The Ramble 10

Hey pps im so excited to go 2 monsey this shabbos i cant wait. ok so basically we went rollerblaing tonight to this womens only rink and it was way awsum, we even got to mess with the music. a bunch of us brought our ipods and DJd away, only hten we started fighing, because our dumb campers are getting to us.

seriously, the counselors in this place fight about everything which is not our natural nature; its the campers influence i am not kidding yeah right i wish.

ok now i can chill two girls were just reading over my shoulder let me scroll so if no when they come back they wont see that…. scroolll down plz

anyways, rollerblading was pretty cool. one girl wanted to sing to every song which meant we had to play songs she knew, weather anyone wanted to listen or not.

yes loser i know weather is spelled wrong but its 1 am i cant remember the right way to spell it.

my fam came in yesterday so theyll be in monsey which is why im excited did i mention that?

i made two girls french braids, yay.

im listening to eitz chaim by i can only assume ohad bec it sounds like him brilliant deduction right?

so yah i am iH definatly staying in NY for second half. And I am about to re-introduce punctuation to this here essay, so sit back, relax, and take your reading glasses OFF this is the way to read, whoops I forgot a comma there; too bad.

Anyways, at the very end of the rollerblading, while dancing hysterically to Miami Boys hit song, Moshiach, I fell, landed on my right butt bone ( I know; I didn’t think that was possible either) and my whole leg jarred up and then hung and flopped down and I stayed on the floor for a couple of minutes, wondering if I dislocated something. I was trying to figure out what it was when a fellow blader nearly ran over me and I was like, Oh yeah, my brain musta jolted or something; MORON! MOVE!

So, I did. It was long and painful and now my neck and back hurts and everything but maybe thats just typical stiffneess. May I mention that my throat hurts like CRAZY; if that describes amounts of pain I don’t know. Whatever.

So yeah everything hurts and I should go to be because HELLO I have to be up before ten tomorrow, so Ill roll outta bed at 949 as usual.

btw the rollerblading was sponsored by the heads and cost around 260 which is crazy but hey it was fun.

and some girls got in a real close scrape with a skunk who likes to visit us every night, due to the excess garbage we leave around (for him)

OK btw heres a list thats been mental for a while in both sense of the word heh heh ut i wnat it down on paper or screen or whatever. enjoy

yelled at
deprived of bathroom priviliges
not in control
fed up
over worked
all the above AND MORE for $3.30 an hour.

Is it worth it? what do you think? Id love to see your comments! and not only thtat, but after a bleepy day, i get home to a nice extravagent mansion- not. I live in a luxurious hole in the wall. the bathrooms just had to get fixed again after being outta commision for two days.

dont forget the lack of chlorine in the 20 degree pool, unless you come on the day where theres too much nad your like wait will that make another part of the wall fall off? soaking wet, you trudge home down narrow black paved “paths” which i actually fell off the first couple of days (they didnt say you had to walk like a runway model to come here tho apparently it helps) and then yopu skip over the wet steps and hope the skunk is not watching from underneath, slam the screen door and…

ah i cant describe this place.

point is, all counselors all over US should go on strike, and then these cheaters wouold be forced to pay us at least minimum wage. the only reason i dont refuse the job is because sum1 else will snap it up and it will only harm me not to. though its pratty harmful to also. whatever.

anyways im gonna go to bed now sorry that was a boring post but tuff luck my sleep or lack of it is more important than ur entertainment peace out homes!

Keep UNraveling!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tehila
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 23:17:32

    lol ur hilarious that wasnt boring @ all im sitting here cracking up my familys like whoa wuts up w her
    $3.30 an hr?!? that stinks i wanna say i wudnt ever do it but i prob wud so that wud be a lie but i dont get it, how can u fall off the path??? well have fun w ur family refua shelaima on ur e/t!!!! 😀


  2. Susan J. Flyweel
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 02:05:59

    Poor dollface! How did you make two girls french braids? Are you ever gonna turn them back?


  3. loser
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 00:07:06

    Why didn’t you just tell those obnoxious girls to stop reading over your shoulder? That’s what I would’ve done. (Nicely, of course. I wouldn’t call them obnoxious, even if that’s what I’m thinking. And if I did, I would make sure to say it in as kind a way as possible. :D)

    In case you still can’t remember, it’s whether.

    Yay for punctuation! I could actually read it with zero struggling! Pity it only lasted for a few paragraphs.

    And, um, $3.30 an hour? They are totally ripping you off. It’s not easy to deal with a bunch of screaming kids. They should give you at least $12 an hour. But obviously they can’t afford that. Sigh.


  4. urokgurl
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 01:43:42

    i can’t wait for u 2 cum!!! i just read ur hole blog from the beginning; u crack me up, dudette! even though 3.30 is not alot, it’s bettr than nothing! keep me laffing! sry for all the !!! i’m just hyped up!!!


  5. goodlookin'
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 03:36:40

    ha i love your blogs, you wish they’re boring (just read all your comments!). that list is really depressing. remind me again why you’re staying another month. i’m sure there was a good reason, i just can’t remember it. oh well, brain failure. wait! was it to make money? no that couldn’t be it because you certainly aren’t doing much of that. watevs, it’ll come to me. luxurious hole in the wall…lol…im lovin it


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