wasn’t sure yet.

6) I know it’s a perfect time now, but honestly, where are we going to go? You want to just drive around and waste gas? Wait until there’s a reason to drive…

OK, back to optimism because I feel like a sour old loser complaining. Let me straighten this all out. My parents have given me around 7 hours of their time sitting in the front seat, clutching onto everything and everything in terror while I terrorize the neighborhood.

Wait, what about OPTIMISM? Oh, right. Well, at least I only turn like that in ONE place and not by every turn! And at least I can pull out of a parking spot even if pulling in doesn’t agree with me so well.

Still pessimistic? LOL, whatever! Basically, I try and get my parents to let me drive, but like I said, I haven’t had much practise on the highway (How should I GET practise?….) and soem places ARE too close and some too far. And it can get busy. All legitimate excuses.

Nevertheless, I must find time to drive. I need around 20 more hours just to make it to Segment 2 of Driver’s Ed, never mind the actual license part. Speaking of which, let me take this time to remind you all that my birthday is on Oct. 25, as it is every year, only this year the date is Oct. 25, 2010 and I am turning one year older than last year. I am i”H turnign 16. Which is how I went from driving to birthdays.

Hint Hint Mom and Dad!

Well, I just realized I have to go to bed.

Sorry to cut it short. I’ve been swimming every night so far this week, go me! Very tired me! And I have seen lots of friends even though I am still in a bit of an anti-social haze since coming back from NY. You know, the pushing-a-baby-in-a-stroller-by-myself-with-no-friends-for-hours thingy can make one go a little insane.

Yep, Insanity strikes again!

Hey, my Qute for the Day, if you have stayed long enough to read it, goes like this:

“Unless he says, ‘I do’; Don’t.”

-The Cool Teen Blogger
     (aka ME!)

Luv you all! With a passion.

PS- make sure to check out my PAGES (scroll down and keep an eye out for it on the right side; it should be underneath the comments.) I aim to put up a story for a contest there, so read and vote on the link that goes with it!


The story was written at 1 a.m. so like my blog, it might not make much sense….going to edit it right now!

Keep UNraveling!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. loser
    Oct 14, 2010 @ 06:07:01

    “Fall signifies new beginnings- hey, aren’t beginnings always new?”

    Well… someone can have a specific diet that she uses every time she decides to lose weight. So every time she starts to go on this diet, it’s another beginning. But it’s not a new beginning. It’s a new beginning if, for instance, she decides to change her choice of diets.


    • unravelmythoughts
      Oct 15, 2010 @ 02:23:45

      ah, loser. thanks for your wise words. As I was writing out that all beginnings are new, a small pang of guilt hit my heart- waht about the poor ppl starting diets? then i realized, no, although you might say “im starting over again”, another way to say that is “im starting ANEW”, because “over” means to re-write, to take another chance, a different chance. A new chance. Your analogy can be compared to someone riting a book- they finish one chapter and quit, but then decide its time to pick up writing again. A new beginning. The write a new chapter. Even if they edit the old one, it still becomes new. So, even if you go on the same diet for the millionth time, its still a new beginning, because, quite simply, it can’t be an old beginning, can it?


  2. goodlookin'
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 01:48:47



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