Adventure in The City

Hey, you all. I am extremely thirsty at the moment. Don’t tell me to drink because I have been doing just that for the past two hours straight. Darn. Why am I so thirsty? This is not normal. Whatever. I know I say that alot, so I may as well say it again. Whatever.

Ok, now I’ll continue with my monotonus blog. I will discuss different aspects of my past week, as well as future endeavors and ways to expand my horizons. Afterwards, there will be a three hour meeting, discussing ways to budget different things, and a financial advisor will come and tell us how miserably dismal my future is, and your future as well. After that, it’s a quick coffee break to wake us up for the next six hour lecture describing…

Ah, ok, I’ll stop. I’ll do my best to make it mr interesting. It’s either you listen to me or go attend the flippin’ meeting. Enjoy. Mwah hah hah.

Tuesday comes first. My real Adventure in the the city day. Did you notice I did “the” twice? If not, go attend a lecture to become even more observant. I’m being weird. Sorry. Or not. I don’t have to apologize. Whoa, I love these one sided conversations with my aunt’s computer. Yess!

So I woke up reasonalby early, showered, davendd and had some good food. Then I walked with my uncle to Bloomingdales’ on Fifth Ave. (I think) which can only be described as a glittering, seven floor luxury department store, complete with stereotypical snobby clerks in svelte black head-to-toe Armani, twinkling chandeliers dangling precariously over your head, ready to drop delicately at a moments notice; furnished apartments complete with laid out table settings (without the apartment of course, it was all laid like in IKEA, different rooms, all on one floor) and best of all, a jaw-dropping room more worthy of hosting parties in then my own living room- the bathroom. I kid you not.

Well, I described it to the best of my ability, but you really have to go there and see it yourself. It doesn’t even look so great from the outside. But on the inside, whoa, see the above paragraph. And they have like at least ten cafe’s and I only went on like two of the floors there was so much to see….

So I went to the first floor where one lady tried to sell me Juicy Couture fragrances (it smelled amazing!) and it was only $65; not such a bad price. Then this other lady insisted that I needed some skin product, and that is where the fun began.

She caught me off gaurd, so I was like, “What?” in this idiotic voice. Once she had repeated herself a good two or three times, I realized I could continue acting in the same way- so I did. She thought that’s what I really was like; it was awesome. I did a pretty good job. I can’t describe exactly what I did, but I basically was a dumb bored blonde, only not ditzy, just slow and drawly, I guess. I made her explain stuff to me, asked again and again, like huh I don’t get it, and then said I’ll maybe maybe come back next week with my mom becaues I don’t have my credit card with me and where is the Clinique counter? Basically, to some it up, I was playing a dumb redneck/blond girl with a super-short attention span.

Whatever, it was kind of embarrassing. Then I left, met my uncle and we walked some more. I had to meet my shiur counselor from camp, at 2:30, so I was going to take a cab. My uncle left to shul, so I went to the Apple store, where I used an ipad and struggled to blog off it- I managed though, right??

It was such a cool store I wish I could post my video of it but I can’t, sorry. This thing won’t let me. So then I had to hail cab; something I had never done before. I was petrified, but thank G-d there was one parked at the curb with his lights on which meant he was vacant-my uncle coached me well!- so I went in, gave the old man the address, asked for a receipt per my uncle’s instructions, and settled back in the faux leather seat, watching this dinky little screen they have on the back of the driver’s seat, purely for my entertainment. It was quiet and boring and took forever to get to 23rd street from wherever I was; traffick was not normal as usual. So I finally ventured to ask him a question.
“So, you enjoy sitting in a cab all day, driving people around?” I asked loudly. No answer. “Huh?” I prompted. Nothing. I suddenly realized he probably thought I was talking on the phone, which would be pretty stupid, considering the question, but hey, it gave me an idea.

I pulled out my phone, turned off the ringer, and started a loud, hilarious fake conversation. Funny how I need the phone by my ear to fake it…even if he looked in the rearview, he wouldn’t have been able to tell. But lol, anyways, I screamed out,
“Hey, man, what’s going ON??” and all that nonsense, and I just had fun. This guy is so obviously used to it, he doesn’t even notice, all he cares about is his dumb fare which was ticking away like the crocidile in Peter Pan much to my annoyance. It cost over ten dollars, but thankfully my uncle sponsored it. I tipped the dude, gave him my receipt (I told you you should have attended the meeting! At least you can discreetly walk out of there!) and then I re-entered the crazy world of Manhattan.

Standing alone on the sidewalk. In middle of nowhere. Alone, yet surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people. All alone, just like me. Yet all together. Actually, they all like wlak in their own world but as soon as you ask them a question they are so nice and helpfull…

So I went to my friends building and waited till she came out. We walked for pizza together- it was kinda gross but I had a wonderful time with her, talking and catching up, it was SO cool to finally see her again! Yay, I’m so happy I did!

I took a subway home- it was a bit confusing but I managed; my friend put me on and my uncle had showed me how. I was making some guy crazy- we were on an elevator going up to street level; I was packed in between two sweaty guys and a fat lady, people everywhere, all staring silently up at the little red numbers telling us where we’re headed…

Someone said, I gotta get to Brooklyn. One of the sweaty men said,
“That floor.” I said
“oh, I have to go to Queens”, because my uncle said make sure you’re headed towards Queens or the Bronx. So the man said
“that floor”, pointing out of the elevator. But “that floor” just had trains, and I had already taken the train. So I said,
“No…whatever….” then I saw a sign that said Manhattan, and I was like, “Oh, I gotta go THERE!” so he says,
“THIS floor.” but it still wasn’t hte street, so I shut up and went and lost my way and finally found the street, and walked twenty blocks till I got home.

The end.

The next day was even better…. coming up in the next post!!!

I love you all.
You better comment or I won’t write about…oh, I’m not writing about that anyways. Because my mom reads this. Haha, I’m expecting a phone call from her now, to find out what it is I’m not writing. Hee hee, I’ll let you know. But I have to go. Ive done so much writing today; this and sum article I’m writing for some magazine, ill post it if it turns out good.

Keep UNraveling.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ellbrbee
    Jun 26, 2010 @ 00:01:48

    wow chee wow wow! It sounds like you had a packed fun adventerous day! i miss you! love you!


  2. Tehila
    Jun 26, 2010 @ 00:57:15

    hey im sooooo sorry i cudnt c u yesterday 😦 i rly wanted 2 like rly rly but im glad u had fun!


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