The Ramble 5

Yello. So this is dedicated to all you desperate souls out there who insist on unraveling my thoughts. Kidding. Dedicated to you, but not that you’re desperate. I’m the desperate one here. Ok, desperate for a good long sleep, actually. 😛

I wanted to write about the Homeschool Conference I attended this past Sunday. I’ll make it short, sweet and to the point. The teenage girls listened to a Rabbi speak wonderfully about many different things, and then we all hiked for half an hour to a wonderfully nice family’s house to use their pool. (I actually stopped at two different locations on the way that were housing little kids’ camp.) It was really fun in the pool, I got a sick sunburn which I may have mentioned, but maybe not. It hurts. And it’s totally my fault. I didn’t put on sunscreen, but this time, unlike others, it was with the noble thought, “It aint that sunny outside…” And I really wanted to get in the pool, also. Most of the time I burn because I am thinking, “THIS time I’ll tan” so then I burn. But I didn’t even care about tanning, I just wanted invigorating chlorinated water as opposed to muggy heat waves so I jumped in and got burned. Moral of the story- “It’s worth the extra two minutes of sweat, to avoid two days of itchy painful burn, which is also sticky once you add Aloe Vera to it” That was quite a long quote. Speaking of Aloe, I dig those guys. Can’t thank them enough; whoever discovered it heals burns. But it still hurts. Well, back to before I knew I was getting burned…

So I met lots of great girls, all homeschooled, which was pretty cool. Almost all of them take lessons of some sort; music, art, dance, sports,  etc. It’s really cool- I want to start art lessons again. I also learned some cool swimming techniques from a girl who takes swim lessons, so that was pretty fun. We had a game of Marco Polo where I was it and I grabbed some girls nose, with this jubilant cry of “I got you!” And they’re all like, “Yeah, you got her nose.” Kinda awkward, ya? Whatever.

When we got hungry we decided to order pizza; some girls graciously sponsored for everyone, and we had the most amazing pizza ever. We spent almost $70 on three pies, two fries and two onion rings. I’m pretty sure the place is called “Tov’s”, so if you’re in Baltimore, head over there for mouth watering, saucy, dripping with cheese, boiling hot, melt in your mouth, Italian gourmet slices of sizzling hot pizza, sinorita. Or is that Spanish? Shoot, it’s all the same, as long as it’s good, right?

SOOOO then my family came and picked me and my sister up, after a long hot day, and we went to my aunts house to chill for ten or so, and then we were off to my mother’s old high school friends house, who she hadn’t seen for a good five to ten years.

They made us an awesome barbecue, and my new week was officially growing well in the food category; first pizza then grilled- whoa. I had an interesting experience there, meeting these kids who I played with years ago. It was very nice, and I got home and then  I guess you could say I had a bit of a bad night, but I called some good friends and talked to them so it made me feel better.

Monday my family left. My friend came to pick me up; I’m in her house now. My mom gave me the game Bananagrams, which I have been dying to get, for a goodbye present. I am soo happy about that; I played it with my friends today.

I had a pretty boring day on Monday; which suited me just fine because I was pretty tired. I hung out with my friend and we stayed up until 3 a.m. talking and analyzing people’s personalities and waiting for this junk on my sunburn to dry so I could lie down, only it didn’t dry fast so we dried a towel which took three hours and I fell asleep on that, which  killed.

Up at 8:30 a.m., a hefty five hours later, a different friend appeared, and I told her to wake me up at ten o’clock, which she did. I hung out today, and we all went to this amazing homeschooled class and learned Koheles, which I really like, and might learn it more. Then we came home, and did lots of hanging out; I talked on the phone yada yada yada yada yada it was about as fun as typing that, woo hooo I love talking on the phone. And now I want to work out but the only weights available belong to my friends brother and they look like machinery and they sure weigh that much but that’s why they’re called weights, right? Nah, I probably won’t use them, plus I’m not really in the mood…

I gotta go to bed early. So maybe I’ll be sleeping by midnight. Maybe. I gotta go. Comment please, I need more of those, because otherwise my computer is lying to me by saying I have over 400 hits, when I only have like 50 comments. You gotta write like, cool post, or what have you. LOL.

Keep UNraveling!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan J. Flyweel
    Jun 16, 2010 @ 10:17:41

    Your wish is my command. (for now) So, like, I noticed you mentioned me. (sort of) I really do love your blog (and parenthesis) jk! (ha ha) So, this is my comment. Enjoy!


  2. E
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 03:55:55

    hey rena! e here. Yeah I ahd the same day you had! haha. Today (wednsday) was really interesting. Whio knew that you could spend 2 hours at target? Ren you maze me! Love ya. i’lkl see ya tomorrow probly.


  3. goodlookin'
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 05:15:45

    sounds like fuuuuuun:)


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