Tar-zghay (The Ramble 5.5)

That’s the fancay way to proow-nounce “Target”. No ahdee how to spell it. Guess ah left sum of y’all fumblin’, I did. Did ah evah mention that ah love budlight commercials? Becaws wow ah shaw do.

Budlight. Buddh-light. Budlight. Buddh-light. LOL. Keeping me laffing.

So, speaking of Target, I went there today with my E-friend and my T-friend, who bought me a T, literall-E. Guess you can tell I’m in a wack job mood. So I got all the personal affects I desperatly needed, which was quite a relief to be sooore. And I got a cute Angels T-shirt that my friend purchased, but I have no idea which state the baseball team Angels belongs to. Tell me if you know. Crazy how I used to know this stuff; crazy how I used to care. 😛

Target was way fun, the way it always is, and once I get to the Catskills I’m gonna miss that place with the circular red thingys, and I’ll have to settle for a lousy Wall of Mart instead. Who was Wal anyways, and how egotistical do you have to be to name a store after yourself? Not that I’m against Wal*Mart, as long as they sell stuff that I can purchase, hey, life’s great! Speaking of names and catskills, “CATSKILLLS?!!?” A cat with skills? Huh? Ever pondered that?

Rest of day I hung out and did fun stuff not worth mentioning. Last night I went to bed at 1:30, because I was busy pranking the nine line, as a total retainer geek with a lisp, it was great! And I have a retainer so I’m only poking fun at myself. I told the lady how miserable it was that I needed head and neck gear, and that I’m scared of metal apparatus. I also wondered what the girls in my class would think. I was being a thirteen year old guy with the name of Jared. Ya, it was funny. Not one of my best ones, so I’m not giving out much info, but the lady was nice, sweet, etc. Call me if you want me to prank someone, legit, ok? Har har, LEGIT.

My friends bro and sis are building a swing set outside in the side yard, which is so cool that they can build it from a bunch of wooden beams- they bought it from somewhere and took it apart, and are now putting it back together. If that confused you, stay confused. You look prettier that way. I guess I’m being snotty, sorry. I want chocolate. Donations?

Target has great chocolate. And not only that, it’s all OU D which I don’t keep. Did you know that Dove makes chocolate? Dove also makes soap. You know how some companies make all their merchandise on the same machines? “May contain wheat, soy, etc.” because of all the products they make. Do you think the soap bars say, “May contain chocolate?”LOL

Keep UNraveling


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. goodlookin'
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 07:14:35

    what if the chocolate said “may contain soap”? thats even funnier


  2. loser
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 10:36:53

    This reply will have a serious tone to counteract the ridiculous tone of this post.

    Okay, I lied. It will only have a serious tone because what I have to say is serious. But you can believe that stuff about counteracting the ridiculousness if it makes you feel better.

    Sorry – that’s a long-winded introduction to something that isn’t very lengthy itself. I just wanted to say that you’d probably spell it “tar-zhay”, not “tar-zghay”. “Zh” is the symbol used in many dictionaries to indicate the sound you’re thinking of.

    Also, the “Wal” in “Wal*Mart” refers to Sam Walton, the founder, who I believe is also the guy who created Sam’s Club.


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