The Last Post-Or Not

Hey so i gotta make this really fast.

My thumb hurts; I busted it trying to open my suitcase. I might say ouch occassionaly.

So my last day in Manhattan basicall I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I thought it was free ouch sorry but it wasnt so i had all this hard time getting in if u cant pay they ask you to give a donation i didn thave my wallet but i offered to donate my shirt hte lady laffed a different lady gave me two dimes i was soo embarrassed some guy offered me a 20 bill i shuda taken it i was like no thanks sdont waste ur money he sed its not a waste ev1 shud get to go in i sed yes but if i can get in on 2 dimes its a waste to pay more

still i shuda taken it. darn. ah well.
So the museum was nice, very cool

Gotta make this really short sorry

Then I went to central park.

Then I decided i wanted to go to monsey. SO i rushed like a crazy woman and made the bus and i went in.

I got there. ta da.

I was here for shabos. Its great to see my granparents and my aunt again. Of course, Im only saying that because my aunt is sitting right next to me. But its still great. Not that she noticed what I just typed. LOL.

Hee hee i am silently cracking up. OK

So i got my new LG Rumor Touch phone very exciting and i hav unlimited texting for a month.

Im i”H going to the colony tomorrow so I prob wont be able to update this babe for a month. SOb sob.

Ill miss yall.

Comment like crazy so ill hav sth cool to come back to.

Text me or call me if you miss me. Even if you dont

And sorry this is so lame but i gotta go

Have a great fantabulous, tanning, wet, cool, fun, wonderful, exhilirating anything ele you can think of summer! Dont do anything i wouldnt do.

The end.

Luv yall. Bye

Keep UNraveling!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ellbrbee
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 20:43:12

    hmmm… sounds like you what you did at the museum:) The stuff that you would do I wouldn’t so what does that mean?!;) Love ya! I miss you too! I am leaving today to go back to our “hometown”. So sad you’re not gonna be there!


  2. goodlookin
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 10:46:11

    im crackin up that u offered to donate ur shirt lol. im gonna miss u and ur posts 😦 c u soooooooooooon MWA


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