Art, Holidays, and A Spice of ME!

Depressed? Me? Never!

Well. I’m very depressed. The InterNET is so depressing. More like, YouTube can be rather upsetting. Or, to specify even further, which I might as well do, those good loser artists who make how-to videos on YouTube are the cause of my Great Depression.

“I’ll never be that good!” My Evil Inclination screams out. “Forget the fact that I’ve obviously improved since last year, when I thought I was unbeatable! And forget the fact that with practise, I’ll improve even more! Just forget it all! I’m worthless! I’m useless! I’m a hopeless wreck! I can’t even type properly!”

I sigh. *Sigh* At least I got 2 really cute pairs of shoes today! Titter titter. And an adorabubble top.

Ok, The drawing thing? I’ll get over it. I know I really am a relatively good artist, but honestly, at 15, I can be so much better. I guess I need to invest more than 20 min a day and I have to stop doing the same dumb sketches over and over again. Time to step out of my comfort zone you know! After all, that’s the only way to stretch out your comfort zone.

By constantly stepping out of your comfort zone, that little part outside of comfort soon becomes comfortable; hence, you have just broadened your boundaries!


Well, anyways, about the Choc and Hormones, here’s the update. Various sources gave conflicting responses, as can be expected. Although some scientific studies (yup, it’s scientific!) have shown that women’s hormones can affect their cravings for sweets and sugar, other scientific studies have proved that chocolate and hormones are about as tight as Israel and Pakistan. Meaning they don’t care to have much to do with each other.

Screw those scientists; let them argue it out somewhere else, but not on my turf.


My Yom Kippur was Asum. I walked a total of around TWO hours to and from synagogue. Naturally, there are local ones to choose from, but naturally, the only one I dig for Yom Kippur is the farthest away. My feet hurt.

I had some pretty good prayers going on. I wasn’t all that hungry until the last second of course, where it seemed like my father couldn’t make havdalah fast enough.

Then it was stuffing time. I think I over did it, because it got to the point where no joke, I was in bed and it hurt to lie down. Which is why I sat up and talked on the phone till early in the a.m.

And now it feels like fall has truly set in, Sukkot is in the air, and one is finally in our backyard. One of my dad’s extremely generous friends comes every year to build ours, because my father isn’t the builder type and I’m a girl soo…..Nah, I’m just too lazy. Ha ha.

Well, I just made a relatively OK drawing of a man investigating an esrog, here it is:

“The Right One?”

 This is a pen and ink on plain ol’ paper drawing, and ps this is friggin copyright so don’t even think of making it your avatar or something, because if you do I will track you down and KILL you! lol…

and I also drew another full-color one of a little cute boy smiling but that needs a ton of work. I think I did some other drawings also, just as succah decorations. Then I’ll take them back and hang them on my wall.

My bedroom wall used to have nasty posters and random weird things, just like this blog, actually. Funny, isn’t it? I wonder if it says something about me?

Well, I was going through a RAGE so I pulled everything down and now my wall is quite empty, sadly enough. Not for long, I assure you! I have amassed a number of decent drawings, or indecent, as my latest one of Beyoncé can prove (kidding, I covered it all up!) but anyways, I plan on hanging those up, in a neat, planned orderly fashion. Once I have enough to lay out a design.

And…once I have enough that people will be overwhelmed, so instead of seeing one or two measly drawings they will see an overwhelming array of sketches too hard to focus on well, so they won’t.

I get a lot of traffic going on in my bedroom. Kidding. I get an average of 1.5 people daily, and they tend to be my little siblings, who would take the first chance I gave them to tear down any works of art.

Dad, if you’re reading this, which I highly doubt because that would be embarrassing and I don’t think you make it a habit to read this, but in the event that you do, please feel my pain and buy me a new doorknob with a normal lock on it so that rude perverts can’t pick it from the outside anymore!

Whoa. What a long sentence.

Oh, I don’t think I informed the general blog-reading population, but my friend and I plan on taking a lifeguarding course next month! So exciting! Ok, maybe not for you, honestly, you’re probably thinking,

“Great, another red-cross T-shirted freak yelling at me, ‘NO RUNNING! NO EATING! NO HAVING FUN!’ ‘TWEEEEET!'”
But, yeah, too bad for you; I’m super excited and a little nervous. You see, the requirements to get in are swimming 100 yards of front crawl, breast stroke and one of my own choice (Backstroke)

plus dumping a friggin brick into the bottom, jumping in after it, hauling it up and bringing it back to the shallow. Fun. Fun. Fun. I better go swimming tomorrow L-rd knows I need the practise.

I’m getting bored with this and I want to finish my drawing (yeah right)

SO, good night.

Keep UNraveling!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. loser
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 01:48:59

    Actually, you DID mention the lifeguarding thing in a past post.


  2. Franco
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 04:35:23

    I agree, chocolate is like heavenliest food out there – wait a second…is it really heaven sent…or….NAW! Anything that good is definitely heavenly! Oh yeah, congrats on being in the top three. Keep up the great writing. TTYL Hey you! Yes you…check out


  3. goodlookin'
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 01:39:48

    like the art


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