AH, home sweet home! Nothing like it! Here I sit, in my cozy bedroom, listening to a “hilarious” mojo in the morning phone scam. I can’t really multi-task, but now my sister yanked the earbud outta my ear so I’m able to type whole-heartedly. Or fingerly. LOL

Well, I reckon the last time I was typing ovah here I was in the disgusting filthy place called a bungalow, which would be a five star hotel for roaches, but not for a decent human like me (nothing puts filth into percpective as much as being back in your own bathroom….or looking at pictures of what the other lav looked like!)

And now, I am back, typing at a decent, modern looking machine…ahh, this is the life! And my face; my body! It doesn’t have cracks in it, due to the fact that my mirror is whole and shining, looking beautiful…at least when IM the one reflected.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my ego got inflated when I was in NY. They almost didn’t let me on the plane…

It’s a different day now, a different one than when I first started my post. Let me tell you a little bit about my wonderful adventures while flying to Detroit, land of the brave, funny and sometimes slightly idiotic. (If this story can’t prove my idiocy I don’t know what can!)

Well, I got to the airport and said goodbye to my friend. I forced myself to be happy and optimistic; after all, summer was nearly over, I won’t be seeing my friend until next year, and I was headed for a lovely school year, I mean, what could be better?

So, I was just a little grumpy, as can be understood. But the butterflies in my stomach masked that. I was a little excited and nervous, because this was my first time flying alone. I managed to make it to my gate without too much trouble- I’m actually surprised that security didn’t set alarms off at the look on my face when they asked me to step on the footprints for the full body scan.

I sat by my gate listening to my iPod, and therefore nearly missed my flight, because I wasn’t aware that they called my flight to line up. After much scrambling, I made it to the wrong line. I asked alot of people if I was doing the right thing and most of the time I wasn’t. It was rather sad, and rather embarrassing, but I persevered.

Once I had finally boarded the plane, I realized that because my mom booked my ticket online, I had no ticket. Meaning, I had no idea where I should sit. I remembered on my boarding pass the number 12, so I hesitantly approached Seat 12. I was worried if my seat was A, B or C (you know how there are 3 seats on each side of the plane…) but luckily my worries dissolved as I discovered that seats 12A and 12C were taken by two old men, leaving me with 12B.

I paused, but the one with the purple button-down was more interested in reading his newspaper, while his brown glasses slipped down his long nose.

I coughed a little, hoping he’d look up; there were people waiting behind me. The man looked up, and so began my embarrassing moment.

Basically, I asked him if it was 12. He seemed confused which just confused me more and oh this is too boring. Whatever. He started to get up and I realized that it wasn’t assigned seating, so with my face nearly setting the plane on fire, I fled to the back of the plane, sank into a seat and hid.

There’s great service on Southwest; free peanuts and soda, plus the airline attendant is absolutely hilarious.

His announcement started off like this:
“Ladies and Gentleman,” (notice how ladies comes first; I never noticed that, hah hah!) “can you please pretend to give me at least 10% of your attention?”
So of course, we all looked up, laughing. Believe me, that guy turned my so far poor dismal experience into a time of bright, cloudless joy, with sunlight streaming through green meadows, butterflies fluttering out of my stomach and into the glistening air, where a rainbow encircled the world…

You get the gist. I was happy. I was laughing. I love blogging because I can type all these cool words that I can’t ever say because althought I know the meaning, I definatly don’t do the pronunciation thingy right all the time. The word I’m reffering to here is “gist”.

And by the way the sun is shining now and a business deal I am trying to pull through might G-d willing actually pull through which will, G-d willing, make me into one rich blogger! I sincerely hope I can do this…

Anyways, my friend is coming over soon, but wait, let me get through my flying experience…

So I tried to record the funny attendants speech (I did) but I got caught by a different attendant who must have thought that I thought he was good looking or something which I did NOT- 45 year old hispanic men that work on airplanes do not attract my attention, sorry, homes- but anyways that was reasonably embarrassing when I was told to stop recording; in middle of the life vest demonstration too!

While I was happily embarrassing myself, it started to rain, but once we started to finally fly- on time! Yay! I had a reallly good experience…besides for the embarrassing parts- then all the rain cleared up because we were flying ON TOP of the clouds which was way cool even though they look the same as usual only theyr under you which makes sense because I was flying.

SHould this be a ramble? I think so.

Well, when my mom came to pick me up from the airport it was exciting because this was the first time that wittle giwlie evow fwew hewsewf and was evow away fow two howle monfs. If you understood the above sentance Im not sure what it says about yuo maturity level but probably not much. Heh Heh.

So it was oddly cool to be back, I had this feeling of past belonging but now it was all floaty; I wasn’t sure if I belonged, but at the same time I knew I did. It took alot of convincing to finally believe that the squirming scared 8 month old was my baby brother.

We were both tearing up a little; gosh I ddin’t recognize him! That was the weirdest feeling ever! We’re gettin on a little better now, only he still likes me least but whatever. I guess he who changes teh most diapers gets the most love, hence, the one who holds him the most so I’m not complaining!


Here comes my friend har har and shes gonna read this and groan. Just wait. Oh, maybe not!

Well, I gotta go now, but…make sure u comment in a normal sensible fashion! lol

Keep UNraveling!


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  1. Susan J. Flyweel
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 06:09:28

    Insert normal, sensible comment here —–> Yup, so I miss you and Tehila. It seems like even the friends I have in town are leaving me. Well, that stinks. But It’s OK, because I have soooooooo many more friends to hang out with and stuff. So I’ll be OK. *sniffle* I’m glad you’re updating again.
    Love you!


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