I don’t want to Blog

I’m not in the mood right now, and I’m waiting for the pizza to heat up. But blogging is all about me and  my life, so I guess I gotta say I really don’t want to blog. I doubt this will pass as a legit blog entry so I’ll bore you with some more things I don’t want to do.

I don’t want to spend my money on anything…I want to spend my parents’.

I don’t want to have to work ever…I want everyone to work for me. But that’s a lie. I lOVE working; I LOOOOVE it!

Oh, congrats to all u par-grads and grads who have partially and fully graduated school. You rock; I can’t believe you all made it through the year, and good luck if you’ve got more to go!

Have a great summer vacation. And don’t work yourself up over stupid summer plans. Just enjoy them, don’t stress.

Speaking of stress, reminds me of oops whatever.

Pfffft. I know I shouldn’t say things like that because then everyone wants to know what I’m referring to well too bad it’s none of your business. It’s my blog and I can say what I want. Of course, you can comment what you want, and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my parents and my family and…oh right, thanks to all my commentators. Don’t worry, people will quote you one day when I’m rich and famous.

“Did you hear what E and Goodlookin’ said on HER blog back before she was rich…?” And yes, I purposely left out the rest of you because it’s lame to list everyone, and I can’t make everyone happy, but if you comment alot everyone will quote you too. And i lov you all.

And with that, I should really go eat my pizza.

Notice how I successfully maneuvered this here one sided conversation by switching the subject so skillfully that you probably forgot I can’t tell you what I was gonna say about, “Speaking about stress…”

It wasn’t that juicy anyways, so relax.

I should prob title this the ramble because is sure is a ramble but wahtever.

Keep UNraveling!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ellbrbee
    Jun 19, 2010 @ 01:39:09

    sheesh! You are totally weird but in a good way:) I hope you enjoyed the pizza! Oh by the way *punch* figure out why.


  2. Sue
    Jun 19, 2010 @ 02:10:10

    Did you save me some pizza?


  3. Susan J. Flyweel
    Jun 19, 2010 @ 06:00:53

    I want pizza! Anyway, you blogged even though you didn’t want to. NA NA NA KISH KISH!!!


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