She blinked her eyes sleepily. Again, adding a slight rub with her hands. Checked the time on her alarm clock. “Nine-thirty!” She gasped, jumping out of her bed onto the cold floor.

Grabbing her new junky phone, she quickly texted her friend: “HEY! thx for asking and i just asked lil bro hes like y wud i wanna com but then he sed fine lol. R we gonna go? Oh good morn btw- ugh g2g wash my face”

She then proceeded to wash her face, thinking all the while about what she would wear. The weather was really windy, and she wasn’t sure if it would be that bad at the stables, where she was headed.

Her first time horseback riding. Thoughts of falling off the horse filled her head as she quickly dried her face and put her toothbrush away. Now completely awake, she dashed back into her room to read her friends’ text.

“Haha! ya we r going. good morning to u too! unless it storms within the next 2 hours but it shouldn’t.”

But it looked like it would.

She wore a short flarey skirt, tights, a shirt and a zip up hoodie for the wind.

She went downstairs, ate, came back up, made sure everything was ready, ran back down to take vitamins- YUM!-back up again because she forgot her phone. Then she waited for her friend to come pick her up.

The wind howled slightly, along with her stomach. She was nervous; that was all. It was her first time, after all.

She discovered she had three phones in her new purse. She ran back upstairs to put two of them away. One was quite enough. Lunch, snack, drinks, check. Her 12 year old brother who loves horses? Check. He carried the food. No, he didn’t. He made her carry it.

Her ride came.

They got into the car. Her brother was silent; he was outnumbered, what with his sister, her friend, HER sister, and their mom, who was driving. It took an hour to get there. It looked like the Wizard of Oz weather.

Tornado weather.

They had interesting conversations about the army base that was nearby, or was it a National Guard base? She didn’t know what the heck National Guard was. She didn’t care. Anything with guns was cool. Her brother joined in a little. They talked about snipers. And school, and horses, and other things.

She wasn’t that nervous, and definitly not about the horses. More about the fear of the unknown, she decided.

They arrived. She couldn’t believe it. One stretch of dried out grass in the counrty looked the same as the next. There were a bunch of horses swishing their tails and munching stuff, under an awning. There was a little building. And lots and lots of horse dung.

They got out of the car. She felt nervous again.

She borrowed her friends moms windbreaker. It was too big, but it was warm.

They went to the little awning. The howling wind fit into the dry scenery, rustling bare branches of trees, and gray sky. It was not horseback riding weather.

Only it was.

She was good at naming people, based on their looks. It wasn’t a nice thing to do, but it sure made her laugh. The woman looked like an Edith. Not that Edith is a bad name. But still. She sniggled to herself, as the woman started to talk. Like an Edith.

“Ah sure wouldn’t go out in this here weather” she grumbled in her countr-ay accent. “Edith” explained that although she would get fired if she actually told them not to ride, she sure didn’t recomend it.

They looked at each other for awhile, wondering what to do. Then, she suggested that they only ride for half an hour. Edith grumbled an agreement and went to saddle up the horses.

Meanwhile, her friends mother helped calm her down by telling her funny stuff form her riding experiences. She laughed, and before she knew it, they had paid, a man with a French braid had ridden up in a truck, and it was time to go.

Frenchie would be their leader. He looked more Scottish to her, she decided. He seemed nice. He had them line up by a fence, while he and “Edith” brought out the horses.

Her brother mounted really smoothly. She probably did too, but she was too aware of the massiveness of the horse to notice.

Frenchie explained the steering. “Whoa” he said, demonstrating ways to stop or reverse. “Whoa”, she imitated. Frenchie seemed satisfied. She didn’t feel ready. Frenchie mounted his horse, a speckled brown and white. She didn’t know what it was called. She didn’t care.

Hers was black. Every time it snorted or moved she would get scared. It felt so weird, being mounted on top of another being. Not that she compared herself to a horse, although sometimes she felt like one. But still.

She looked around. Her horse was a boy, named BJ. He was lazy, and had his eyes closed, as the mom pointed out. She grinned; this wasn’t so hard.

Then they started to walk.

It wasn’t smooth. But she hung on to the reins with her right hand, and the saddle horn wiht her left. They clopped along. She fell behind, and had to urge BJ alot to move his lousy…self. He snorted and twitched. They rode over green grass, into the woods.

Leaves were all over the ground, but no-where near the trees. She watched as massive brickloads of brown goo, known as poop, escaped the rear end of the horse in front of her, Dallas, which her brother was riding.

