The Ramble 9


Remember these?

Yay I can’t wait to do this. only let me clarify one thing first; i may have said this last time, but i cant remember. the reason for all the typos is that this is a montreal computer so some of the keys are in different places and its a tiny keyboard; my hands feel fat and clumsy in comparison, which they are; hence, typos.

also, ive been texting all month and punctuation and spelling are considered uncouth so im still in that mode. and i dont use caps. and i keep typing sed insted of sed. ill try not to tho.

now, forward march, on with this here ramble.

Well, I spoke to my mother tonight and pretty much decided that staying in this bungalow colony in upstate New York is the best thing for me. So, second half, here I come. Or, more like, here YOU come. Whatever. As long as I can blog, I’m good. Seriously, it feels so good to ramble about nothing. Oh, wait, I can give something. What do you all wanna hear?

HOw about, about today; the worstest day ever. Sounds good huh?

Here goes.

It rained today. Moods match the weather, so everyone was acting like a bunch of drips, with an occasionaly watery smile (the sun came out for a total of three hours, but hte ground was soo soggy). Thankfully, there wasnt too much growling or flashes of light, at least not coming from the sky. Cooped up with more than five bunks of boys and girls on the other hand, is an entirely different story which has such extreme scenes that it cannot possibly be posted on this clean, innocent blog.

ON second thought, why not? Heh heh. no one really yelled or anything though ill be honest, i was pretty close to grabbing a dinky umbrella propped in the corner, popping it open, and proclaiming my desire to propel myself from that miserably messy building. But i didnt.

instead, my bunk- six girls; three going into second and three going into third grade- all colored with colored pencils while i told them a lame story i made up about a boy named robert whos head turns into a computer. like legit, a computer screen. and everyone makes fun of him, sob sob.

that ended pretty fast and this sounds like an itinerary once again so ill kindly skip that and say we had pizza for lunch which was awesum- not hte pizza that was gross- but the fat we had pizza for lunch. at least, it coulda been awsum if it didnt look like three seperate layers of doughy bread, thick sauce and goopy, gloppy, falling off layer of cheese. but, despite the nauseating description, i had two pieces.

i also stole a can of coke. its the boys bunks prizes but i dont care, believe me, i did more cleaning up and i deserve more start than they do. plus, the caffeine isnt healthy for them to have, or for me not to have. i can get pretty crazy when “forced” to wake up at 830 so i can shower and daven and eat and arrive at the blacktop at 10, while going to bed past midnight every midnight. factor in the watching six bratty whining kids every day for around five hours- all by myself mind you- and you have got one desperate counselor who believes in those coke ads.

hey, i just rote all that to be funny. i seriously love my kids. well, actually, im not denying the truth of the above paragrapgh, im just letting you know theres two sides to everything.

that being said, after the wacky horrible day, me and my dear detroit friend got permission to go off grounds, and we took a walk to remember down teh highway. it was stunning, quiet, and serene. we found this romantic field of grass- hey what do you know?!- and we sat down even though it was a bit wet. theree was a lake, trees likek crazy and mountains- a stunning scene, all together. there was also a red barn, and a rock wall and we weree just flipping out and it was so way cool to liek be outta the bungalow scene and just chill so we stayed there for half hour or an hour and then we ambled home.

that was easily the best part of my day, aside from talking to my mom who cheered me up aton, and i also spoke to my sis and my friend which was way cool. and i laughed like an idiot randomly at one point at the memory of fregley, a character from Diary of a Whimpy Kid, when he goes, It has a HAAAIr on it! ill post the link, lol it was sooo funny!!! i was roaring so every1 was like huh whatcha laffin at so i showed them and it wasnt as funny as i rememberd it only rmembring it now lol its hilarious

btw another typo reason i am typing in the dark now bec everyone just came into the room and is going to sleep, and as the ol saying goes, when in rome, do as the dumb flippin romans do, so its nighty nighty time for me, because they decided that. not that i care, because otherwise i might have to injest more caffeine to the poor boy campers distress. so after listening to my one day by matisyahu acapella version, im gonna go to sleep. ttyl. luv yall. comment. now. if you got this far, you owe me just a tiny bit more. commment. i dont care waht. just say something. its your turn now.

btw heres the fregley link. enjoy!

