The Ramble 3

Hi, I’m in an undescribable mood. So first of all, I must say, I gotta get this outta me. There’s challah in the oven; I’m gonna have to go in a minute. I don’t know how many of you know who I’m referring to when I say me and my friends. Chances are, you have no clue who I’m talking about unless it’s you. And if I’m describing you, then you have to admit, I do a pretty good job of concealing your identity. If not, sue me.

Rats. I saw this creepy bug in my house, and now I keep getting tingly, spider-crawling-up-me feelings. Ever felt that before? Betcha feeling it now!

So I have some friends, two right now to be exact, who told me some disturbing things about their life. I totally asked for it. It’s like a loser saying to a champion boxer, “C’mon, c’mon, give it here, right here, c’mon!” while jumping around, thinking he can best this guy in a fight, without knowing what  his profession is. Then, when the loser is blinking up at the dazzling sky, with his head throbbing and being used as the new Rocky Mountains for the ant population, he suddenly realizes that, hey, maybe asking for that fight wasn’t such a great idea after all! And, to put it bluntly, I’m that loser. I figure I can handle it; to quote my almost exact words, I said “Hey, you can tell me, friend, I’ve heard it all before.” And then I was on the pavement. So, not such a good idea, asking for that information. Because it really brings me down. I’m sure you can all figure out what this is regarding, and it really does bring me down. I actually thought, “You know, almost ALL of  my friends are going through this, hem hem, phase, shall we say, so why can’t I too?”

Well, my friend, who I just spoke on the phone to for 30 min, and now a quick pause again so my mom could check something (because this is her computer that I kidnapped) so I was reading a Z-strap comic book, don’t ask, but back to what I was saying. My friend on the phone told me a beautiful mashal. Here goes. Hope I get it right. Whatever, you’ll get the point. I hope.

There was a dude. No, seriously! He was traveling in Israel with his rabbi, in their cute little…Charger? Mustang? Probably a horse and buggy. Yep, that fits the story better. Horse and buggy, clop clop clop, etc. You get the picture? No? Let me paint it better…

Down a long winding dusty path, in the foothills of a far-away land, a faint clop-clopping noise, faint at first, then growing louder and louder, was heard. One sitting at the edge of the two lane, rutted “highway” could soon make out a little wagon being pulled by an old horse. As the horse’s hoof-steps grew louder, one could almost see the pain etched across the old horses body, as he strained with all his might to pull his heavy load. In the wagon, a young man sat, face peering over the splintered, peeling wooden beams, watching the world go by with such intensity, he seemed to be on a mission. Beside him, a taller, broad-shouldered man sat, his head down, seemingly deeply engrossed in whatever he was looking at. His long beard swayed in the slight breeze; he looked to be a Rabbi. After a moment, a rusty grinding noise came from the front of the wagon, causing the Rabbi to look up. He glanced around for a moment, as though getting his bearings, and then said to the younger man, obviously his student,
 “Does thou see that field yonder? Does thou know of what type it be?” To which his student, still looking around intently, instantly replied,
 “It is a meadow, dear teacher, with sheep grazing peaceful as babies in their mother’s arms, and a shepherd to look kindly upon the creatures as they graze.” The Rabbi nodded thoughtfully. “Dear teacher” the student asked suddenly, his face screwed up in puzzlement. “I don’t understand. The young shepherd is obviously surrounded by sheep day and night, for weeks at length, yet he never succumbs to their habits. Did thou ever wonder how he can resist?”
 “My student!” The Rabbi exclaimed. “What is this you are speaking? Of course I never wondered how the shepherd can resist from…grazing. He is not even tempted to do such a thing! He knows he is different in EVERY aspect of his life; there is no way he would even be ABLE to be like them, even if he wanted to. No matter how much he might try to “pull the wool over everyone’s eyes”, he is still not a sheep, and he uses that knowledge to keep him human.”

The moral of the story is only too easy to figure out, but if you are having difficulty, ask me in the comments box. And yes, lol about the way I wrote it! Hee hee, hope thou enjoyed it immensely!

Keep UNraveling!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ellbrbee
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 05:52:25

    waaaaaaaaaay too confusing. Thats all I can say at the moment:(


  2. Ren
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 12:06:25

    whats confusing girl? the thee thou thing? or my train of thought? please specify!!


  3. goodlookin'
    Jun 14, 2010 @ 01:09:50

    you’re comparing your friends to sheep!? probably me included. i know thats not really the point but that is sooooo not cool dude.


  4. loser
    Jun 14, 2010 @ 06:21:25

    I’m ALWAYS getting those “tingly, spider-crawling-up-me feelings” that you mentioned. Except to me they’re more like tingly, ant-crawling-up-me feelings, because I have ants in my house. I seriously hate those things.

    By the way – “when the loser is blinking up at the dazzling sky, with his head throbbing and being used as the new Rocky Mountains for the ant population” – nicely worded bit. Thanks for the laugh!


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