WELL. Oops, outta caps lock. Ok, lets start that again. First of all, Id like t othank my 3 homies for giving me comments less than 24 hours after I posted my little ramble which consisted of basically nothing. Hopefully, it will continue today with a little more oooomph to it. Oomph? What is wrong with me? Ok, my eyes hurt because I applied 6 gallons of stunning sparkly green liner to the inside so everything looks….sorry not stunning sparkly green but a little blurry.


Ha ha.

Ok, so urgh i wonder if anyone even gets what I just wrote? Comment on that and let me know. I have some exciting news to share but I don’t like sharing in case you have not noticed, I mean, who does all the talking here anyways? So I doubt you’ll hear about it. However, if you know me even a little well, you’ll be hearing about it pretty soon because as everyone who knows me knows, I can’t keep my big fat mouth shut. Stop talking before you say something stupid oh no too late….

I’m trying to understand if you understand what I understand. Understand? what kinda word is that anyways? Lol.

My friends mom said I have big opinions. Well, no wonder they don’t fit in this society. Har har.

Im a little drunk on excessive eyeliner. I shud really shut up now. Only once I start, its like downhill babe. Oopsie doodles was that unproffessional?

I should probably stop PROcrastin8ng and go look at THE RAMBLE 11 to see where I left off. Alright, you got me, hang on a sec.

dot dot dot

OMG! I just left you guys hanging, and forsook you for my telephone friend instead? Because you could tell towards the end that I was chatting on the phone right? well anywyas thats not what my huge OMG was about; I was excited that I have 996 hits at the moment which means 1000 is around the sharp corner!!! WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

Cmon, give a hand for oops almost rote my name! Well, give me a hand, or two, or just put them together and make your own noise! So im obviously really tired here, but lets start

Im in NY.
THe bungalow.
I cant type.
The splint is off my pinky but still.
I went rollerblading last night. Lol that was fun. this girl brought her blades up and I was enlisted to teach her the fine art of not falling down. which is kinda funny becuase I seem to have gotten alot of that stuff in this past summer. But anyways, she pretended to trust me for Lord only knows why so I walked in circles around the blacktop for a while, got my shirt twisted outta shape, not to mention my neck…

oh my gosh is THAT why it was killing this morning??!!!? SHEESH! I knew I didnt get stiff necks from….nothing? Hah, that explains it. K, she was like grabbing onto my neck she was so scared of falling. Then I used her blades after and whoa it was fun!

I havent written in a while.
The girls here are quite different. Than first half. More modern, more immature, and less interested in being friends with me. Well, really, if I talk to them about boys and celebrities than we are bffl’s. but I dont want to talk about that junk JUST TO GAIN THEIR FRIENDSHIP so we remain pretty far.

I do talk about that junk sometimes, though. Just for the record. Not that this should be rocorded. Sheessh aren’t i annoyingly literal?

IM GOING TO SEE MY FRIEND IN BALTIMORE NEXT WEEEEEK!!!! Heh, I knew it would fly out occasionally. My arms really hurt from typing or actually from overuse because the flyguard made me sweep the pool floor today- I did it while in the water. So fun, only then I came out and had no towel, because thats the way I roll, so i shivered my cute little butt off and it sure didnt feel good and I broguht the baby back to her bungalow and talked on the phone to lots of people trying to make my next weekedn come out hte way it should and then I went back to my bungalow and had yummy hot food

and a girl smashed her finger in the door lol no thats not funny whats funny is that she was cleaning the bathroom and then she’s like, “Hey guys, the bathroom is…” SLAM! and then she said a not nice word and we are all cracking up because it’s like, “Hey guys, the bathroom is BLEEP!” Which it is, so all the merrier. Heh heh.

I didn’t even check but somehow I highly doubt it’s clean.

Gee I have alot to say. Wow, honestly I spend the whole day watching the cutest fattest baby wiht stunning sparkly brown eyes who unfortunaltly spits up and poops in equal numbers, as though her mouth and butt are competing, but honestly, well, no I talk to her and the conversations are one sided just like this one and they dont make much sense either, just like this one….so i guess ill take back whatever i didnt say.

Anyways. So I work from 9-12:30 every day, and then again from 2:30 to 5. its great having a 2 hr lunch break though I get bored enough to text my new favorite boredom busters, ChaCha, for like ten hours. Good stuff. So today during my 2 hr break, the other counselors had a one hour lunch break. I was chilling actually warming in cozy pants and my brothers yummy Michigan sweatshirt which he oh-so-sweetly lent me, and after everyone left my dumb acquaintance (I cant call her a friend after this!) decided to put makeup on me and she did a very poor job indeed. Hmph. Or maybe I am just naturally orange, burnt, Canadian sunscreen looking?