She was grossed out, even though her friends mother had warned her. This natural occurence happened frequently. She learned to ignore it.

“Downhill” Frenchie yelled, at the top of a steep rise. “What do I DO?” She screamed back, petrified.
“Lean backwards to compensate for the angle” he replied. She noticed that no-one else was leaning back as far as she was.

Maybe she eased up on her back bend. Or maybe BJ didn’t give a horse-turd regarding her position.

Either way, he broke into a trot. Going downhill. She screamed. She didn’t go crazy, just screamed, horrified, jostled, and clutching the reins.

“What do I DOOOO?” She asked, “zipping” by everyone.
“Say ‘Whoa'”, she was told. She did. It worked. She felt…stupid. And girly.

It was not her last time trotting, but at least she got better at it. Maybe.

The horses stopped to drink water. One swished his tail. She got sprayed.

She hated going uphill. She had to lean forward; she thought they would tumble down.

She had to steer BJ around trees, and not get hit in the eye, face, leg or arm. She had to lean forward, back, and do ‘something’ with her legs while trotting, respectively.

After awhile, she relaxed, breathed, and just enjoyed it. She could almost imagine that this was fun. Like driving; it could be boring at times, or too stressful at times. But just relaxing, now that was a perfectly happy medium.

It drizzled lightly a couple of times. A branch fell somewhere in the woods.

She was glad when it was nearly over. She hated when one horse in front (they were always in  front) would break into a trot; BJ was a copy-horse, and he would take her by surprise. Her feet would come out of the stirrup, and she would yell a broken, “Whoaa-aah-ahha-aha!” as each move of BJ’s limbs bounced her up and down.

Then they would stop. It was so anticlimatic that she stopped yelling. They walked their horses back. It looked so graceful when the others would trot. Only she felt the bounce. Not really, it just FELT that way.

When it was time to dismount, she kind of stood with one foot in the stirrups, while Ediths face seemed to spell out, “City Girls”.  Her brother rubbed it in a couple of times later, but she managed to get down.

They said thank you.

They drove home.

She nearly fell asleep in the car.
When she got home she did fall asleep. Then she woke up.

She was not in the mood of schoolwork, so she surfed the net, listened to an amazing lecture by her favorite lecturer, and finally emptied her email inbox. Some of the stuff by accident, but she didn’t care.

Her family had pizza for supper, and then she had to watch all her little siblings, because no one else would. It was annoying. It was also fun.

She didn’t complain when her mom finally came home; just left to meet her freind. Then they walked, talked and texted, until her dad picked her up from her friends house. She went home.

She typed on her blog. She looked in the mirror. She is Me.

Keep UNraveling!



I am so swim-inspired; just watched a Micheal Phelps youtube vid. It’s funny, I was never into swimming and all the aquatic stuff. I’m the kid who shivers at the edge of the pool, takes an occasional jump and nearly drowns playing Marco Polo; you know, the swim-tag game where the person who’s it, (me) has to scumble around with their eyes closed trying to tag someone.

Funnily, I was also the kid who won nearly every race. But only the one-lap races. After that I was to winded to do anything but pant. 🙂

This past summer, everything changed. I was inspired by my boss, a lifeguard, to swim alot, and so I started doing laps with a fellow co-worker who was just as bad at swimming as I was. Together we gasped and panted, choked and groaned our way through a minute amount of laps daily.

But that small, invisible number gradually stretched, and grew along with our muscles, determination, perseverance, lungs and don’t forget sunburns! Yeah, I don’t tan well. Go light skinned, natural people!

My boss watched me swim one day, after giving me mini lessons, and told me my front crawl was near perfect; I just have to bring one arm up a little higher. Still can’t remember which arm.

I was yelling at some kids at the pool and telling them off for doing something dangerous, which she surprisingly didn’t notice, and I think that was one of the reasons she told me I would make a great life-guard. I know I would; I am very bossy, loud, watchful, super-observant, down to the last sickening, way-too-close-for-comfort detail, and I am very intent on getting my job done. I take it seriously; sometimes TOO seriously….

So I signed up for the course, which started tonight. As I mentioned way too many times to count, the entrance requirements was 15 total laps, plus “The Brick”.

I was a little nervous but I did them well yesterday, during one of my practises. I arrived at the pool with my friend tonight, changed and got in. The head, L, started me off on-get this!- only 2 front crawl, 2 breastroke, and 2 strokes of my choice. I nearly died of relief. That was the first time I nearly died.

