Hey so we left Lakewood on Thursday, as planned, and traveled to Baltimore. It took the time it was supposed to, it was as fun as it was supposed to be, and I did what I was supposed to do. You get the picture.  A boring, three-hour car ride. I actually took some cool pictures of random people; I saw this old lady driving,and wow, she had to be at least a hundred and two. What is with me and seeing old ladies on my travels? Is it a sign of something? Hee hee, hope not!

So we got to my aunt’s house, and just like my other aunt, she is extremely accomadating, offering us time, patience, and everything else that comes with hosting a big family for a weekend! My sister and I slept at the people across the street’s house, so it was a lot of back and forthing. We had a great time as a family- we’re thinking of moving! Har har, yeah right. I’m listening to the Friends song by A.K.A. Pella, which I love. Not my new SIOA (Song I Obsess About) because that would be “Baderech” by Lipa. Good song, very calming, yada yada.

So the weather in Baltimore is DEFINITELY something to write home about!! OMG, it is MUGGY! Yech! And to think I’m here for another week! But at least it will be with good friends, so I can bear it- I hope.

Friday night my family went to old family friends for the meal. They have as many kids as we do, so it was really loud. We all had a ton of fun and every one made like lots of new friends, yay, I feel like I’m writing a camp newsletter. Ho ho. Not cute. That night I got home after the half hour walk and like wow. Wow. I was starving and tired and HUNGRY.  So when I got into my aunt’s house, before going to the neighbors, I desperatly needed food. Here’s what I had:

One nectarine
One banana
A spoonful of Red Pepper Hummus
Two olives
Three forkfulls of Creamy Peanut Butter- yum!
A huge piece of broccoli kugel
A huge-er piece of potato kugel
Two oatmeal cookies
Another nectarine

Well. Can you say “Binge”? It was good though, and I went to sleep, slept late as usual, ate great food at my aunts house, went to sleep, walked to a Shalosh Seudos where I met one of the commentators on this blog, ate more food, had fun, played a wicked game of foosball, went home, and went to sleep.

Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. And some good times in the middle. That was my weekend, basically. Yup. Good stuff. Well, I’m gonna go now, but I’ll write about the Homeschool Conference soon….I hope! Have a good one.

Keep UNraveling!


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  1. E
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 03:58:00

    nothing really to say since you told me about this already in person. Speaking of eating though make sure our mutual friend eats please!


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