Dont ask, its a private joke.

So before she actually got her annoyinly clumsy makeup brushes near my exquisite face, the door BURST open and “Anyone home?” alerted me and the Make.Up. artist that Bob, the 60 yr old white haired walrus mustached janitor and Tyler, his 19 yr old tan muscled not cute at all sidekick were there to fix…not my bedroom light which has been out since I moved in. No, even though they fixed someone elses yesterday, bec it was broken for a day and ours which has been broken since Creation will remain so untill Destruction or whatever.

The toilets. They came to fix the toilets. they fixed them. My dumb friend who I sincerely love and who I sincerely hope isnt reading this, was supposed to hide me becasue of the pants, but she moved around alot so stupid Tyler saw me in loose maroon pants. Whoop de do. Why am I blogging about this again? Oh, yeah, because there’s nothing to do in this G-d forsaken place.

Hang on.

SHIOOOOOT!!! A bunk just came and I got up to talk to them and rats a nolllyy i just bumped my knee. go me, go go, go me!

btw my friends gave me a line to say every time i fall… here goes.

No, I did not just trip. I was testing gravity, and YES, it DOES work.

LOL, no? Because I trip alot. In case you didn’t realize. Broken finger, scraped hip, bumped knee (right now) twisted ankle, yada yada it gets too long. Oh, mosquito bites and shaving knicks. And maybe pounding headaches, dehydration, stomach aches and cramps, dont forget gettingonmynerves-itis.

Its the good life.

Btw, my roommate who gave me that witty line actually has a name that sounds like my own. She sleeps in my room, becase she s my roommate or did I not just say that? Well, HER roommate, who happens to be my roomate, is also my roomate. WHat?

Kay, kidding. I gotta peeeee. Wait a sec. wait, wait wait. seriously, just breathe. It’s just a bathroom trip. I’ll be right back.

Heh its me that has this jiggling foot.

Aw shreck the baby just woke up, pooped and cried simultaneously. Nah, im exaggerating, there was a 3 second gap. But wait, any spitup? Nope. OHHH! Score one for the BUTT!

Speaking of which, be right back…… 🙂

Hah it wasn’t a poop so knock off that point, It’s back to a tie, folks!

Argh she’s howling.

I think I’ll take her down to mummy at the pool, if it’s all right with y’all.

So, I discussed my fateful accidents, my littel charge, random things, my roomies, the janitors who are so unimportant I honestly don’t know why I wrote about them, only thats actually mean, they do do alot of work, and yeah, that’s pretty much it. More later, maybe from monsey or baltimore!

All right, have a great one folks, I just wrote 1472 words, only now its more, hah hah, and lets see if my HITS can HIT that number. Baby is gurgling in a nasty tone…

Don’t give me that tone, young lady!


I said….!

Hmmwhwehemm aaaaaahhh

she replies.


Peace out homes.

Luv ya!

Keep UNraveling!



Howdy folks! OUch my stats are so down this month! Hmmmm….I wonder why? Well I have less than 30 min to pour my heart out to this sympathetic computer screen, so I may as well start now. I’m a little tanner than last time, a little richer in both mind and spirit, not to mention the crossbody bag division, a little weaker in the physical sense, and a little tired in every other aspect of life. But I am persevering.

I am currently listening to a Project Inspire Kiruv Session, but I am not paying attention, because as all my friends (2) in the colony know, I don’t multitask well. Hence the broken finger (trying to run and breathe at the same time). Project Inspire called me just now, doing a follow up call because I watched their amazing video on Tisha Ba’av, which is an absolute must see. I told the astonished lady how awesome I thought it was and she was so excited about my positive feedback wow I’m glad I made her day. Not that it wasn’t true; it was, I loved the vid, but I guess i played it up a little. Hey, I just wnated to see if everything I say will be qouted. You know, like this.

The cooolest blah blah blah.
Blah blah blah.

“I Really Love Project Inspire”- says UnravelMyThoughts, beautiful teenage girl with a phenomenal blog.

Etc. You get the pic.

So, skipping over that, and the clock is ticking away, well, let me share some of my past month’s experiences with you. I am still in teh Catskills in a bungalow, but I am working for a different boss who is teh pool lifegaurd. Or flyguard, lol.

I watch a cute lil baby who is bli ayin hora sleeping and now Im talking on the phone to my friend who got herself lost in her own neighborhood in the boiling heat. hang on I might have to go….oy oy oy sad stories.

Anyways the babies sleeping so Im on the computer but Ill have to go soon to pick up a cute 2 yr old and watch him for an hour.

Guess I shud go now

Love you guys
Sorry it couldn’t be any longer!
Keep UNraveling!

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