I was so happy that all my practice was for nothing, even though it’s  good that I can swim way more.Anyways, I started off a little too fast so I was out of breath after two laps. I mean, I was beating this lifeguard girl in my lane who was using flippers; yeah, I was going fast.

Then I stopped to talk to someone I know, and L yelled at me to add  2 laps, but I pretended I didn’t hear, and got away with just half a lap. Hee hee!

Then I had to swim from shallow to deep, dive down and pick up a heavy brick, and back float with it back to the shallow. Second time I almost died. And may I rudely mention that I did NOT know that that amount of snot and spit existed in the human body?

When I had finished coughing up the entire pool, I was surprised to learn the moral of the story; I passed the test. OH, and we had to tread for a while with our hands above our heads, so I just cheated, and used my hands when L’s back was turned. Ah well, guess I have something to work on.

We had an hour of classroom after that, and my friend and I came in last, due to excessive talking on my part, as usual…

So, to sum it up, I came in late for the “test”, talked during my “test”, came late to class, and my dumb phone had to vibrate and beep like a truck in reverse through all the friggin “save a life” movies that showed the same replay over and over again.

I’m surprised L is letting me take the class.

I was SO cold during the movie; it’s got all these scary scenarios and cool things I’m gonna learn to do. For example, throwing those white bouy things past the victim with the line exactly over their shoulder- no wonder those guys have such sick muscles! And yeah, forget lifting the 600 males out of the water- urgh. I shudder, but as L put it, I can’t pick and choose. If I’m gonna save one, I gotta save all.

Still, hope I never have to save anyone.

After lifeguarding, (yeah, it flew by way faster than the way I describe it, sorry!) my friend and I went to *$ (aka, StarBucks) where I burned myself on a hot coffee for way more than I would normally spend on a drink (3.50!) Third time I nearly died. But I was cold and it was a reward for passing the test, and boy, it was GOOD!

I earned some nice money babysitting a cute family for like, six hours this afternoon. Surprise surprise, I got massive amounts of schoolwork done, and started SAT studying. Gross.

And NaNoWriMo is coming up, which makes for a lot of stress in the future.

Lifeguarding, NaNo, SAT, work, school, art, blog (!), driving, family, and friends. Plus suh-weet 16 next Monday! Can’t wait!

Signing off here because my sister wants to use my computer- her Netbook is coming next week- YES!

Alrgiht, peace out homies, comment if you know what’s good for you, tell me what you want me to write about in my next post, and you have just succesfully finished reading 954+ words from my lips (fingertips) to your ears (eyes)!


*thinking of selling my phone on ebay…grrr!*

Keep UNraveling!

The Ramble 15

Yay so exciting! My friend just wrote a song because her brother-in-law makes CD’s and she’s writing all the lyrics for his new CD! I am so awed!

She just sang the latest one to me in her stunning voice- gawd, it was great! And something we talked about yesterday went into that song! So cool!

Oh, my gosh! I am starting lifeguarding tomorrow night! AH! Scary…not. I did the 15 laps this afternoon and it went fine- to think that just a month ago, I was panting for breath after two laps! It’s crazy what I can accomplish in just four weeks.

BTW, the reason I had been so dizzy and blacking out and all that I THINK is from the chlorine. I stopped swimming for almost the whole week last week (last week was a bad week, an unsuccessful week, i guess) and aside from the laziness and unproductiveness, I felt much better! Now that I went swimming my head is pounding and I feel GROSS even though I took a killer shower, so my Mom and I concluded that chlorine/water-in-ear can cause all these symptoms.

My chiropractor said that wet inner ear can cause dizziness and loss of balance and ear infection which is probably what I got. But the lifeguard head said I can’t wear earplugs…I’ll just suffer.

Anyways, I’m feeling pretty good now. I have to put away a massive amount of laundry and wax my long, muscular swimmers legs because they look more like gorilla legs now. OUch, I am cringing in advance.

Self-inflicted pain never felt good. I should NOT be blogging about my beauty rituals but hey, its only my friends and strangers on here, right?

Oh, there was something I forgot to say. Don’t ever buy the Pantech Ease phone. Yeah, that’s about it. No, actually, there’s a lot more. A LOT more.

