Im in Lakewood now, in a little townhouse ghetto community, stuck inside my aunts house. Townhouse. Don’t get me wrong, I dig ghetto, it’s great that there are so many Jews per square inch, as long as I’m outta here by thursday morning, anyways! Not only is the outside crowded, but the inside too! Like, stunning house, and all, great accomadations, thanks aunt, to quote my friend E, but my sibs are driving my craaazzzzyy! and this of course has nothing to do with lakewood so why did i title it that? too bad. im in lakewood now.

we left our house at a delayed ten oclock on sunday night, after much work. arrvied at a cruddy hotel in ohio at 2 a.m. where the receptionist (or whatever u call the lady who greets haggered travelers at 2 a.m. for minimum wage is called) greeted us. She was like, old, with what looked like a birds nest on her head, i kid u not, blond and black streaks, skin as wrinkled as my fingers after a long soak in the bath, stooped over, handed us our room keys. we split up, went to our rooms, i fell asleep at three. the kids are howling again. i gotta go get my grilled cheese, yum, hang on!

right im back, lets see how long i get to type before…so where was i? oh rite so i ate lunch, great food, great inventors, those grilled cheese guys, simple, yet fabulous. ahh. wait, im done that. i was up to the hotel. right so i got up at like nine or nine thiry whatever, threw something on and went donwstairs to check out the breakfast room. i had a long discussion with the receptionist- a different, younger one!- about kosher, OU, etc. she s catholic, but very interested in different religions, so it was good trivia for me. thankfully, i had the hotel computer at my side, so i was able to google exact definitions, etc. very helpful lady, she was, gave me kosher food, good oatmeal, you go Quaker oats, and sorry pps for the long run on sentances. i guess i should introduce grammar into this here post. So, I munched on my cereal while the kiddies watched Ice Age 3, a supposedly funny movie, but since I was back-and-forthing so much, I only caught the “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh-we’re-dying” parts. No, in all seriousness, though, it was pretty funny. Skipping that, here’s something really funny. A man walked into the breakfast room, and sat behind us all, and proceeded to watch Ice Age along with everyone. We forgot about him but moments later were reminded of his presence when he screamed, “LINDA!” We all whirled around in surprise, to see him talking into a small, metallic device, aka a cell phone. He was so surprised by our reaction, he turned red, mumbled sorry, and proceeded to continue his convo with Linda in a quieter voice; yet loud enough for me to hear every word, and miss the rest of the movie. I hope they ended up meeting in the right spot, that his shaking stopped, and he took his pills ( he did i saw him) and that they resolved their controversies. kidding about the last bit. As we were on our way out two hours later, the same man was walking through the parking lot. He said to me, “Youfolkshaveagreattrip!” I stared, mouth open, until I was able to dissect what he had said, and then I responded, “thanks, you too!” Gosh, he talked fast! He actually told me an episode about his daughter in florida (LINDA?) who was friends with a Jewish doctor who drove her around. I think. When someone says more words per second than there are jews per square foot where i am, its pretty hard to understand. So, understandably, I forgot about him, and joined my family for the peaceful(It was!) relaxing(not with my legs scrunched up) exhilirating (90 miles an hour? definately!) enjoyable(…) trip. I slept, a bit, viewed the random, interesting strangers, got some trucks to honk, listened to music, played some fun games- Hey, sibling your hat is pink, that’s because Im a big fat stink, what does that have to do with it, do with it????- and all the good car games, but I did NOT play the liscence plate game. So hah! And now, I am waiting in Lakewood, for what? Idk. skip that. I’m i”H going to Baltimore on thurs, so more fun traveling, and staying there past monday, when my family is leaving, until after Shabbos. Then I am either busing to brooklyn or getting to monsey somehow, to spend the week of the 20th, and then im off to Mountain Acres to work in a bungalow for four weeks with one of my bffs! Fun Fun Fun!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ya, right now im not in the mood of it……but i will be soooon! see ya round! comment so i know im not going crazy and talking to myself! Thanks! I love y’all!

Keep UNraveling!


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  1. ellbrbee
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 05:49:32

    Hey! wow sounds like you had an interesting trip! I can’t wait to join you in Baltimore! we are also leaving om thursday but I probably won’t see you till the conference. GOd your opst was hilarious! I was cracking up! keep on posting! Love ya!


  2. Tehila
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 09:06:50

    hey ya wow i was cracking up too lol sounds like u had fun! 😉
    & ellbree, assuming ur going 2 the shalosh seudos, ull c everyone from the conferance whos in balto 4 shabbos there, c u guys!!! 😀


  3. sruly adler
    Jun 15, 2010 @ 02:47:52

    hey ren its sruly wat up with this site and wat up with the phone scham


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