Keep UNraveling!


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tehila
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 20:57:42

    hey yay yay yay i luv reading ur blog im so glad ur posting again!!!! if ur staying dos that mean ur coming 2 my house?!?!!!?! oh hey i hav an email from u so u prob told me in that. sorry u had a bad day tho…. that stinks 😦
    keep up the awsum posts i luv u!!!!


  2. ellbrbee
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 00:38:33

    hey! I agree with everything Tehila said! I am so happy that you started posting again! Aside from texting this is like the only way for me to keep up with you! It does help the monotony of reading blogs by the fact that your so funny! I was just kidding about the blogs. I love to read em! I’m in a weird mood today so excuse my weird comment.


    • unravelmythoughts
      Jul 16, 2010 @ 12:24:36

      thanks tons! ur comment is not only excused but also accepted on a royal, bejewled platter with lots of love, along with everyone elses, bec it brings me gr8 joy htat ppl take the time to read my thoughts, its really sweet of u guys! flutters eyelashes. gee wow, im so flattered. legit legit legit (ouch, ouch ouch! ) lol miss ya cant w8 to c u lets plan sum fun classses together!


  3. Susan J. Flyweel
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 01:00:15

    How dare you! How would you feel if I went and stole your Coke? Not very good, huh? Well, do unto others. And don’t go to Rome. I don’t know if you’ll be able to update this blog in Rome. So, yeah, it would be tragic. And also, never mind. This comment is already steaming mad.


    • unravelmythoughts
      Jul 16, 2010 @ 12:23:03

      ooh i really wanna hear what u backspaced. or do i? and i d feel gr8 if sum1 stole my coke heaven knows ive had way too much of that bleep this past month. as for rome… not happening. id rather do my own thing


  4. loser
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 01:37:29

    Just because other people completely ignore the rules of capitalization, spelling, and punctuation when texting doesn’t mean you have to do the same, you know. You could set a good example for them and stop misusing the English language.


  5. goodlookin'
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 05:23:34

    This is how I find out that you’re for sure staying second half? Whatever happened to calling up your faithful, devoted friend and telling her (or rather me) these type of things? I’m extremely insulted! And now, thanks to you, I don’t have much to look forward to next month besides that trip that you’re supposed to be coming on but are now going to miss out on instead. Ha! (Sorry if i’m being too harsh. I still love you. And have fun in the bungalow!:)


    • unravelmythoughts
      Jul 16, 2010 @ 12:20:34

      ooh. that is harsh. sorry, i know our correspondence has sucked lately. keep reading hte blog, send me urs, and ill ttyl. i luv u tons, and im not staying here to mess u off on purpose. it just happens to work out htat way.please forgive me


  6. 2Sense
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 12:17:45

    wow. sounds like your life is one miserable puddle of despair. good luck. and who are you, loser?

    Sorry, I just had to put my 2 cents in


    • loser
      Jul 17, 2010 @ 06:39:59

      2Sense – Maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions, but judging from your response, I would guess that you are not too pleased with me. I apologize for that; it’s just that I’m quite pedantic when it comes to the English language. I don’t mean to annoy people, but it happens.

      To answer your question – well, I’m not quite sure what it is exactly that you want to know. If you’re wondering whether I am just someone who came across this blog randomly, the answer is no. I know unravelmythoughts (I’m calling her that because I’m not sure if she wants her name posted here) personally – she e-mailed me the link to this blog when she was just starting.


  7. loser
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 00:05:40

    2Sense – “Nice to know someone likes English”? Are you telling me you don’t like it? Without the English language, you wouldn’t be able to even TELL me that you didn’t like it. That’s why you ought to treat it with some respect. It’s a part of you. It helps you every single day, every time you open your mouth to speak (well, except when you’re davening, or speaking another language for whatever reason you might do that).

    So there! ;D


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