You see, at the beginning of this summer, I purchased an LG Rumor Touch for my Sprint plan. It’s a great phone. A little slow at times, (my version) due to the fact that I broke my pinky finger which happened to be wrapped around said phone, and the phone got a little jarred. But still, a great phone- my best so far!

My dad took a look at the bill one day. And he stopped paying it. Just like that, BAM! It was over. I do not complain about the bill, it was really high. And the fact that I kept having to pay overage dues was a pain! And a drain, from the bank account.

My dad turned to AT&T (I will not tell you what that stands for according to me. Use your imagination here) AT&T provided him with a beautiful iPhone, and me with “Rescued from the Junkyard” (as I dubbed it) piece of light-weight, refurbished aluminum, hence, the Pantech Ease.

It is called a touch phone. It does not respond to my touch. It has great texting capabilities. It decides to tell me messages weren’t sent when my friends had already recieved them-twice.

It has an easy mode or advanced mode- one is so easy that there is virtuallly nothing to sift through, while the other has things like Facebook, MySpace, AT&T Social Net, IM,  AppCenter, Apps, Email, Mobile Web, YPMobile,Loopt, Where, and a bunch of other things that really can be condensed to one area- Social Media or something. There is too much to sift through when you’re looking for the setting to change the ringer on your texts, which, as of yet, doesn’t exist. So I have to put up with infernal beeping unless I silence it, which results in me missing twenty-five texts.

When I try and respond to them, I accidentaly end up hanging up on sumone I didn’t even try and call.

Don’t tell me I don’t know how to work touch phones; I had a RUmor TOUCH before, so I am quite experienced. This phone doesn’t give me a setting to customize my touch. My sister is also having trouble with the “touch”. Gosh. *Rolls eyes mutters curse words*

I have to pay for it, too. *See Above*

THat really sux.

And I hate it. ALso, the dumb AT&FT lady lied her way into making me puchase this RFTJ (resQd from the Junkyard) by telling me what I wanted to hear- that I could listen to my music through headphones.

I can’t. I can’t even buy an adapter; not only is there no 3.5 mm jack, there is no 2.5mm jack. There is no jack.

Dumb liar.

I want an iPod Touch.

With one of those free texting apps.

GOsh I spent way too long ranting about this.

I hate my new phone.


I hate downgrading. Who doesn’t?

But all this just makes me realize I’m waaay too reliant on my phones and tech. I need to step back from all this materialism. It helps. And it feels good.

Oh, OH! Yesterday I got together with my good friend and we had a blast; we took a mega-long walk and acted like morons on the street, waving and ogling and doing…other things, to innocent passerby. Nothing arrest-worthy, don’t worry. It was fun!

Then I led her to my other friends’ for a surprise birthday Shalosh Seudos! (Lit. “The Third Meal”, a festive meal eaten by religious Jews on late Sabbath (Saturday) afternoon.)

It was a BLAST! My sis and my other friend were there and they had set up the place real nice, and we ate, and laughed, and talked, and it was awesome!

After Shabbos, (Sabbath) we lit a fire, roasted marshmallows, and, get this- we had gotten my friends family in on the planning so they snuck her guitar over to us, and we all sang songs and it was really nice.

Then we played some wacky crazy games, brought up her awesome present which we had fought and stressed about for three days, and laughed some more! We gave her 17 little things, all pink, because she turned 17 (No duh!) and her favorite color…naw, because we wanted an easy theme. Happense to be, she’s pretty cool with pink.

She LOVED the present. And the party! We drove her home late, sang aton outside her house and then my sis and I went home.

I (finally) finished this awesome book I was in middle of, called “The Boys from St. Petri.” (written by Bjarne Reuter)

It’s about a group of Danish (lol) boys whose town was invaded by the Nazi’s during World War II, and they get together and do some lame “guerilla fighting,” like stealing caps and license plates from the Germans. Everything changes when this weird dude named Otto joins them, and he is absolutely crazy, according to the other guys. Otto is willing to blow himself up to get at the Germans, and yeah, life gets pretty exciting after that!

I love the way it’s written, and the main character, Lars, has this weirdly cool way of thinking, that really enhances the book. For example, one evening, he’s talking to this girl he likes, and as the sun’s last rays shine on her forehead, he says quietly, “If I were the last sunbeam, that’s where I’d rest, too”. She hears him. Sniggle. 🙂 But I was really intrigued by his thought process.

Anyways, definitly, obviously, a book I would recomend. My sister was dissapointed by the ending, but I loved it. Couldn’t think of a better way for it to end.

