Wow. How did I know it would be a crazy trip? Ok, so me, my good friend from Detroit, two sisters and their friend from montreal all piled into a white minivan, owned by the head counselor and her husband, who we call Coach. Coach drives like a maniac. Enough said. We rumbled down the two lane highway to the catskills’ most popular thriving hangout; aka walmart. Started by sam Walton, this deluxe cahin supermarket is the epic center of any upstate new Yorkers life. Especially past midnight. Not that I would know; I never went there so late.
Well, I tried on some bathing suits before realizing that I cant uy them anywyas due to the nine days. Then me and my friend walked around looking for the montreal girls. We found them being bothered by a group of boys- there was this crazy guy he was stealing their cart and they just walked away, and we were all just like stop bothering us.
These guys were also with a girl, like they were probably not religious. They came from some bungalow and they were probably our age, only they were all very short. Heh heh. Or maybe im just tall. Either way, none of us were interested, which is a good thing, because whoa, this red tshirt guy was crazy. Like seriously seriously high. He was zoomng around on our cart which he kept stealing because we kept running into each other by accident- when you have an hour to kill in walmart and nothing to buy…
One of the whacko things he did- he tried to get random strangers to high five him. He was weird. There were lots of wierdos there. But hey skipping those freaks, I met my campfriend from 2 years ago!! How cool is that?!?! She was like, (my name here) ? and a I was like, “Leah?” and then we hugged, while our friends all stared in utter disbelief. Anyways, I walked all around walmart with her and we talked and it was great, and yeah, that’s so randomly cool.
I had a great time there, and another benefit about that bustling center that sells everything is the fact that Sprint, the mobile phone company, decided to astound me by actually letting my phone access the rest of Earth from my third world location. Legit, walmart is the only place I get higher than one bar. So I made a phone call to my dear sister in Detroit, and we chatted it up a bit. Then I got into the car with my group and we headed across the street to check out all these bright shining lights.
Which turned out to be a dinky amusing amusement park, complete with ferris wheel, merry go around and creepy guys trying to get us to throw things to win huge stuffed animals they think we want. Or need. Or have room for in this tiny bungalow. They’re dead wrong of course. More on that later though.
So one desperate friend spent 20$ on 50 tickets, and we went on the circular roller coaster. I was petrified… at the beginning. It was sooo lame; once the thing actually started, I just sat there lamenting the lameness of it all. We go off, I was a little dizzy, and some creepy guy is like hey you girls this way come here check this out 2 dollars and you could win….
Then another creepy guy. I got one guy really upset because he was announcing how everyone wins a prize, and walking by, I couldn’t keep my fat mouth shut so I said, oh yeah? Well if that’s true, how come there’s so many prizes left?
So he replied, I have a tractor trailer full of these things. And I responded, under my breath, guess you don’t have a tractor trailer full of customers. That got him mad, and he informed me that he had three houses in two different countries. I was just a bit confused, but then he added that it proves he makes a lot of money. As an after thought, I should have said, yah, but not at this job. But I didn’t at the time, because after growling that he must make so much money, he shook his head at us and said good night, in this way that made us all leave pretty fast.
Allow me to pause here and describe him to you, so that the image in your head of a dragon becomes more vivid. His nostrils were large and permanently flared. He was bald, ugly as a… dragon? And had bulging, fierce eyes. Nah, im kidding, I didn’t get that close, believe me I was outta there in a hurry. As I was leaving, I couldn’t help but add, sorry didn’t mean to get on your bad side. And hes like nah, whatever, good night.
Then I went on the ferris wheel, with my friend who screamed and the heads little son who sat and looked around. my dad called and I said you’ll never believe where I am now, and he said, some water park? And I said no, top of a ferris wheel. Which btw was also pretty lame. Heh heh. Then we drove home, and coach’s maniac driving was scary enough that I let him know I would pay for his rides quicker than for the ones I had just gone on. He actually went off the road at one point, but we don’t talk about that.
Speaking of coach, when we got home and were walking back to our bungalows, he came up behind me and made this petrifying noise that sounded like a strangled, constipated raccoon. I didn’t even flinch. He was like, gee your hard to scare and I very wittily responded, yeah, well its pretty obvious when ive been hearing footsteps and voices behind me the whole way up….i don’t think he even heard me. But still, c’mon man! Good sound effects though.
So, now I’m back in the bungalow here with little pieces of dirt attatched to my feet because I didn’t wear flip flops walking around my room. As I told my friend, I found my flip but I’m still missing my flop.

Anyways, i gotta go to sleep. ill post the sad description of this place in a sec. luv ya all, comment alot, etc.good night!

Keep UNraveling!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ellbrbee
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 01:35:06

    haha. You are just too tall! You are so horrible! I would never wanna get on your bad side. tyhe good side is ride enough for me 🙂 mwahahaha


  2. unravelmythoughts
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 11:55:27

    can i jsut say sth to myself? i am soo funny! i sit here ten months later laughing my head off- strangeld, constipated raccoon. flip and flop? Im WEIRD!


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