And with that, I gotta go put away laundry!

Keep UNraveling!

I Unravel My Thoughts for the First Time

Well, here I sit in the library. Typing on my blog. Is that normal? I don’t see why not.

Let me say first that I would like to thank all the people who commented on my previous blog post, and that surprisingly enough, most of them are screen friends only; strangers in the real world. Where did all my real friends go?

I guess they like to be updated live. Yeah, it’s way more entertaining.

A pretty lady sitting next to me types faster than a gun can shoot- SHOOT! I gotta work on my typing skills. Naw, this computer is just a piece of dirt compared to mine at home.

Well, I thought for the first time ever on this blog, or maybe the second time, I will write exactly what is going through my head. I will unravel my thougts. Here we go.

Should I change the title of this? It says The Ramble 15- maybe I should add something? I like the noise that this keyboard makes- heh heh someones stomach just growled- is she embarrased? I would be. My face would turn red- peripheral vision tells me man and woman on either side of me are on Yahoo! I love Yahoo! and the exclamation point always makes me think positive is that an advertising strategy? My Dad has a company that makes cold calls he knows all about that stuff. There her stomach goes again or is she swishing coffee in her mouth? I wonder if she can see this? Argh, hope not. IT’s funny its like manhattan, its like the world- let me explain, we’re all sittin here each at our own computers and noone knows waht we’re typing, to who, what we’re thinking, etc. It’s crazy how we like live our own lives like in manhattan walking through thousands of streets ive said this before and surrounded by more people than the amount in my hometown, and no-one knows anyone, or cares, or will ever no anyone, yet we’re all people traveling different paths, sometimes interesecting, sometimes parralel, and we never even know…

That was a bloody long paragraph, there’s only old people here. Oh yeah, because I’m homeschooled during the day when I go out everyone is OLD or like two or three, so that might say something about me…hope not:) My arms hurt from resting on this wooden desk I should sit up straight just caught myself sighing through my mouth but quickly snapped it shut and did it through the nose instead because what if I have bad breath???

Big fear of mine- that and food stuck in my teeth, because one time in a Jewelery store I was talking and smiling to this guy sumones computer just FARTED lol and anyways after I glanced in one of those mirrors that are everywhere can’t believe I didn’t notice befor but of course I had this massive black thing stuck in my teeth.

Are you KIDDING me? I just took a sneak peak to the left he’s on Google Maps, lol.

My family’s checking out so I gotta go.

I drove here it was quite fun- hope I get to drive home!

I did NO schoolwork today but that will probably change as soon as I get home.


Keep UNraveling!

The Ramble 14

Generally, I like to wait until I get numerous hits and comments, hah hah, before I write a new post. But suddenly I realized, screw it, I am not writing for you, I am writing for me.

Well, maybe for you a little bit. Hmmm. Like the part about changing the theme- I think this one is so much brighter, resembles me way better, and it’s easier to read. That part is for you:) Comment if it’s better or worse…

In recent happenings, I blacked out today by standing up too fast to get a little piece of paper. Next thing I knew I was leaning against a cold white wall, saying, where am I?

I had been in middle of a thought on my studies, and to this hour, I honestly do not remember what it was. It was rather scary, and the first time I really blacked out, but thank G-d I am OK. I hope.

I told my mom, who said it happens to her alot, and I asked my Dr. one time a while back and he said get up slow. Anti-climatic, right?

My parents instilled a pretty little curfew on my sister and I of 10:30 indoors with 11:00 lights out. Seeing as I have been getting up really late lately, that is understandable (even though I mentioned previously I get up early,,, hah well early by MY standareds, aparently). However, I doubt this is gonna work this should be  interesting to try…:)

Boring. WEll, my head hurts.

Gawd I am unamusing.

But once again, my goal here is NOT to amuse, entertain, or inspire you. IT is for me to clatter loudly on my old keyboard which is wired because my dad decided he needed teh wireless one and i think the other one broke. It’s not THAT bad really, only my parents know when I’m up because of this evil chatter.

I should not be blogging now, I still have to read a chapter of navi, but whatever.

I am in middle of a SICK book hah ok, its good, not sick, and it is called Princess Ben, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. It is a fantasy, a fairy-tale twist of sorts, and I am quite entranced. It has a massively high vocabulary, for me anyways. It’s not the best book I have ever read, but it is definitly going on my recomended list, which doesn’t really exist, although it should..

I have been homeschooled since fourth grade, with a quick jump back into school for eighth. In those six years, I have read numerous amounts of books. Like, alot. I got pretty far ahead of my peers in that area, althoug a little behind in the math part of life. Titter titter. Too bad, I hate math.

That’s waht I love about homeschooling, I can choose which subjects to pursue more than others. I guess in school you can do that too, by not taking notes or studying particularly hard for certan subjects, but you just get in trouble with that because of bad grades.

I don’t get bad grades; I don’t get any grades. I dont take tests.

I decided I like the History Channel.

My head hurts.

I need to work out- otherwise I wil have gone for two days in a row without excersising. NOt good, not good at all. Especially if you take in the amount of time I sit in this here chair typing, or on my bed reading scholastic material, or listening to lectures or drawing…yeah, I gotta kick some.

But my head does hurt.

Gosh I sound like I have no life. I hung with a friend late last night. And every other night this past week, with different friends. And I am loaded on weekends. It’s only the bloggng nights that I feel like a loser, rambling away about nothing. Hang on a sec…

WEll. That was something to ramble away about. Hm, I just did…a good deed, I guess? Not sure what that was all about, I know I am beng evasive, but too bad, suffer. Once again I will remind you that I am blogigng selfishly. Even my splenging shouldtn annoyt you becasues thsis is for me.

NO, I am just pissed off slightly annoyed at my faithful friends for not reading. Well, to be  honest, for the firts time in my long life, I don’t read theirs that much either…

Ok, I do.

Oh, shut it. Im signing off now.

Keep UNraveling!


Once you’re done reading THE RAMBLE 13, head over to pages, and read and rate the latest and first piece of fiction!

Keep UNraveling!

The Ramble 13

Hey I’m listening to a shiur (lecture) now so I might not type coherently. Hee hee is this a stupid idea? He is talking about the power of speech, and how the teeth and lips are a double gaurd from G-d to prevent us from talking badly…

So yeah, I’ve had a very stressful week-hang on. Ok, wow. I had to stop listening because I’ve been wanting to post and it’s getting way late.

Well, here’s what’s been going on in my life, aside from curfew.

I just finished celebrating my holiday as you all know, it’s called Succos. I am rather sad that it is gone. I love the decorations, the succah, hanging out with friends and family, eating three massive six course meals, etc.

But good things come and good things go.

Only, if you realize that it’s all good, then the phrase reads, “Good things come and go, and new good things take their place”. Which leads me to this week- a good thing, to be sure. LOL no pun intended.

I noticed on someones blog that they were discussing autumn. Seeing as that is a definite part of this week, I’ll take a moment here to describe the beauty of it. It’s not that none of you know what fall looks like, but ahh, just writing about it makes me happy!

The crispy crunch of colorful leaves surrounded by a vividly bright blue sky while I walk down the street, warm in my hooded sweatshirt, makes me shiver with delight. Although the air is slightly chilly; nowhere near as crisp as the leaves however, the sun still beats warmly, heating any part of me that I haven’t wrapped in warm materials. Seeing as I am extremely susceptible to cold elements, that doesn’t leave much skin exposure.

Still, though, the sweet warm rays feel good, and combined with a slight breeze, they make for a wonderful change from the hot, muggy heat of summer.

Fall signifies new beginnings- hey, aren’t beginnings always new? I don’t know if it’s school, the holiday season, or just the weather, but either way, I feel like I just climbed a mountain- invincible. And even though there is a bigger mountain in front of me, I’m more than happy to face it, because I look back at how far I’ve come in the past year, and I say, “Farther!”

So, now wrapped in my warm purple pea coat, which I plan on returning, I sip some Creamy Roasted Corn Soup, purchased by my mom at Trader Joe’s. My head is filled with bright, happy plans and goals for my Junior year, and I lean over another school assignment, sighing in content as both my mind and body happily embrace my work.

Well, not always “happily”, because schoolwork can definitly feel gruesome at times. But “optimistically”, now that is a better word!

Yes, I lean over my schoolwork optimistically, reminding myself that I will only grow from this, and that there will always be another mountain. And I will always climb it. Especially if there are beautiful, colorful, leaf-bearing trees surrounding me, reaching along with me in the fresh autumn air, leaning towards the bright blue sky.

And so, in this wonderful season of fall, I have started another week.

Schoolwork and weather have played a big part. I realized that although my schoolwork at home doesn’t defer all that much from last year technically- I sit on my bed and read- the amount of time is shortened per subject, and I am reading on a much less structured curriculum. My book choices do not reflect my peers’ textbooks and courses; rather, they follow my own line of interest and goals.

For example, I am kicking off the scientific study area with a combination of Fine Art, using a wonderful book on anatomy for the artist. By drawing the body and labeling its many parts, I am not only integrating boring science facts in an interesting way, but I am also drastically improving my drawing skills.

I thought I would whip through the book in a week but I just realized that I spend half an hour on each page; reading, drawing precisely and then labeling. So far, I have not found a better way to learn and memorize a subject. Hmm, should I try to draw math?

Oh, I don’t know what I’m doing yet for math. I finished half on an Algebra One/Two course, meaning that I am halfway through both. (This paricular course does not distinguish between Algebra 1 and 2.) I hate this course for many various reasons, so I am looking into a new one. Maybe an online one would be suitable for my low patience, self-seteem and basic math skills. Never forget social skills; communicating with a live teacher-by email-still beats yelling at an ugly man on a DVD.

Any arguments?

As for my other schoolastic endeavors, I would post them but you are probably bored to death hearing more about school, especially as most of you don’t have the sweet, divine, G-d Ordained priviledge of being homeschooled!

So I will stop rubbing it in, and complain instead.


The following paragraph will now revert from the usual semi-optimsitic tone to a drastic, startling pessimistic approach. Never fear, because this too, shall pass.

Well. My parents finally let me take Driver’s Ed.  Like, before I even started this blog. And three months later, after my being away in NY, and much begging and manipulating, I finally got my permit. Great. So thankful, I am. Sheesh. Now I have to be up early to drive. Fine, I’ve been waking up late. But NOW, I finally got smart and am waking up early, to the sweet surprise and happiness of everyone. It actually feels good.

Here’s the gravy on the cake, however. I STILL HAVEN’T DRIVEN IN TWO WEEKS. Here are some of the excuses, aside from, “You haven’t earned the privilege because you sleep in.” (That one doesn’t work anymore, right?)

1) It’s too far; too stressful for too long.

2) Not with all the kids in the car.

3) You haven’t had much practise on the highway. You need more practise.

4) What? You want to drive to her house?! Just walk!

5) Don’t ask me now, I’m in a rush. Oh, you asked me before? Well, I said I wasn’t sure yet.

6) I know it’s a perfect time now, but honestly, where are we going to go? You want to just drive around and waste gas? Wait until there’s a reason to drive…

OK, back to optimism because I feel like a sour old loser complaining. Let me straighten this all out. My parents have given me around 7 hours of their time sitting in the front seat, clutching onto everything and everything in terror while I terrorize the neighborhood.

Wait, what about OPTIMISM? Oh, right. Well, at least I only turn like that in ONE place and not by every turn! And at least I can pull out of a parking spot even if pulling in doesn’t agree with me so well.

Still pessimistic? LOL, whatever! Basically, I try and get my parents to let me drive, but like I said, I haven’t had much practise on the highway (How should I GET practise?….) and soem places ARE too close and some too far. And it can get busy. All legitimate excuses.

Nevertheless, I must find time to drive. I need around 20 more hours just to make it to Segment 2 of Driver’s Ed, never mind the actual license part. Speaking of which, let me take this time to remind you all that my birthday is on Oct. 25, as it is every year, only this year the date is Oct. 25, 2010 and I am turning one year older than last year. I am i”H turnign 16. Which is how I went from driving to birthdays.

Hint Hint Mom and Dad!

Well, I just realized I have to go to bed.

Sorry to cut it short. I’ve been swimming every night so far this week, go me! Very tired me! And I have seen lots of friends even though I am still in a bit of an anti-social haze since coming back from NY. You know, the pushing-a-baby-in-a-stroller-by-myself-with-no-friends-for-hours thingy can make one go a little insane.

Yep, Insanity strikes again!

Hey, my Qute for the Day, if you have stayed long enough to read it, goes like this:

“Unless he says, ‘I do’; Don’t.”

-The Cool Teen Blogger
     (aka ME!)

Luv you all! With a passion.

PS- make sure to check out my PAGES (scroll down and keep an eye out for it on the right side; it should be underneath the comments.) I aim to put up a story for a contest there, so read and vote on the link that goes with it!


The story was written at 1 a.m. so like my blog, it might not make much sense….going to edit it right now!

Keep UNraveling!

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